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Over the years of advising people on what computer model is best for them, I've developed a short list of laptop features that I believe are a best fit for students.

14 inch screen

For most students, a 14 inch screen or similar 13 inch is a good fit. It is small enough to easily carry around, compared to a 15.6 inch laptop, but still large enough for most people to feel comfortable using.

A 15.6 inch could be okay, too, if you are doing online school and will be primarily using the laptop from home and not planning to carry around... but I recommend 14 inch laptops for most students.

Business Class

For durability, the business class lines of laptops are much better for students than consumer class laptops. These lines include Latitude from Dell, ProBook and EliteBook from HP and ThinkPad from Lenovo.

Business class laptops are built tougher and are less likely to suffer damage from bumps and drops. This is good for students who are often carrying their laptops around more than the average person.

The features of a business class laptop are often a good fit for the kind of work students do, too.

For over ten years, I have specialized in selling refurbished ThinkPad laptops, but I also sell Dell and HP business class computers, too.

Intel i5 processor

For refurbished laptops, getting a laptop with an Intel i5 processor is a good choice for students. It's a fast processor, but not as expensive or power consumptive as the Intel i7.

For newer laptops, AMD's Ryzen processors can also be a good choice, but the majority of the refurbished laptops I sell for students have Intel i5 processors.

Models available soon

I will soon have these particular models available:

  • ThinkPad T470s
  • ThinkPad T470
  • ThinkPad T480s
  • ThinkPad T480
  • ThinkPad T495 (Ryzen CPU)
Prices for these models usually range between $350 and $575

If you'd like to reserve one or put in a special order for a specific configuration, just reply to this email or give me a call.


To view the refurbished computers I currently have available, check out:


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