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Hemopet Non-Profit in Jeopardy

The California Board of Equalization placed a retrospective and future sales tax on the sale of Hemopet's blood products. Hemopet is a non-profit and the canine equivalent of the Red Cross; so a clarification that exempted this tax was necessary. To get this done, a state senate bill had to be drafted. 

Originally, Senate Bill 898 clearly and specifically stated:
1. Exempt the sale of animal blood and related products from sales tax
2. Directed the BOE to cancel its current assessment

SB 898 was passed unanimously by the California Senate.  

The good news is that future sales of these products will not be taxed. 

The bad news is that the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation passed the bill with amendments that will allow the BOE to collect approximately $81,000 of prior sales taxes from Hemopet – essentially terminating our non-profit. 

What Closure Means
1. 40% of the nation's lifesaving canine blood will no longer be available and shortages will occur. 
2. 200 Greyhounds will be placed up for adoption. The greyhounds, who are not adopted within a reasonable amount of time, will have to be humanely euthanized.
3. 45 people will lose employment, which will result in an economic and community organization loss for Orange County. 
4. Hemopet's Hemolife diagnostic laboratory will be shuttered so that thyroid tests, NutriScan, and titers for dogs, cats and horses will no longer be available from our laboratory. 
5. Weekly newsletters and companion pet health articles from Dr. Dodds will cease.
6. Dr. Jean Dodds will no longer be able to provide consultations.

What Californians Can Urgently Do
The Assembly Committee on Appropriations will review SB 898 on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. We need you to please contact this committee via phone or fax. Please click here for committee members' details and sample letters. 
What the Nation Can Do
Please donate. On top of this, Hemopet and its entities – such as Hemolife Diagnostics Laboratory – ended 2015 with a total loss of $90,000. This loss was covered by Hemopet's operators. Dr. Dodds does not receive any salary or income from Hemopet.

Donate Now
Thank you for your support during these stressful times 
Jean Dodds, DVM and Hemopet
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