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Winter Newsletter—July 2019

Winter is a great time to reset your health and wellness goals and commit to a strengthening program to make you more resilient, energetic and capable of conquering life’s daily challenges. Read on to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

In this newsletter:
  • Our new strength equipment
  • Our home physiotherapy service
  • The GLA:D osteoarthritis exercise program
  • Taping videos for Footy Injuries 
  • Cricket and rowing pre-season training
  • Cricket bowling action analysis

New Strength Equipment

Benefits of strength and conditioning
Current clients may have noticed some new equipment arrive at Spring Physio Gym over the last few weeks. We have expanded our gym space to include a new squat rack. In conjunction with our existing gym equipment, this will allow us to expand our functional fitness and strength and conditioning services at Spring.

Resistance training has many different benefits and can assist in the management of many different conditions. To learn more, see our latest blogpost:
Benefits of Strength and Conditioning

Stay tuned over the coming months for some more details on how you can access strength and conditioning services at Spring Physio Gym.

Spring @Home

Home Physio Service

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Spring @Home service.

Intended to service:

  • pre/post operative clients
  • ageing clients with limited mobility
  • clients who need physio supervised exercises at home  

Call us to find out more about it or visit our website:

Home Physiotherapy Service

GLA:D program

GLA:D osteoarthritis exercise program

Our GLA:D program, an exercise program for osteoarthritis has continued to achieve great outcomes for clients completing the whole program.

Those who previously had minimal physical activity and exercise tolerance due to persistent joint pain have managed to perform more activities such as golfing, longer distance walking, climbing stairs and enjoying travel with significant improvement and less pain. 

Patients have expressed that they have a better understanding of their Osteoarthritis, with awareness on how to engage muscles to support their affected joint. They generally feel stronger and more stable around the joint resulting in less fear of activity and exercise. 

Patients have found the GLAD experience as something they would like to do again as they notice their progression through the course and find themselves being able to do more challenging exercises by the end of the 6 weeks. 

This not only shows results of the program, but also is highly empowering for each individual who has lived with restrictions due to their Osteoarthritis! 

Our next FREE lectures are on:
Wednesday July 31 @ 2pm 
Wednesday August 7th @ 2pm.

Come in and find out about it or visit our website:

GLA:D Osteoarthritis Exercise Program

Taping videos for Footy Injuries 

As we head into the 2nd half of footy season, our AFL teams seem to be losing their superstars and depth of the line up to injury.  Our young local players are also starting to present with injuries and trying to continue to play on towards the finals.

Any injury that takes a player off the field during play should be followed up by a health care professional for a management plan to get back on the field as soon as possible.

Some of the most common injuries that we see are ankle sprains and shoulder subluxations or dislocations, so we have produced instructional videos on taping techniques to support an injured area when you are returning to play after having completed your acute rehabilitation:

Taping technique for a recovering ankle sprain
Taping technique for a recovering shoulder subluxation

Cricket & Rowing Preseason

Now is the time to start preparing for our summer sports to be best prepared for the season ahead.

Ready to Row

Term 3 is the optimal time for rowers to get themselves prepared for the season ahead.  We have developed a rower's self-screening method to ensure they meet and maintain the necessary flexibility benchmarks as recommended by Rowing Australia, and encourage them to continue to monitor themselves throughout the season to help to avoid injuries. 

See article for further information and book in to get prepared. 

Preparing for the Rowing Season

Cricket Bowling Action

We did some really interesting work last year with our ViMove technology combined with the 776, Biofeedback- Motion Wear clothing line that we have in stock at reception. We have seen numerous young aspiring cricket bowlers present with lumbar stress fractures.

The feedback from wearing the tights, combined with 776 motion analysis video, showed clearly how bowling action can be contributing to injury, and how it can be improved with the appropriate guidance of core stability and balance retraining.

Contact us to learn more!

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