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Back on Track!

The teams at Spring Physio Gym and Kooyong Physiotherapy Centre hope you all managed to have a break and recharge over the month of January. It’s been a turbulent time with yet more uncertainty, so we hope you managed to find some time for you.
After the last tumultuous 2 years , we are BACK ON TRACK to help you optimise your health goals in 2022!
The teams at SPG and KPC continue to follow precautions to limit exposure to COVID-19.  You can read our current COVID-19 management plan. If you are isolating or quarantining for any reason, please contact your Physiotherapist for options to attend your usual classes via zoom.

New Services & Classes

In 2022 we have some exciting new services and classes starting. Read below to see what’s on.

Accelerated Rehabilitation run by Christian Masson Moyle. The premise behind this class is to bridge the gap between acute Physiotherapy treatment and self-management through resistance exercise, stretches and sports specific activities. Learn more

Adolescent Strength Program focuses on muscular strength, power and control, flexibility, balance, jumping and landing and agility for those aged 10-18 years old. Learn more

Hydrotherapy - We are finally allowed back into public pools! And fewer people are happier about this than Sally, after waiting (semi-)patiently through 6 lockdowns to start building our aquatic physiotherapy service. Sally can be found at the Harold Holt hydrotherapy pool doing one on one rehabilitation with a wide variety of clients. We will also be starting a morning and evening hydrotherapy class. Learn more

GLA:D Osteoarthritis Exercise Program is an evidence-based programme, aimed at improving the quality of care in clinical practice for patients with hip and or knee arthritis. Learn more

Latest Blog Posts

With the prospect of returning to sport and new year’s fitness and health goals we would like you to have a browse over the following blogs for some helpful information on reducing the risk of injury.

The importance of thoracic mobility in swimming and tennis

How exciting has it been watching the Australian Open back in full swing! Go Barty! As Aussies we love our summer sports, especially swimming and tennis. These activities are full-body sports that demand strength, coordination, conditioning, and flexibility.

For optimal performance, swimmers and tennis players must possess good range of motion in both their upper and lower body. However, did you know that thoracic spine (mid-back) mobility also plays a crucial role in reach in the swimming stroke and tennis serve?  Read more 

Getting back to exercise after COVID-19

The beginning of 2022 in Melbourne has seen lots of time spent at holiday houses, lazy beach days and long nights watching the tennis. For many as well, a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and seven days of quarantine has been an unfortunate and unwanted part of the summer holiday period.

Fortunately, many of us who have experienced having COVID-19 over the last two months have dealt with mostly mild cold and flu symptoms. However, it is important to acknowledge the effect it can have on our physical health long after the initial symptoms have subsided.  Read more 
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