Tiana Warner

Hi readers,

I’m so sorry to have to announce this, but global paper shortages are forcing back the launch day for The Valkyrie’s Daughter again. The new launch date is July 26.

Preorders are still valid, and I promise all of this waiting will be worth it. The book is truly fantastic and I’m so proud of it.

I’ll be honest—this has been tough. It’s been my dream to be a traditionally published author since I was a little girl, so to have my book continually pushed back due to forces outside of my control sucks. By the time the book finally launches, you’re going to have to peel me off the floor!

On the bright side, Entangled Publishing is just as excited about the book as I am, and we are going to make it a spectacular launch. Also, I have been doing a lot of writing over the past two years, which means all of my finished projects are going to be out in the world at the same time. This July/August, you can look forward to:

  • The Valkyrie’s Daughter

  • From Fan to Forever, a f/f age-gap celebrity romance with Ylva Publishing

  • Cougar Woods, a f/f shifter romance, part of the Eternally Hers box set

Plus, I’m releasing a new sapphic short story every week on Tapas, Wattpad, and Patreon! Please check them out and subscribe for some sweet and spicy romance.

Now let’s pray for The Valkyrie’s Daughter launch:

May Odin bless us with good fortune.

May Freyr bless us with a flowing supply chain.

And may Loki stay away from the printing press.

In the Aesir and Vanir we pray, Amen. 🙏

With love,