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New story: The Witch of Lake Erie

Okay, I really love this week’s short story in my Sweet & Spicy Sapphic Short Stories series. You can read it now on Tapas, Wattpad, Radish, or Patreon—and please subscribe on your favorite platform so you don’t miss future updates!

So I might have pissed off a witch.

Hundreds of spiders are crawling on the walls of my bedroom, coming shortly after yesterday’s incident where snakes fell out of my car when I opened the door.

Yeah, they could be weird coincidences, but let’s not live in denial. It’s a hex. A gentle one, like a warning. If Callisto really wanted to get revenge, she would.

Shuddering with the heebie-jeebies, I get the vacuum and start sucking up the spiders. Waking up on a Monday sucks on the best of days, but this is pure torture.

“I’m sorry, little spideys,” I say with a tremor in my voice. “She gives me no choice.”

If there was one spider or even a handful of them, I could trap them under a cup and dump them outside like usual. But there is no cup big enough to trap this patchwork quilt of arachnids.

My hands tremble as I work the vacuum. If one of them gets on me before I can suck it up, I may scream.

It’s been five months since I went to Callisto with bloody scratches all over me and a black cat that was actually a chimera in disguise. She fixed it in an afternoon, healing my cursed wounds, transforming Toby back into a fire-breathing monster, and banishing him from this world.

I miss Toby, but it’s better this way. Ontario provincial laws prohibit keeping chimeras as pets, and I don’t want that on my record.

The conditions of Callisto’s work were straightforward: pay the invoice within three months, and don’t adopt any more animals in case there’s an ancient curse on me.

I honored the first condition and paid her in a few weeks. I have a good job as a dental hygienist and was able to pay her in installments. But not adopting a replacement pet after I lost my darling Toby?

Ugh. It’s lonely living by yourself.

I thought I would be safe with two guinea pigs. There’s no way these squeaky little bread loaves could be monsters in disguise.

And I don’t think they are.

But I’m positive that Callisto found out I broke the terms of our agreement.

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