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This week I have a few different topics here! I hope you enjoy!

  • The benefits of Rolling, how to and what are my favourite rolling items
  • The top 10 rallies of 2019-2020
  • SquashBC University Panel recording
  • Train like Superman aka. paul Coll
  • Sign up for SquashFIT August 11-Sept 6 Now
  • Get your Squash Themed shirt! 

Thanks again to those who have purchased SquashDudes Shirts! Most recent purchase went to pro-player in the States 🙏🏻👍❤️

Foam Rolling

Click on the picture below to learn about the benefits of Foam rolling and why doing it every day is good!
Foam rolling is a great tool prior to playing squash to improve your range of motion and optimize your muscle performance. It has also been shown to reduce soreness post-exercise. 

Check out the resources below to learn how to roll each part of your body

Lets start with the Glutes to follow along with last week's topic. 
Here is a playlist of different areas to roll starting with info about the infamous IT Band

HERE is a list of the videos in the playlist

HERE is a guide from Men's Journal on how to roll your whole body.

I personally own a variety of rolling equipment because I'm a bit obsessed with fitness equipment...
However, if I am travelling to a tournament, which usually involves a long time away from home so I can't pack many things. This means I have to choose. Usually I'll try to bring at least the top 3. These are in order. 

My go-to Rolling items are:
1. a lacrosse ball- use on my upper back/shoulders, and hips (Glute med) as well as shins and feet.
2. a bigger hard ball (Link here)- use this one on my glutes, hamstrings, abductors, tough to get to hips flexor muscles by the groin, lats (armpit area), pecs, popliteus, calves, QL....really everything...It's a great size so it's not too severe on one spot and its great for closer to the joint areas like the hips. 
3. A hard foam roller if I have room...and THIS one is the best to travel with because you can put stuff inside it! and put it through a racquet handle if you have to when going to the club and trying to travel light- I use this on my quads, calves and IT bands and it's nice on the back too. 
4. at home I have a rolling stick that Ill use on my shins, calves, quads, hamstrings when I'm watching TV and I'm too tired but legs feel sore and THIS ONE has been my favourite. It provides a great amount of pressure without much effort and it doesn't bend too much like many I've seen. 

I told you I was obsessed.... anyway hope you find this helpful! 

⚡️💪 My tip for rolling is: Spread it out by muscle groups that you feel need it the most that day! Don't try to do everything everyday or you will probably never roll again because nobody has time for that! 

Top 10 Rallies of last season

Looking to get yourself in the mood to play or reminisce on the good old competition days?

Check out this video with the top 10 rallies of last season!
Top 10 Rallies of 2019/20

SquashBC University Info Panel Recording

Missed the Zoom University info session put on by SquashBC? 
No problem!
Here is the recording!
Listen to what these young BC squash stars have to say about their life in University after playing in the Canadian Jr circuit. 

Rayaan Kurji is the moderator having graduated recently from Western University and playing on the squash team for 3 years. 

The Panelists are:
Sam Scivier (attending the University of Birmingham, UK)
John Dempsey (attending Western University, Ontario)
Cindy Cao (Columbia University, USA)
Jenna Dhanani (Recently Graduated from Queens University, Ontario)
Simon Bicknell speaks about his experience as a parent of two kids who are in and going to Uni for squash. 

They discuss their process and considerations applying to different universities and their thought process behind choosing what University to attend such as scholarships, location, programs, etc. What the timing of when to start researching was and how they went about reaching out to coaches at different schools. Some also discuss what playing squash in University meant to them and how things played out. 

Hopefully this helps some parents and juniors out there considering playing squash at University some day!

👍⚡️I personally went to Western University (The University of Western Ontario back in the day) and squash and racquet sports were a factor when I chose where to go. It was a great experience and unlike these juniors, I did not play squash yet, however, I did have experience with tennis and badminton and knew I really enjoyed racquet sports so joining the squash club was the decision that led me to where I am today! So don't let your ranking or level right now deter you from thinking about mixing squash and University in your future! 
There's  bit of a Q&A and this is my comment on the first question. 
I never visited Western prior to going and I did end up in the craziest residence, but if I didn't go there, I never would have met the people I met and maybe never would have had the guts to go to the squash club since a floormate was the one who suggested it! The best advice would be to be open to new experiences and follow your gut, like many of these young people say. It's a scary experience but sport makes it a bit less scary and you realize that you're not alone feeling scared! 

Train Like Superman

I came across a great initiative that New Zealand put forth to have successful athletes from a variety of sports make workouts that people can do while at home.
Here are 3 videos where you can see Paul Coll (World #5) training at home. They are 3 very different videos and they require different abilities but hopefully you can take some stuff from it such as the format and modify exercises if you need to. 
Workout #1/3 from "Superman" aka. Paul Coll 
Workout #2/3 from "Superman" aka. Paul Coll 
Workout #3/3 from "Superman" aka. Paul Coll 

SquashFIT Outdoor sessions

Interested in getting fitter and learning some new exercises for being a well-rounded athlete? 

Then sign up for next month's SquashFIT session! 

(August 11 - Sept 6) 

There is room for individual drop-ins on some days for $25 with advanced notice
Shoot me a text on Whatsapp at +1 250 888 6416

Email me if you would like to participate!


All ages and fitness levels -  those with a great attitude encouraged! 

Frequency: 4 weeks - 1-3x per week. 1hr session including warm-up. Pick any number of days and there is flexibility on which day you attend! Even better if you know in advance!

Cost:  $126 (1 day/week), $199.50 (2 days/week) and $262.50 (3 days/week) Includes tax . 
Extra sessions will cost $25

Days: Sundays 10am, Tuesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 6:30pm (times will be set depending on the majority of interested participants'  availability)
Location: Reynolds Secondary School
Need: Water Bottle with ice, Mat, Outdoor runners. 

Includes: Pre (day 1) and post-4-week assessment: My Jump 2 App (My Jump 2 calculates the height, flight time, velocity, force and power of your vertical jumps), endurance, and strength measures.  Whatsapp group, accountability, social, outdoors, motivation! Option to attend a different session that week if something comes up.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Want to do the Assessments but can't do SquashFIT?
(e.g., VO2max, series of jumps with scientifically validated app "MYJUMP2", agility, court movement, etc)
Individual assessments mentioned above available by appointment for $40 to non-SquashFIT participants
Get 25% OFF if you bring a buddy! You choose the location. 

Sign me up!

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Support a local pro and the Squash Dudes brand by getting a shirt with the squash court or front wall on it! 

I have Men's Sizes Small and XL shirts, there are only a few left!

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Thanks for the support to those who have bought a shirt!

Shipping Available at Customer's cost.
I want one!
Let me know what you think of the tips and if you need any help with your game or getting fit!

Feel free to share anything you would like me to post about or share with the rest of the readers!

Cheers and hope you continue to subscribe! 

Until next week!
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