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Split Step Training! 

Hi everyone,

Another week has gone by without playing squash! 
I hope you found some useful tips in last week's videos. Let me know if you didn't receive my email and want to get a link to it. I also welcome your ideas if you want to hear about any particular subjects!

Last week I focused on some movement drills inspired by the french. Today I want to break it down even more so that you can build a good base and be able to move better than you did prior to COVID!
Practicing those movement patters is awesome, but if you lack the "spring in your step"/ purpose in your movement/ a good split step, you won't be very effective at dominating the middle of the court.

So how do we get all those things for more positive movement on the court?

We need to train movements like skipping, bounding and hopping so that the muscles in our calves and feet become more spring-like and stronger. Then you transfer it into practicing the split step in various directions. As you become stronger, you will notice you can hop further and further with just one step. 

You don't need a court or much space to work on this and these sessions are short in nature; however, since they are explosive movements, warming up is very important to avoid injury! Rolling is beneficial to deal with tight muscles before and after. 



If you aren't doing anything that involves jumping, bounding or skipping the following workout is for you! 
5 minute warm up video 
ThIs Video is a warm up- you can do your own if you wish but make sure you warm up (not just forward and backward movement, also side to side so your ankles are ready!!)
14 minute workout to focus on getting you moving more explosively!
The second and main video is 2 rounds of: (less than 15 minutes but so beneficial!) 
Exercises: Lateral Hops, Squat Jumps, Ventral Hops, Burpees, Lateral Jumps, Jumping Lunges, Agility Dots, Mt Climbers 

STEP #2 

Figure out what is the Split-Step and How to do it?

The Split-step is the act of unweighting and landing as your opponent hits the ball, allowing you to react and move in any direction. This will in turn give you the feeling of time and options since you are now behind the ball and not chasing it!  
I have Thierry again here to demonstrate because he breaks it down so well and he is great! This video is free and it explains the split step and the feel.
There is a full playlist on SquashSkills where he breaks it down into items such as: split step mechanics, movement before the back wall, movement to the front, movement off the back wall etc.
Highly recommend for players wanting to work on their own movement and those wanting to teach someone else!
Squash tips: Split step mechanics with Thierry Lincou
Full Series from Thierry Lincou on SquashSkills


If you don't have a subscription with SquashSkills, here is an exclusive link for 30% off quarterly and annual subscriptions. Just FYI I am not affiliated with SquashSkills, just a big fan of their content. They draw from players and coaches like Peter Nicol (co-founder), Ali Farag, Nick Matthews, James Willstrop, Laura Massaro, David Palmer and many many more. 
They discuss technique, movement, strategy, training off court, mental aspect, analysis, etc! 
SquashSkills Discount Link

Shirts for Sale

As mentioned last week, I have ordered some shirts and a couple of hoodies (like this one from Europe). The hoodies are gone.The brand is called PS wear by SquashDudes. They are very comfortable and look great! 
Check them out here

Sizes are unisex (XS, S, XL) in cotton and a couple of dri-fit ones

Click here to get yours!



I will be asking her about her junior days as well as her new experience playing squash on the Drexel Varsity Squash team! 
Find her on Instagram here
Drexel squash here

Go 🐉 !

Need some workout motivation?

I will be doing weekly zoom workouts on Thursdays at 5:30pm as long as there is interest. I did one yesterday with 2 people so there is some interest! 
You will need to email me to let me know you are interested and I will reach out to you to confirm I received your email and I will send you the link to the zoom meeting the day of!

I won't be charging anything for this. But if you feel generous you can donate to some local charities of your choice!
Let me know what you think of the tips and if you need any help with your game! Hope you enjoyed this weeks Weekly Slice! 

Feel free to share anything you would like me to post about or share with the rest of the readers!

Cheers and See you here next week!
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