"Kane's Cross: Witchfinder" by Elizabeth Wixley  
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Kane is battling post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing the horrifying death of a friend whilst on tour of duty in Afghanistan. His mental state is fragile and he self-medicates with alcohol. It’s whilst drinking that he meets Poppy, a young woman who resembles his sister who recently went missing under mysterious circumstances. 
Oliver is a young archaeologist whose career is threatened by his numerous crippling phobias. 
The three young people are drawn together as they struggle to unravel a mystery the world’s most powerful wish to keep secret. 
Fear, illusion and reality mingle together until each person finds themselves on a precipice looking down. Will they have the courage and strength to fight their internal demons and become resourceful enough to combat the madness of their new world?
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About Elizabeth Wixley

Elizabeth Wixley was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom but has moved many times during her childhood. She attended the Camberwell Art School and joined a design studio in Convent Garden. Moving to Bristol, some years later, she worked full time for the Local Education Authority supporting children suffering from emotional and behavioural problems whilst ensuring that the transition into a mainstream school was done in a supportive and nurturing manner. Whilst providing children with a safe haven for learning, she raised two sons as a single parent while studying for a degree in education at the University of the West of England.

Her love of fiction started at the age of six when Elizabeth's grandmother died of cancer and to ensure that the rest of the family was safe, she would spend the nights roaming the house looking for the "C" monster to make sure that he did not claim any more victims.

One sunny bright day, her sister told her that fork lightning would come and strike her down after which she would spend her days hiding in the garage and when she heard that the sun was falling out of the sky, well needless to say, she very seldom ventured out.

With trial and error, Elizabeth soon realised to fight her foes, she had to stare them straight in the eye, explore them and conqueror the inner demons in order to stand righteous. This helps fuel her love of horror and the many mysteries of the world. Creating a why and what if scenario that runs prominent in her fascinating fiction.

Throughout Elizabeth's life, creative arts have been her passion whether it is visiting galleries, painting or writing. She enjoys nothing more than sharing a compelling horror story with others and holding the sanity of her readers in the palm of her hand.
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