OCTOBER 28 2015
Poly must have been absolutely terrified when she was abandoned — the blind pit bull was found cowering on a bench in a park in Santa Barbara, California.
A whale is jumping out of a high school gymnasium floor. That's the subject of a video quickly going viral, raising all kinds of questions about how and why, and also the age-old conundrum: What is reality?
When a stray, purebred husky was found wandering the streets, his rescuers knew nothing of his past or who was responsible for him. But through a little bit of investigation, they'd soon find out.
This little corgi came home one day, expecting a normal evening, when suddenly there was a BUNNY in his house.
It's a family home movie like any other — at least, it starts out that way. Close by is a seemingly placid, calm llama, lying down on the ground, working his mouth pensively and staring into the distance.