Its been an exciting few
months for
Fallen Angels

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Contours with Dance Manchester

Earlier this year Paul Bayes Kitcher began exploring how Fadt can create performances for outdoor presentation.

Why take dance outdoors?

In the 1960's dancers started performing outdoors to enable everyone to experience dance performances. Nowadays you see "flash mobs" popping up all over the place....

At FADT we endeavour to reach out to as many people as possible and we have high hopes for taking performances outdoors to make recovery visible.

In Studio 25 in Manchester in January the seed was planted, professional dancers dancing with recovery community dancers- move as one, exploring and considering the possibilities.. How can we express recovery journeys through dance theatre in an open space??

Under the watchful eye of cie willi dorner established outdoor performance practitioner see link.. Paul set tasks, tried ideas and was overwhelmed by the potential of an integrated company of dancers/artistes.

Creating and developing the emotional roller coaster and strong powerful imagery that is the stamp of FADT.

So watch this space as planning is a foot to make the seed a reality later in the year... Recovery month here we come!

FADT and Space 2 Leeds

Phil Ashby and Sarah Larkin from our recovery group "Risen" represented FADT at Space 2's "Lost in Translation" in Leeds. Here is Phil's blog of the event.....

"At Inkwell creative studio arts centre in Potternewton Lane Leeds we turned up and Space 2 were really excited that we had come. There was a lot of people and it's was a well attended event. On display was work commissioned by Space 2 from artists Kevin Hickson, Tony Stephenson,Michelle Scally Clarke and Gary Clarke. They had started exploring how in the local area there was a lot of rubbish building up on the streets. There were re-occurring themes that emerged of isolation, vulnerability, protection and suffocation

There was a collection of 5 films all relating to the subject. A montage of the area, with Art work, buildings within the community, using props like, plastic, string. Set to interesting music scores composed by "Coal" with an Electro vibe.

One film featured FADT dancers. They had captured the footage of myself and Lyndsey Thomas (professional dancer) at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in December. The footage had been manipulated to further explore the theme, using artwork and a sculpture of a wheelie bin set on fire.

Sarah was really inspired by the exhibition and went away buzzing, leading to loads of ideas and creative writing. The exhibition was very loose, which was thought provoking and you could take your own journey with it. A really positive experience."

FADT asked Phil - what did this experience mean for you?

"It was the first time I worked with a pro dancer, a set, I did some contact lifts which has helped develop my dance practice. Using a the theme to explore made me think about different possibilities to explore in dance, and how we can address different social issues.

I was in awe of NSCD. Amazing to visit new places, meet new people, push yourself out of your comfort zone."

Advice to others:

"I learnt even if you fear something if you do step out you'll have amazing experiences and you'll be alright!

Having unique experiences gives you confidence, inspiration, and helps you move forward in recovery and life!"



New Friends!

We have been delighted to meet up and connect with some inspiring people already this year:

Michaela Jones popped in to have chats. Hearing Michaela's advocacy

journey enabled us to reflect on our practice and the beginnings of Fallen Angels.. Follow the link and connect with Michaela and others.. on the newly launched interactive recovery blogging site:


Alistair Sinclair brought his passion and energy to fire up FADT with thoughts of a new wave, recovery month and motivation for change. If you haven't already connected with Alistair and UK recovery federation... You can follow their endeavours on Twitter, Facebook or check out the website. to find out where you can catch Alistair in action.

We are looking forward to more interaction in September at the UKRF Conference in Leicester, it's sure to be an evocative, thought provoking, and action packed event.

UK Recovery Walk announced this years walk will take place on Saturday 13th September in Manchester. FADT are so excited it is taking place in the North West on our home turf and we'll be at the next meeting at the end of the month to "get involved".

To follow updates on the progress of the walk and find out how you can get involved find them on Facebook,Twitter or: ?..

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