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Image:  Paul Bayes Kitcher


Last week saw the book launch of "Addiction and Performance " curated by: James Reynolds and our trustee Zoe Zontou: details here.  Fallen Angels is featured within the book and our Liverpool group "Risen" were invited to perform at the event.  

The group made a big impact at the event which led to this article popping up online last week.  It begins:

"Yesterday at Hope University’s Capstone Theatre, I came face to face with one of the UK’s most foremost professional dance companies ‘Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’."  

It's always exciting for us to see we are making an impact!
If you are interested in experiencing Fallen Angels and can join us in Cheshire we have our AGM... on 16th July 2-4pm in Grosvenor Park, Chester.. please get in touch with to find out more.. or we hope to see you on our tour in November of Upon Awakening.. Please see below for more details.

Image:  Brian Slater

Upon Awakening in Creation.. by Paul Bayes Kitcher:

 I am really excited about the journey Fallen Angels is about to embark on with "Upon Awakening". A production we have been planning and talking about for the last year.

 In the production I would like to represent addiction as an illness people can be born with or develop, as such they haven't the power to stop using their drug of no choice.  This is a response to being personally heartbroken by what I see on the front line - people who have lost friends, wives, husbands, sons, daughters. With this in mind I would like to try and break down the stigma surrounding these complex themes.

 In "active addiction" a trigger can be being conscious - "Awake" where for an addict upon awakening their first thought is "game on" needing the first hit. However in Recovery our first thought is placed on others - we become more and more selfless achieving this through a discipline of spiritual practice and supporting others in our families, communities.

 I will be exploring opposing themes of hope/hopelessness, selfish/selfishness - narratives that come from deep inside our minds eye. My fascination with the psyche of an addict- what drives him/her to seek recovery? What do individuals have to do to sustain and live a fruitful life?

 As always I endeavour to take you on a roller coaster of emotions which I hope will challenge your perception and reach into your soul.

 Look out for Upon Awakening in November at: The Royal Opera House London, The Lowry Salford Quays and The Capstone Theatre in Liverpool

Image:  Andrew Millar

Risen reconnect with Liverpool

We have just been reflecting on Risen's most recent project funded by Liverpool One Foundation. A project spanning 6 months which was initiated with a workshop with Alistair Sinclair (UKRF) where they were able to consider the legacy of the recovery community to greater understand the importance of group's advocacy through performances.

During the project the group stepped out into Liverpool to connect with their environment and draw inspiration to create their narratives in dance and movement. They performed at Addaction's Walton Recovery Hubs launch and at MMU's "Substance Misuse: Research as Practice" event sharing the stage with other groups from our ever growing recovery community. 

As always the exciting part for Fallen Angels is the growth of the individuals.. Here is what Andy had to say about his journey:

"Through this project I have been more involved in my peer groups, I have more confidence, I am not easily led, not judgemental, thoughtful, a lot more mindful."

 "Going from being someone who was terrified of being asked to partner up with someone in workshops to actually thinking I can get a group of people together and encourage them and develop something artistically which goes beyond art to something much more meaningful."

 Risen have initiated a new project called "Adrift Together" where members are mapping narratives of recovery you can follow both their video diary and their blog.

Image:  Poppy Mansfield

Poppy visits the Cheshire Group Strive Programme at Dancexchange

My name is Poppy Mansfield and I am a Freelance Dance Artist based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Over the past six months I have been fortunate enough to take part in the STRIVE dance programme, to develop my skills and confidence in working with marginalised communities. As part of my training I am required to do a dance intervention placement to consolidate the knowledge and techniques accumulated throughout the programme.

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of being able to work with the Fallen Angels group in Chester. On my first session I was immediately greeted with warm hugs, biscuits and a good brew. I was instantly put at ease and felt like I had been accepted into the Fallen Angels Family. Throughout the sessions the group shared with me their personal stories and with the support of both myself, Claire, Paul and their fellow peers we were able to explore this through emotive movement and improvisational tasks.

If I was to sum up my experience with Fallen Angels in three words it would be beautiful, gorgeous and inspirational. The journey that I have seen everyone go on both individually and as a group has been a real privilege to watch. I am so thankful to have been a part of this and your work really is a credit to the dance world and the community.  

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