Membership Renewal Apr 2014- Mar 2015
Dear Typhoon Members,

April marks the start of the Typhoon 2014-2015 membership season, which means now is the time to renew your Typhoon membership. We have arranged different ways to pay - please see below for options. 
Our ambition this year is for Typhoon to rise to its full potential - we have already made a great start with Typhoon being the only BDA Premier League team at the LRC this year. We want to rank within the top 5 clubs in the Premier League at the end of 2014. This goal may sound ambitious but is it very much possible.
Each member plays a significant part in contributing to the success of the club. Your valued support over the years has enabled the club to achieve trophies year after year, the fact that we remain the only club at LRC in the Premier League is clear evidence of what your support and hard work has achieved.

Your support: How does Typhoon spend your membership fee

Typhoon is a non-profit club run by passionate volunteers and funded by our members with cash flow from corporate training and events. We work hard to ensure that we collect money as soon as possible to return back to the club to invest in providing members with equipment, experiences to improve and help them reach their potential. A large portion of the membership fee is spent on paying for boat insurance and facilities costs which amount to over £3,500 per year. 
Last year we also invested a total of £1674 in the following items:
  • Boat repairs and maintenance (£95)
  • New Boat Cover (£331.50)
  • Green 01 Boat to replace the broken red bean (£350)
  • Camcorder for video training (£355)
  • We also gave free entry to the London Lions Dragonboat festival to those that paddled with Typhoon (£300)
  • Flying Fish Session - Free to Typhoon, £5 to non Typhoon (£62.50)
  • BDA races cost £275 to enter. Paddler race fees were subsidised (£180 last year)

Paddling for success: Typhoon Membership 2014-2015

Due to an increase in LRC storage fees, the membership fee for 2014 will be £120, this is the first increase in two years.  As with previous years, Typhoon membership does not include BDA membership (£35). Therefore total combined membership fee for 2014 is £155  (inc BDA membership)
I would encourage you to pay this in one amount as this is going towards the club and it saves administration from the busy Typhoon Finance team.  For £13 a month (the price of a dim sum meal), this is still cheap compared to other dragonboat clubs where their membership is much higher.

What are the benefits of a Typhoon membership? 

  • Access to training three times a week in the spring/summer and once in the autumn/winter
  • Access to 6 fully operational 01 boats and 01 workshops
  • It costs us £275 to enter a team into a BDA event, we will continue to subsidise members’ race fees.
  • Free entry to our Super Typhoon Event (normal cost is £3)
  • Able to vote and be nominated to win a prize/trophy at the End of Season party

Building a stronger club for the future: using your membership fees

We hope that this small increase in membership fee will help us to continue to meet our operational costs, but also enable us to invest more money back into the club. We want to recruit more members, and this sometimes means spending funds to reach a wider audience to recruit from. We also want to provide our members with more opportunities both paddling and non paddling. Ultimately our goal is to build a stronger, successful and united club that people are proud to call themselves Typhoon members.

BDA Membership Benefits 

The BDA increased their to £35 for the year, we strongly recommend that you take out this membership, even if you do not intend to race at BDA events. BDA membership covers you with personal liability insurance to race or train with Typhoon. Being a BDA member will also add you to their newsletter mailing list to keep in date with the latest dragonboating news around the world. 
We can make this payment on your behalf if you provide us with your Full Name, Address, Mobile, Email otherwise we can also give you the form to fill in yourself.

How to make payment 

Please make your payments to the Typhoon account (details below) and either add your name as a reference or send an email to
Bank:                    HSBC
Sort code:             40-02-31
Account no.:         01396897

Payment Options

If any of you are having trouble making the payment in full, there is an option to pay in 3 equal monthly instalments of £52 (or £40 excluding BDA membership).  Please get in touch to let me know should you wish to take advantage of this option. 
We also offer pro-rata monthly membership for £12 a month for those that cannot commit to a full year membership but we will be strict on this to ensure that people are being fair and not taking advantage of our trust. We will also bring back PAYG padding for newbies who have yet to commit to a membership and this will be £7 a session after their two free sessions.

If you have any questions or would like further information on membership or how the Committee plans to spend club funds, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  I look forward to an exciting year at Typhoon.

Alan To
Typhoon Treasurer

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