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Dear Colleagues,

Please forgive another reminder about the forthcoming Roundtable with Politicians and Senior Government Officials to discuss current English language Provision in schools and the adult sector. But it’s important that we have a really good showing at this event!

The Working Party has now agreed on the agenda for this Roundtable: see below. We hope it will encourage you to come along. Now is your chance to show your concern by being there and maybe – if you feel inclined – describing the situation where you work and asking questions.

Where? The Antill Room, Ainslie Football Club , 52 Wakefield Avenue, Ainslie, ACT

When? Saturday 25th August, 2018; School focus: 9:30am – 11:00am; Adult focus: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Who is this for? Anyone who is concerned about the issues listed in the agenda below. (No need to be an ATESOL ACT member.)

To register: go to (We would appreciate it if you would register but you can also just come along).
We need YOU to be there!
See the agenda below.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Bronwyn Singh


SCHOOLS: 9.30-11am

1. Welcome & outline of proceedings.

2. Results of ACTA schools survey (Jennifer Mayers)

3. Issues:

3.1 The type and extent of EAL/D needs in the ACT for migrant background and international fee-paying students in:

·        mainstream schools

·        senior secondary colleges

·        Introductory English Centres.

Reasons for unmet needs.

3.2 Accountability for Commonwealth EAL/D funding at Territory and individual school level, including:

·        Directorate procedures for schools reporting back on allocations

·        reporting to parents.

3.3 The conflation of EAL/D and “literacy” pedagogy & programs

3.4 Qualifications: ensuring the appointment of TESOL qualified teachers, including, the lack of EAL/D qualifications/strands/specialism for schools in UC teacher ed. courses

4. AOB.

THE AMEP & SEE PROGRAM 11.30am – 1pm

1. Welcome and outline of procedures

2. The ACTA Background Paper (go to: and subsequent developments (Helen Moore)

3. Issues:

3.1 The Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), especially in the AMEP, including:

·        appropriateness for assessing eligibility

·        appropriateness for assessing learner progress

·        associated workload and effect on teaching.

3.2 Other administrative & paperwork requirements

3.3 The re-direction of the AMEP from a focus on settlement to employment

3.4 The relationship between the AMEP and SEE Program, including:

·        who are the clients?

·        problems with pathways from the AMEP and eligibility for the SEE Program

·        teacher qualifications

3.5 The current contracting system:

·        hidden costs and waste

·        effects of short-term contracts

·        casualisation of staff

·        admission of for-profit providers

·        sub-contracting

3.6 Morale, student & staff well-being

4. AOB

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