Minutes of the Colliers Wood Residents Association

May 2018


Minutes of Colliers Wood Residents Association meeting held on Tuesday May 8th 2018

Apologies for absence:
Keith Alan, Kevin Godding

Minutes of the last meeting:
We didn't have these available so they will be approved at the next meeting.

Matters arising:
All matters arising were on the agenda for today's meeting.

Police Report:
No report available and PC Dave Russell was not in attendance. Councillor Caroline Cooper-Marbiah raised a concern about rough sleepers in abandoned garages close to her home. PC Dave has successfully dealt with this, but garage owners need to decide about the future of the garages. Tom Searle said that a rough sleeper outside the Community Centre has caused concern and was unable to accept the  help the police tried to secure for him. There is also concern about the area of Wandle Park behind the Charles Holden pub as the density of trees makes it hidden and a bit of a worry. Tom will try to secure crime figures in order for them to be sent out with the minutes.

Consultation by Abbas Mirza regarding the CCG development of Wilson:
The aim is to make it similar to the Nelson but to benefit from any mistakes made in that project. The CCG wants community involvement in the decision making and in the range of services provided, and the aims are to enable people to be happy, healthy and confident to achieve their goals. It is a complex process; a development company has been instructed and the planning application should be made by January 2019, with a view to the facility being open to the public by sometime in 2020. 
There is a hope there will be a cafe and it will feel like a place to meet for people of all ages. As a health site it is hoped there will be GP services, mental health services, services to support long term conditions, as well as potentially podiatry, physiotherapist, child development services and wider provision for keeping healthy.
Feedback from the meeting to Abbas: a reception would be important, especially for people uncomfortable using the automated arrival system and it needs to feel light and airy and people should feel comfortable and at home as they walk in. A range of ways of guiding people to locate the various services was considered important, through coloured lines on the floor and a variety of signage, including a variety of languages and accessible to those with sensory impairments. Ensuring the building is dementia friendly was requested with appropriate colours and flooring as well as ease of locating relevant services. Staff should be involved and have a say in developments and there needed to be a bus service and a range of community provision especially dance and exercise that would involve people and also be good for health. There was a query about the loss of the emergency walk in service formerly at the Wilson and a concern that this could lead to higher numbers attending A & E at St Georges. Lucy Brooks from the CCG explained that a reconfigured service would be mindful of this potential problem and there would be provision of same day service as an alternative to walk in.
There will be an event on 21st May at Vestry Hall to consult the public as well as a range of outreach meetings. The website is still in development.

The new health centre and Merton Vision:

Tony Coke, developer from Octopus, Harry Cowd, Chair of Trustees Merton Vision, Lucy Brook on behalf of the CCG and one of the GPs were in attendance and spoke from their particular perspective. 

It will be a single building with Merton Vision on the ground floor and primary care on the first floor. The site is restricted to community use and the council therefore has the first call in how the site will be developed and used. There remain conversations to be had with the head of estates at Merton Council and then the plans will go to public consultation. The broad plan at present is for GP services and additional services such as a diabetes clinic and other services arising from issues related to the eyes and vision. In terms of location it is a compromise as it is not the most accessible to get to. This aspect was much discussed and all parties concurred that transport links would be improved and it was reported that our MP Siobhain McDonagh is in discussion with Transport for London.
From the health perspective, it was explained that current sites are unable to provide training/research or additional services and that both of these would feature in the new health centre. The current establishment of four GPs and two nurses would probably grow.
Merton Vision is excited by the proposals as it already had worries about expenditure on the existing building and wanted to be in the position to become the lead provider of services for visual impairment in SW London.
The site will include a hall for community use and also a 'drop off point' for prescriptions as  local pharmacists do not want to relocate to the site of the new health centre. There was some confusion as to the details of how this would work. 
The aim is that work will start on the site in March 2019 with 12-14 months construction, and opening in May/June 2020.

Finance report:
Donna reported that we have £7,203 (£1910 held for the Hyper  Project,  £300 set aside for community events, £4,993 Residents Association) 

Data protection regulations have been updated and come into force on 25th May. We have to comply. Donna explained and handed all paper records of people's contact details to Helen for shredding. A GDPR statement was passed around for those at the meeting, should anyone else wish to ask about our privacy policies please ask.

All our email lists are held in digital format using Mailchimp (who themselves are GDPR compliant). You may unsubscribe at anytime using the links on the mail drop. If you unsubscribe your details are removed from our system. We do not under any circumstances share our email list with anyone outside of the Association. 

•    Councillors were congratulated on their election and our new councillor Dave Ward explained his email address would soon be on Merton Council website.
•    Caroline explained the current situation with regard to school admissions and said there are currently 47 children in the borough without a school place. She will update again at the next meeting.
•    Helen asked for volunteers for leaflet distribution door to door in Colliers Wood ward as the first part in the Singlegate Admissions Priority Campaign (APA) campaign.
•    Penny publicised the Park Road Street Party for Colliers Wood on Saturday 16th June 12-7.00 pm. She asked for volunteers to help set up. The street party will have a carnival theme and money raised will go to three charities - Children's Unit at St Georges, Dean City farm donkeys and Christchurch homeless persons project. The event has been sponsored by local business.

Next meeting Tuesday July 3rd at 7.30 pm St Joseph's Church Hall, Park Road Entrance.
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