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Minutes of the Colliers Wood Residents Association meeting held on 4 September 2018
1. Welcome
The meeting was opened by Kevin Godding, vice chair.
2. Apologies
Keith, Slawek, Tom, Donna and Laxmi.
3. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
Minutes from the previous meeting were confirmed.
It was noted that Siobhan McDonagh would be holding a meeting on the new refuse collection arrangements the following week.  This meeting would be about the general principles of the new service.  The council would deal with all specific enquiries.  Officers would visit individual homes with particular issues.
3. Removal of bins in Wandle Park and paddling pools in parks.
Nick Draper confirmed that the trial to remove bins in Wandle Park was still on going and based on the theory that with no bins the amount of rubbish reduces.  Following the Sarin attack in Japan all bins in central Tokyo were removed, an unexpected consequence was that the area is litter free. It was acknowledged that this was a different culture. Preliminary results showed that the amount of litter removed from the park was half that removed the previous year. The Wandle Park trial would finish in 2 – 3 weeks time when the bins will be put back. Formal results are in 8 weeks. At this point there were no plans to remove bins from all parks in the borough
Comments, questions and next steps:
  • What were the success criteria for this trial? Nick to present at next meeting.
  • Nick agreed to ask IDVerde to share results of litter reduction and compare this against other parks in the borough.
  • The reduction is waste collection will reduce costs for IDVerde. If the trial is successful and is rolled out will their budget be cut and transferred to those that would be disposing of the rubbish?
Nick stated that while parks only used 1% of the local authority budget, 40% of the Parks budget went on paddling pools. Nick asked how much people valued them. Fiona Sydney reminded him that there had been a campaign to save the paddling pools about 10 years ago.
4. Priority Admission Area for Singlegate School
Helen McCauley reported that a summary of the consultation results and all the email responses have been sent to Tom Proctor.  4 other schools in the borough have been given APA status on the same grounds. Tom and the officers will come up with a recommendation which will go to the cabinet meeting.  Caroline Marbiah-Cooper will meet with them and, separately, with the Director of Education before that meeting.
5. Area of intensification
The Mayor of London classified Colliers Wood as an area of intensification, one of 5 in London. It’s population is increasing with the development of multi storey buildings occupied by many more residents. It is the most densely populated area in Merton. We therefore need to ensure that Merton Council is clear about the impact of this intensification and ensure that they have a strategic view of, what we call the social infrastructure, and that it is sufficient to meet the needs of the community that are living here now and in the future. 
The CWRA had defined 5 elements of this social infrastructure. These are education, transport, health, community spaces and environment. 
Examples would be:
  • The RA believe that creating a railway station after the bridge on the way to Tooting would provide additional transport for residents as well as patients and staff at St Georges Hospital. This would also help reduce pollution.
  • The Community Centre provides a wealth of activities to residents but was on the council’s disposal register.  Whilst Dave Ward believes it will be safe as long as it continues to be used, we need to consider how essential this community space will be as more and more flats are built.
  • The meeting remembered that in 1998 Merton Council wanted to close Singlegate School and build homes on the total site. It was only because the community fought this that a compromise was reached and the school was reduced from a two-form entry to a one-form. The building and land that was sold was then bought back for six times the price it was sold for to meet the educational needs of the community 14 years later. This is the type of poor planning the RA is hoping to prevent.
There is more funding available for the High Street and it was suggested that some should be used to improve the look of the Community Centre.  The meeting agreed that the High Street committee would be advised that this meeting regarded it as a priority.
Kevin expressed his regret that the Council had no master plan for Colliers Wood and the meeting agreed it would like Future Merton to present their plans for the area. 
There was general support for the idea of reenergising the Association in order to make a positive impact on our local environment.  He asked that people talk to neighbours and friends to generate support.
6. 20 mile an hour speed limits
The request for Park Road to have a 20 mile an hour speed limit had been resubmitted. Local councillors had been following this up.  The council would be introducing the 20 mph limit on roads in order the amount of footfall.
7. Finance
Donna had reported that the Association had a balance of £5 000.
8. Planning applications
An opportunity to hear from the company submitting the application for the work on the GP surgery would be arranged, either by inviting them to the next CWRA meeting or by holding a meeting on the subject at Merton Vision.
9. Social Activities
IDVerde had allowed 2 private events to be held in Wandle Park, neither residents living nearby nor the Charles Holden had been warned.
Jumble Trail Sunday 23 September
10. Any other business
The owners of Britannia Point had started legal action to move the travellers on. 
Car phone warehouse had been boarded up for safety reasons.
Kevin noted that rubbish was being left outside the flats on the corner of Byegrove Road. This was a combination of fly tipping and street cleaners. He asked if the camera there could be used to identify who was leaving the rubbish. Nick said this was not possible as it was used to view the High Street
Nick reported that he was pushing for the library to open on a Wednesday.  Kevin suggested that someone from the library should be invited to the next meeting.
11. Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 7.30pm in St Joseph’s Church Hall
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