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August 16, 2021

A Word From the Presidents:
New PTA Year - New Council PTA Co-Presidents! 
It has been a while since Council has had Co-Presidents and we, Brandi and Yumna, are both incredibly excited to serve in this role together and to share in supporting each of you, our PTA Leaders! We cannot wait to meet you at our first Membership Meeting on September 2 and get to know each of you a bit better this year. (Meeting Schedule here)
The first sentence of Council's Mission and Goals begins, "To serve as a relevant resource to the local PTAs, families and community members..." This is what we strive to achieve for each of you, our 44 PTAs. We want to serve as a relevant resource to each of your units and provide opportunities for engagement and growth for our PTA leaders at the local and Council level. 
As your PTA is preparing for the start of the year, we are ready to support you, Our board has a number of new members and has been engaged in team-building and learning throughout July and August. 
Please reach out to us,
Brandi and Yumna with any questions, comments, or concerns and we will be happy to help you.  Additionally, you can reach out to any of our board members for advice on Treasurer basics, Secretary questions, PTA policies, or simply to make a connection.  Contact any one of our board members for quick, accurate, supportive information. 

Board Contact Information

P.S. Make sure to read our partner information located at the bottom of this newsletter to find important information from our partners, Lake Washington School District and Washington State PTA.


Please help us out! 
We are trying a new, hopefully streamlined way to collect information from each of our local PTAs.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this form with the names and email addresses of each of your PTA Board members and chairs. Only one person from each PTA needs to fill out the form, but please do ensure that it is filled out with your most up-to-date information. Click here for PTA Survey.
Thank you to AG Bell, LWHS, Redmond El, and Thoreau for filling yours out this week! 

What is Weekly Waves?
...and why is it in my in-box? 

The Weekly Waves newsletter is sent out to all of the PTA officers and key chairpersons for the current year. This newsletter is sent weekly, on Mondays, with timely, relevant information for our PTA leaders. Please look for it as we will include upcoming events, trainings, news we think you should know, and information from our partners.  Please confirm each of your current board members received this newsletter, and if they didn't, let us know right away!  Make sure we have the name, office, and email contact for your Board officers, including Advocacy, Emergency Prep, Membership, Reflections, Special Education, Sustainability, and DEI chairs to make sure you get all the current news! Please fill out all relevant information on this form: PTA Officer Survey. If you have any corrections after you've filled out the form, please send updates to our Secretary address.  

Look Here! 
Training Opportunities!

Every elected PTA officer needs to attend one approved training class each year. Here are upcoming training opportunities -- all are welcome! Need training? LWPTSA Council is always happy to host training for your entire board all at once. Drop us a line!  Find lists of WSPTA-approved training classes we can provide on our website.

Roundtables, Networking and Meetings

Attention local PTAs: We would love to connect before school starts, and as your board gets their work underway. Please join us for questions, answers, ideas, and support.  

Do you have questions, concerns, ideas, or would just like to chat with PTA leaders from other boards? Join us at the:  Thoughts? Ideas? Need Support for your Fall Membership Campaign? We are hosting the: As a relevant resource for each of the 44 PTAs in the Lake Washington School District we are here to provide every PTA leader with support, answers, and guidance.  Our first monthly membership meeting of the year will be held the first Thursday of September. Please join us to meet the Council Board and Chairs, the Superintendent and staff, as well as receive timely, relevant information to run your PTA.  
  • LWPTSA Council Membership Meeting  
    • Thursday, September 2, 9:45 AM 
    • Lake Washington School District Resource Center Board Room

We'd Love for YOU to Join Our Team! 

We're looking for a few good volunteers that would like to work with Council. Please reach out to for more information. We are happy to work with you and a friend, and provide experience and training. 

Where is your passion? What are your interests? We'll help you help others. 

Council Elected Board Members: 
  • Secretary
  • Advocacy Vice President
Council Appointed Chairs: 
  • Scholarship Auction 
  • Social Media Editor
  • Website Editor 
  • Weekly Waves Editor 
  • Currents Editor 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Emergency Preparations 
  • Founders' Day
  • Parent Education
  • Reflections 
  • Scholarships
  • Special Education Group
  • Sustainability 
We cannot wait to work with you!

Turn Your Membership Drive Up to 11

turn your membership up to 11Now’s the time to get rolling. We're all going to have a different experience from last year to this year, whether your kids are attending school in-person, online, or some other combination, it's another set of new experiences from last year. Now is the perfect opportunity for your PTA to facilitate connection between families and school as most students are returning to in-person learning. Membership is an important part of your school having a louder voice. Speaking of louder, follow the steps below to turn your membership drive up to 11!
  1. Pick a theme
  2. Create your membership form as a pdf or printable image 
  3. Work with your office staff to determine the best way to receive mail, make sure the mailing address is on your form.
  4. Work with your website person to set up online membership purchases. Include a link to the printable form for people who don’t want to pay online.
  5. Continue reading Steps 5-11 here: 
Upcoming Roundtable on all things Membership:  Register Here for WSPTA Planning Your Fall Membership Drive 

Questions? Email

Lake Washington School District News & Updates

Return to School for PTA Leaders

The Lake Washington School District would like to share information around volunteers and PTAs in schools this fall in order to comply with health and safety requirements and to keep students and staff safe, while at the same time recognizing the importance of PTA events to our schools. 
Key Points: 
  • Outside gatherings are acceptable for PTAs, as long as participants follow current health and safety guidelines regarding masking and distancing. 
  • School-wide events, held by the PTA or the school, that include families, at this time should be held virtually if they cannot be held outside.
  • Inside school buildings, everyone, including volunteers, needs to be masked - regardless of vaccination status.
  • While volunteers will be welcome on school property, currently, adult volunteers will not be working in classrooms in order to minimize the number of people in close contact with each other on our campuses. 
  • PTAs are asked to hold off on making plans for before- and after-school enrichment programs until we can work further with LWSD on guidance around if and how those can work in our school buildings during these times.

LWSD Volunteer Process

All Lake Washington School District volunteers must be approved by the district. Here are a few tips and reminders about the volunteer application process:
  1. Volunteer applications are processed via the Raptor system and are good for two years.
  2. Volunteers who are approved can log into their Raptor Volunteer Portal to check the expiration date of their volunteer application.
  3. Volunteers can also contact Volunteer Program Supervisor Chris Robison ( to check on volunteer status.
  4. Reminder emails will be sent out 30 days before an application is due to expire.

PTSAs can request a list from Chris Robison of approved volunteers for their school. This list will contain the names of the volunteers and the expiration date of their application.

Washington State PTA News & Updates

Autumn Leadership Launch 

PTA Leaders from across the state are invited to the first ever statewide Autumn Leadership Launch. 
Registration is open now and is $25.00 per person until September 7th. Check with your Treasurer or President to see if this expense can be covered by your board's current budget. Register Here  Class Schedule

Standards of Affiliation

Each PTA across the state is required to fill out and complete each of the tasks on the Standards of Affiliation form. 

There have been three changes to the Standards of Affiliation this year: 
  • Members must be entered into the WSPTA membership database within 30 days of transaction.
  • IRS 8822-B has been removed since it does not need to be done each year, only when the responsible party changes. 
  • Language updated for filings to align with WA Secretary of State terminology.
If you have questions about the agreement, please reach out to your AVP or to other Council Leaders. 
WSPTA Bylaws Update
WSPTA had an update to their Bylaws after this year's Convention. Updated Bylaws can be found here. WSPTA Bylaws

*As a reminder, your Standing Rules and policies may be more restrictive than WSPTA policy, but may never be less-restrictive. In addition, your PTA Board may not hold a position that is in conflict with WSPTA positions and resolutions.  
Upcoming Dates & Reminders

August Board To-Do List

  • Attend board and membership meetings
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings
  • Get educated: take advantage of in-person and online training opportunities
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them
  • Review and ask questions about the monthly financial report
  • Actively engage in plan for membership growth
  • Prepare content for a newsletter or social media
  • Review and update your website
  • Participate, help others, and communicate
  • Review the Standards of Affiliation Checklist

  • Financial Review
    • Check out the blog post on how to do this virtually if you have been unable to complete a financial review.
  • Update calendar for membership meetings or PTA activities for the year
    • Make sure your public-facing calendar is up-to-date for your members.
  • Speak at the August school staff meeting (with permission)
    • Coordinate with the principal and be prepared that this might look different than in the past. Introduce yourself, talk about membership, share the benefits of PTA, explain any grants, reimbursement forms, programs, or events that directly affect staff.
  • Hold your first board meeting/retreat
    • As a board, set goals, prepare for your first membership meeting, review your budget and standing rules, and recommend these documents for approval at your first membership meeting. Check out this blog post for more information about board retreats.
  • Create your plan for membership growth
    • Review your membership dues as any changes may need to be approved in your standing rules.
    • Make sure you are set up with the online join option through memberplanet.
    • Review your membership form.
    • Send membership renewal notices to last year’s members.
    • Review the resources available for the WSPTA membership database.
  • Begin the search for potential nominating committee members
    • No, it is not too early. Give this committee plenty of time to get to meet and know upcoming leaders for your PTA.
  • Review your board structure for next year
    • Changes in board structure need to be approved in standing rules before the nominating committee is elected.
  • Attend this year’s Autumn Leadership Launch
    • New this year and open to any PTA leader. In addition, look out for other region or council trainings and roundtables throughout the fall.
  • Share online WSPTA leader resources with all board members
  • Start your membership drive
  • Was your PTA incorporated in August?
    • If so, then your annual Corporation Renewal is due by 8/31. The annual corporation report is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/Renewal.


  • Aug 18, 7 PM: Treasurer Basics
  • Aug 19, 3 PM: Return to School Roundtable
  • Aug 20, 12 PM: Membership Roundtable 
  • Aug 23, 10 AM: Secretary: More Than Minutes
  • Aug 23, 6 PM: Planning Your Fall Membership Drive
  • Aug 24, 10 AM: Membership: Plan to Succeed
  • Aug 24, 7 PM: President 101
  • Aug 25, 10 AM: Pump Up Your Communications 
  • Sep 2, 9:45 AM: September Membership Meeting 
LWPTSA Council Meeting Dates  | Full LWPTSA Calendar

Corporate Renewals

Due in August: Frost, Smith
Due in September: Blackwell, Lakeview, Muir, Wilder
Due in October: Mead
See full list of LWPTSA incorporation dates

About Us

The Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 (LWPTSA) serves local PTAs in the Lake Washington School District. 

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