Clean and Green in the City of Canterbury Bankstown
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Clean and Green Canterbury-Bankstown
December 18- January 19
Focus on Water and Waterways
In this issue, we’re focusing on water, with tips on how to save water and information on how important it is to keep our clean water and waterways clean.

Water is life

Water is truly life, with 60 per cent of the human body, 70 per cent of the human brain and 80 per cent of human blood comprised of water.
Only three per cent of water on Earth is freshwater, most of which is ice. Less than one per cent of all the freshwater is available for human use, which means less than 0.007 per cent of all the water on Earth is available for drinking.
In Sydney, much of our drinking water comes from Warragamba Dam and surrounding catchment areas. Currently, drought conditions remain throughout the Sydney catchments, with ongoing predictions of a warmer-than-average summer. At present, storage levels continue to decline due to warm, dry weather conditions in the catchment.
As of 27 November, Sydney’s dam levels are at 60.3 per cent, a decrease of about 0.6 per cent in just two days. Read more about dam water levels here.
Be Waterwise this Summer!
There are many water-wise tips, with simple things you can do around your home and garden to use water efficiently. For simple ways to save water in your home, click here and for simple ways to save water in your garden, click here.

Carp in Wiley Park Ponds

Wiley Park is a well-used local park, in Wiley Park, for recreation and relaxation.
The ponds in the park have seen lower water quality than usual, due to higher-than-expected nutrient levels and warm weather. Large numbers of European carp, which are a pest species, have been seen at the ponds and are known to contribute to lowering freshwater quality. The carp in the ponds have been illegally introduced and are a major threat to local fresh waterways, locally and around Australia.
In order to reduce the levels of nutrients in the water as well as the number of carp in the ponds, Council commissioned a humane program of electro-fishing.
Through the program, approximately 170 kilograms of fish was caught and removed. Based on the size of the pond, that works out to be approximately 1,000 kilograms of carp per hectare, which is a very high density. Any density over 200 kilograms per hectare has a negative impact on water quality and aquatic plants.
While the program didn’t remove them all, their numbers were significantly reduced. Council will continue to monitor, and take steps to improve the water quality and continue to work on reducing the number of carp in the ponds.


Winners of the Cleanest Street in Lakemba competition

The Cleanest Street in Lakemba competition, run by Environment@Lakemba and supported by the Canterbury City Community Centre and Council, returned for a second time, with local residents throwing their support behind the cause. 
This year, the competition put 11 streets head-to-head, competing to reduce litter and dumping while maintaining a tidy street. 
There were two awards up-for-grabs this year:
  • The Cleanest Street in Lakemba, awarded to Edge Street for their reduction in litter, dumping and having the best looking nature strips; and
  • The Good Neighbour award, given to Wangee Rd, which had the highest participation rate.
The awards were presented on Sunday 2 December, at Council’s Carols in the Park event.

Get the Site Right November Blitz

In November, construction sites were the target of a blitz in Canterbury-Bankstown, to ensure erosion and sediment control measures were in place.
A building site can lose up to four truckloads of dirt in a single storm, if not properly contained. Sediment build-up in our waterways can cause flooding and destroy aquatic plants and animals.
Earlier this year, Sydney Water removed 250 tonnes of silt from a 500-metre stretch of the Cooks River, in Campsie. Sediment pollution has a huge financial and environmental cost.
Residents can phone 9707 9000, if they suspect builders and developers are not following construction approval conditions. Pollution incidents can be reported to the Environment Protection Authority on 131 555.

What simple things can you do to help clean-up our waterways?

  • Reduce single-use plastic consumption. More than 70 per cent of litter collected from the booms on the Cooks River are single-use plastics.
  • Always place grass clippings and leaf litter in your green bin. Council recycles your green bin and gives you back Wheelie Good Compost free of charge!
  • Become a Mudcrab volunteer and help clean up the Cooks River!

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are coming to the City of Canterbury Bankstown! Council is moving towards a sustainable future and adopting an electric vehicle program – stay tuned for more details, early next year.
In the meantime, please complete this survey to have your say 

Volunteers caring for Creeks and Rivers 


There are so many great ways to get involved in the local area – from river clean-ups, bushcare groups and even counting bats as they fly overhead.

Either join in with one of Council's bushcare groups in the Bankstown area,  join the mudcrabs in caring for the Cooks River, or care for the Wolli Creek with the Wolli Creek Preservation Society (WCPS)
Bushcare Calendar
The Mudcrabs

Make your garden Fairy-wren friendly 


The Superb Fairy-wren is a small native bird that can be found in our parks and gardens, but it is particularly susceptible to cats. 
Given they spend so much time on the ground, it is unsurprising that they are particularly vulnerable to being attacked. Find out about this amazing bird and how to create a safe space for it in your yard on the  Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife. blog

Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife aims to build a community of cat owners who have the tools to provide their cat with the longest and happiest lives possible by keeping them safe and enriched at home, ensuring local wildlife is protected as well.

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