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The Fleetwood Body Company of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, was founded by Harry Urich in the nineteenth century. It began as a small community of craftsmen founded by Henry Fleetwood, Esq. of Penwortham, near Lancaster, England (the Fleetwood family flourished in England in the 17th and 18th centuries). The rich traditions of 300 years of coach-building that the Fleetwood Body Company applied to its work on cars secured for it a high reputation in automobile circles worldwide by the 1920s. Coachwork was built by Fleetwood for a variety of luxury makes through 1924. However, after the Fisher Body Corporation purchased the Fleetwood Body Company in 1925, Fleetwood bodies were reserved exclusively for Cadillac. By 1929 GM had purchased the remaining stock holdings of the Fisher Body Corporation and thus became sole owner of both the Fisher and Fleetwood companies.

From 1927 through 1934 all Cadillac series offered Fleetwood bodies as an option. Thereafter Cadillac became more selective in offering Fleetwood bodies on its series and by 1938 the only way to obtain a Fleetwood bodied car was by buying a Cadillac Series 75 or 90, as even the Cadillac Sixty Special had a Fisher body in its inaugural year. The Fleetwood script and crest would not appear on the exterior of any Cadillac until the 1947 model year when it appeared on the rear deck lid of the Sixty Special.

Starting in 1957, the Fleetwood name became more well known as top of the line model. Over the years it has been also marketed as the "Fleetwood Brougham" and some years as just the "Brougham". Fleetwoods are recognized for more opulent exterior trim and more luxurious interior appointments such as folding foot rests and rear fold down desks in some model years. They were typically longer cars than the de Ville counterparts, stretched slightly for more leg room and a longer wheel base.

In the 1980’s, the Fleetwoods were the only Cadillac models with 5.0 liter V-8’s borrowed from Chevy. They avoided the 4.1 liter engines of the era and typically bring much higher prices than the comparable de Villes. The most desired Fleetwoods of the final era are the 1994 – 1996 models with the 5.7 Liter Corvette LT1 engine. These later models are highly sought after for their performance and endurance. Low mileage examples are selling at very good prices compared to de Villes of the era.

Below you will find very nice examples of the Fleetwood model that have moved thru our company. From our earliest 1958 example to one of the last years in 1995, these cars are great examples of Cadillac’s top of the line moniker. Discontinued in 1996, it will be interesting to see if Cadillac brings back this iconic nameplate in the years to come.

1973 Cadillac Fleetwood

An excellent example of the highly sought after 1971 -1973 Fleetwoods and likely the lowest mile original left. Museum quality car with no needs. Purchase new by the owner of Warnick Cadillac for his private collection. Upon his passing, the car remained with his widow for some time. It was then purchased by a longtime mechanic of the dealership and kept in a climate controlled collection until early this year. Exceptional example that would win survivor class at Nationals.

This Fleetwood has 11K original miles, beautiful original Viridian Green Firemist Metallic paint. As new Dark Jade leather Fleetwood interior, door panels, dash, carpet and headliner. Original full Dark Green vinyl and excellent chrome & stainless. The car is equipped with the factory 472 cubic inch V-8. Factory automatic transmission. Lots of power assists and luxury everywhere. Ice cold factory air conditioning. Factory wheel covers and newer whitewall radial tires. Body has no rust or accident damage, the underside is as nice as the top!


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The weekend of October 22, 2016 MJC Classic Cars proudly attended the great 38th Annual BOPC Car Show, in the beautiful downtown area of Auburndale, Florida. This great event included a day of some great classic cars, music, charity, gifts, and a friendly community of attendees and club members. We asked the leaders of the group to gives us some background to who they are and what they do:

From Karen Stutzmen: 
Who are you and where are you from? 
My Husband, Leo, and I were not charter members for the club but joined within a few months of its start up. We own a 1953 Fiesta convertible which Leo bought just after we had had our first date in 1956, so the car is part of our family. It was our dating car and has stayed with us through thick and thin. We wanted to be a part of a group whose interests were much the same as ours so, what better club than the Olds Club. Leo and I have each been president of the club as well as having held other offices over the years. We have made soon wonderful friends whom we value beyond measure. We moved to Florida from northern Indiana in 1969 and are the parents for two children and three grandchildren. We started our own company selling add-on sub micron filtration systems for all kinds of oils, especially hydraulic oils, and diesel fuels. After over forty years of business our Daughter and Son in Law bought the business which operates in Plant City, FL 

How did BOPC get started and how did you get involved with BOPC?
The Buick Club started the BOP Show and did it for a number of years. In 1998 they asked the Olds Club to sponsor the show for one year as they were involved with doing a National Buick Club Show in Jacksonville. The Olds Club agreed to sponsor the show that year and have done it ever since. The Buick Club folded before they could do another show. In 2000, we added the 'C' to the BOP and it became the BOPC as it remains today. I believe the show was started as a show to appreciate classic cars and to have fun. It surely remains with those objectives but over time we have become involved with using a fair amount of the collected registration funds and the extra profit from the Basket auction and other things for charity. We feel this is a good way to give back to the community.
The Olds Club came into being in 1995 in Orlando. Rodney Kincaid, a local construction company owner, loved Oldsmobile and thought there should be an Oldsmobile Club. So along with several other Olds owners and the support of five Oldsmobile Dealerships in the Orlando area the Club was started. We are a chapter of the National Oldsmobile Club of America. We have about ninety members at this time, most of whom live in Florida. There are some snowbird members and some from other States who enjoy our club and love Oldsmobile so have become members as well. 

What is the future for BOPC?
I believe that the future of the BOPC is strong. We average 100 - 125 cars each year. The following has been good with Buick, Pontiac, Olds, and is becoming better each year with Cadillac. The annual show was held for many years at Old Town, but as with many things, management and ideas change so it has been necessary for us to look for other venues. I believe that we have found a very good venue and will most likely remain in Auburndale for a while.


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We only consign very nice vehicles, no rust buckets or projects. Our rule is we need to have the vehicle present for photographs here in Lakeland, Florida and can safely store the car until sold. We do not take offsite consignments as many cars are visited pre-sale by buyers and inspectors, so we limit consignments to cars that are with us.

MJC Classic Cars is an established company selling about 300 classics this year. We have found eBay, Hemmings Online, Classiccars Online and Autotrader Classics to be the most cost effective and result oriented places to advertise your car. Our website www.mjcclassiccars.com confirms the quality of the cars we sell to potential buyers. Fees paid after we sell your car...Most consignment companies charge you up front and then ongoing marketing fees. We charge our selling fees after we sell your car. There are no storage fees or marketing fees paid during the selling period. We get paid when we perform.
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