Elgin Alano Club 
Re-Opens with Limitations on
Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Dear members and fellows,

We are following the Stage-3 guidelines set forth by the state of Illinois to re-open the club to In-Person meetings on May 30th, 2020 under the following rules:

  • Face Masks are required for entry to the club.
    • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and take care of yourself.
  • Meeting rooms are limited to 10 people per room, 6 feet apart; chairs will be placed on marked spots to insure proper distancing.
    • Meetings with attendance larger then 10-persons will require the meeting chair to split the participants into smaller groups in break-out sessions in our three meeting spaces.
    • The meeting chairperson is responsible to wipe down the chairs, door handles, bathroom faucet handles and toilet flush lever before/after the meeting with the cleaning products supplied by the club.
  • Shareable 12-Step Books will not be supplied, you must bring your own or use a smartphone app until further notice.
  • The 7th tradition will be collected in a stationary basket (no passing), hugs and holding hands should be avoided until it can be safely done again.
  • There will be no Coffee, Vending or Food /Potlucks inside the club until we are past "Illinois Stage-3"- please bring your own beverage to a meeting.

If possible, we encourage the meeting chairpersons to log on to the zoom account via their smartphone so that those who are not ready to attend in-person meetings at the club, or may be restricted by our attendance limitations, can get in on the meeting. 

The ZOOM account will remain active until no longer necessary -
       Meeting ID: 945 901 0315
       Password: 4-digits (Twelve & Twelve)

For updates visit our website & social media channels.
       Facebook: @ElginAlanoClub
       Twitter: @ElginAlanoClub 

~~ Preview of our meeting spaces below ~~

Members and Friends of the Elgin Alano Club,

Imagine for a moment that someone had told you at our last Sunday Brunch in February, a couple of months ago, that in a few weeks billions of people around the world would be voluntarily sacrificing income, mobility and human contact in order to protect others - mostly people they will never know. We might have scoffed at that idea. Yet that is what is happening today. Millions of people are making personal sacrifices for the greater good.

Normally, we humans confront adversity with aggression. We take action. We declare war or march in the streets or run for office. We DO SOMETHING. But somehow the COVID-19 coronavirus has subverted our normal tactics and we’ve quickly realized our best strategy is a lack of action. "Stay home. Don’t travel. Limit human contact.”  

While most of us are staying at home only to occasionally venture out for supplies or work, and if you’re anything like me you miss the human contact that 12th step meetings provide. Like I’ve heard many times just remember “that this too shall pass”.  Have no fear... That day is just around the corner for those craving in-person meetings at the club, plus we'll still have the Zoom virtual meeting option available for those not quite ready to stop sheltering in place. 

The Alano Board of Directors has been busy behind the scenes attending to the clubs business affairs. We have conducted an initial cleaning of the club with more cleaning to follow. The electrical updates (did you even know that was happening?) are complete and initial work of making the Northside big room more operational and inviting has been started. When completed it will double the areas we will have to host meetings. We have also been in contact with our landlord to increase the lighting outside of the club from suggestions received from you. We are still planning events for later in the year, make sure that you check back regularly on the website to see updates. Many of the clubs meetings have taken this opportunity to continue to meet via the Zoom links provide on the website (thank you webmistress for the magic that you provide).

The Elgin Alano Club is really just a place where 12th step meetings are held, it’s a space, chairs, tables and a coffee maker. Without our members and supporters we would eventually have to close the doors. The good news is that the current and past boards have planned in advance just for such an emergency as we now have been facing (I don’t think anyone saw Covid-19 coming). They remain prudent with your donations while trying to continue to provide services to the greater Elgin area 12th step community. At our last board meeting we discussed the next steps necessary for our reopening at each phase of Illinois COVID-19 guidelines until we can once again be at full-capacity, make sure you check our website for the latest news this summer.

We still need your support to continue the work that has been started. Consider becoming a member of the club and all those benefits that entail. We also know that finances are tight with a lot of people right now, but our bills continue to come in just like yours do such as rent, electric and gas among many others things. Some groups have continued to pay rent during these past 8-weeks, while meeting via Zoom only (thank you for your continued support). The positive news is that we are finally ready to re-open the doors for limited capacity on May 30th, the Rent is paid, the water is running, the lights work and the A/C is on! 

The ASK: If it’s possible for you to make a donation in the Month of June and/or become a Member July 1st... it will be appreciated to replenish those emergency funds that 'bridged the gap' in April & May to keep the club steady and we will be able to continue with the work that was started and provide a safe place for recovery into the future.  

      Venmo: @ElginAlanoClub 

Thank you for your continued support,
Wade L. and The Board of Directors of the Elgin Alano Club

TeleMeeting Information

Meetings have been using the following Meeting ID information from ZOOM conferencing software to connect to regularly scheduled EAC meetings by day/times since March 22nd. 

As we continue with Stage 3 occupancy limitations at the club, you may connect by computer, mobile app or telephone dial-in for those groups that plan to hold In-Person meetings with Zoom access.

Zoom Online / App (Video/ Voice) Telephone Dial-in (Voice only)
Meeting ID: 945-901-0315 Dial by your location
Join Zoom Meeting +1 312 626 6799
Password: 4-digits (Twelve & Twelve)
Meeting ID: 945 901 0315

Join our Private Elgin Alano Club - 73 S. Riverside Facebook Group 
~~ Access Schedule, Meetings Materials and Zoom App Instructions ~~

Anyone can join a meeting session with the provided Link / Meeting ID and password.  No Host required to start a meeting, no recordings permitted. 
Meeting Chairs - Please reach out to Laurie Faith G.* for details on how to access the 'ElginAlano' account for additional ZOOM controls for acting as Host for your scheduled meeting session.  This includes the ability to split up large groups into smaller 'subgroups' to help facilitate discussions'. moderation tools to help MUTE all or cute off a video feed, etc. *email: or mobile: 815-263-7658 

Our 2019/20 Board of Directors

We conduct board member elections in January of every year including a cycling of leadership and director positions on Even/Odd years.  

Board Position Name Phone
Chairperson Jim H 224-629-6454
Vice Chairperson / Group Liaison Ken W  
Treasurer Ron E 630-215-6600
Secretary Colleen H  
Membership Director Michelle H.  
Building Director John M 847-334-6236
General Director A Laurie Faith G. 815-263-7658
General Director B Alex H.  
General Director C Wade L. 
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