🤔 Psst... our second 'in-person' speaker event since St. Patty's Day; join us Tomorrow for coffee, fellowship and sweet treats at Noon! 🍩☕️

Y O U  D O N U T  W A N T  T O  M I S S  T H I S . . .


Sunday, September 27th @ Noon

Guest Speaker: Bobby G. from South Elgin, IL
will share his experience strength and hope @ 12:45 pm

Join Us for Coffee, Donuts and Fellowship
in a Responsible Outdoor Setting at the Elgin Alano Club, 73 S. Riverside Drive, Downtown Elgin, Illinois

50/50 Raffle!  Socialize!  Come and Celebrate Sobriety Month!

Elgin Alano Club is following
Phase 4 Meeting Guidelines as of
Saturday, June 26th, 2020


[Translation] Our Doors are Re-Opened for
In-Person Meetings w/ Basic Limitations 

On June 26th we increased our meeting capacity in accordance w/ IL-Stage 4 re-openings for Social Service agencies. 
Please Note: Face Masks are still required for entry to the club.

In-Person Meetings Active:
The Elgin Alano Club migrated from 100% Zoom Telemeetings to In-Person meetings with Zoom access on Saturday, May 30th with several Phase 3 restrictions and other guidelines in affect inside the club. 

EAC Zoom Account Inactive: As of June 26th we retired the Zoom online meeting connectivity for all weekly meetings on the schedule, no longer conducting hybrid meetings with in-person and zoom attendance. If/when the state of Illinois enacts stricter guidelines, we will reactivate the Zoom meeting ID and post that information to the website and district meeting calendars. 

For updates visit our website & social media channels.
       Facebook: @ElginAlanoClub
       Twitter: @ElginAlanoClub 

Just for Fun: 2020 AA Coins from LF's travels to out-of-state Alano Clubs this summer.
As you can see, even Bill and Bob mask-up! #ZoomingThrough2020 
"Just to the extent that we do as we thin He would have us, and humbly rely on Him, does He enable us to match calamity with serenity." BB How It Works, p.68  

A note from my highchair... 

Recovery is in the air and it smells like Alano Club coffee.

Practicing these principles
Our responsibility statement says, “I am responsible when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.  And for that: I am responsible.”
When I was first was introduced to service work, I went into it for the acclaim that I thought came with the position.  For all the wrong reasons I was on the right path.  As I learned the reason that our program of recovery has lasted this long with all the less than perfect people entrusted with it’s survival, I began to wonder why the rest of society couldn’t practice these principles?

With all the current challenges we are faced with, how are we doing?  There is concern that alcohol consumption and drug use is rising due to the pandemic.  How is it that we are able to weather this storm with little causality?  Is our herd immunity (to over consumption) due to staying in the center of the herd?  I find that attending more meetings recharges my spiritual strength. Getting out of self by being there to help others is a healthy way to keep a “poor me” from becoming a “pour me”.
Now to get to the point, I look at wearing a mask as an act of service.  This is a way of saying that I care enough to endure some discomfort to protect others and ensure that the club can remain open.  Nobody dislikes being told what to do more than an alcoholic, even a recovered one.  We all have our personal views of weather to follow the science or the political theories.  That is why we look at step 12 and remember to practice these principles in all our affairs.  We leave our personal views on outside issues for another place and time.  Our choice in politics, sports teams or automobile makers can bring emotional discussions, but a meeting is not the right place for that.  Love and tolerance is our code.

Thank you for your continued support,
Jim H.

EAC Service Work Day

Every First Saturday of the Month we will gather as volunteers for light service work around the Club and special projects to keep EAC in top-top shape!

  • Deep Cleaning of common areas such as coffee service, fridge, bathrooms and meeting tables, mopping of the floors, etc.
  • Maintenance to building areas for “handyman” repairs to doors, fixtures and common areas, touch-up paint, etc.
  • Clean-up of the outside entrances for seasonal debris, garbage/recycling, keep the entrances safe & secure.
  • Other special projects as needed! 

Meet-up at 10:30 am, enjoy some service work with fellow club patrons, good music and perhaps stay for the noon meeting.

Reoccurring Facebook Event:


Marcia S.

Elaine K.

Michelle H.

Ron H.

Become a 2020-21
Key-holding Member! 

Learn More & Sign-Up Online

 $70 for an individual or
$125 for a family membership

Memberships can we paid via Cash, Check or Credit Card.  All membership dues and fundraising donations are tax-deductible. 

Contact Michelle H 630-267-7543

Meeting Schedule Updates

Some group names and meeting times change since the club re-opened, can you spot the difference? 
Day Time Group Name Meeting Type
Monday 1:30 PM Fellowship of the Spirit Big Book Study
Monday 7:30 PM Spiritual Awakening – NA Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday 1:30 PM Fellowship of the Spirit 12 & 12 Study
Tuesday 7:00 PM As Joe & Charlie See It Big Book Study
Wednesday 10:00 AM Morning Serenity Ask It Basket Discussion
Wednesday 1:30 PM Fellowship of the Spirit Step 1-5 Study
Wednesday 6:30 PM Come As You Are Big Book Study
Wednesday 9:30 PM Late Bloomers Group Discussion
Thursday 1:30 PM Fellowship of the Spirit Literature Discussion
Thursday 10:00 PM Whooper Duper Group Discussion
Friday 1:30 PM Fellowship of the Spirit Round-Robin Discussion
Friday 5:00 PM Dual Recovery Anonymous DRA Discussion
Saturday 9:30 AM Renewed Hope Al-Anon Discussion
Saturday 12:00 PM In-Depth 12 & 12 Study Group 12 & 12 Study
Saturday  9:30 PM T.A.B. / Take-a-Breath Candlelight Reprieve
Sunday 5:00 PM Dual Recovery Anonymous DRA Discussion
Sunday 6:30 PM In-Depth Big Book Study Group Big Book Study

Download a printable version of the EAC Weekly Meeting Schedule

Our 2020/21 Board of Directors

We conduct board member elections in January of every year including a cycling of leadership and director positions on Even/Odd years.  

Board Position Name Phone
Chairperson Jim H 224-629-6454
Vice Chairperson / Group Liaison Ken W  
Treasurer Ron E 630-215-6600
Secretary Colleen H  
Membership Director Michelle H.  
Building Director John M 847-334-6236
General Director A Laurie Faith G. 815-263-7658
General Director B Alex H.  
General Director C Wade L. 

Contact us via email ->  | View the Elgin Alano Club_ Inc. By-Laws 2019

      Venmo: @ElginAlanoClub 
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