Janury, 2015
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We are all very happy to be back at school after the Christmas and New Year break. Some of our children have lost a lot of weight during this vacation period as there is simply not enough food at their home. We are looking into ways of trying to prevent this happening in April when we break for Songkran.

Our mango tree is fully loaded with fruit and we are enjoying our sweet and juicy pickings every day.

We have been learning about good nutrition and we made our own sandwiches which were very yummy!

Our Friends from Norway!

We are so thankful to the Norwegian group who take us shopping for food every week to purchase supplies for the pre- school. Nick the pizza continues to supply us with food every Monday and Saturday and Fraser’s has begun to make lunch for us every Friday. This is a huge help not just financially but also saves us lots of time cooking and preparing meals.

Khun Aba Ayi
Growing up Khun Aba Ayi  lived  in orphanages in the northern part of  Thailand and she often moved from one facility to another. During this process her name was changed several times and her birth certificate documents got lost. As an adult she was unable to get a Thai ID card that would allow her to work and access government services including medical care. Five years ago Hand to Hand started to help her try to prove her identity and on the 29th of December she finally got her ID card. She can now get a job, her daughter can go to school and she is very happy. She is so thankful to God for all that he has done for her and on her ID card she identified herself as a Christian.
Joel and Johannes are two Swedish interns who will be working with us for 3 months. Welcome to Thailand and Hand to Hand! They have already tried their hand at  everything from babies  to old ladies and they have come with hearts to love and serve in any way possible.


Thanks to ISE, Regents and Anubaarn Chonburi school for all of their kind donations this month. We have been so blessed and had so much fun sharing it all with other needy organisations too. Blessed to be a blessing!

Children’s Day

On January 9th we went to the Anubaarn Chonburi School to help celebrate children’s day with our face painting team. It was a great day and we are thankful for the generosity of all the staff, parents and students from this school. 

On Monday 12th we celebrated Children’s Day at Hand to hand with our pre school children. There were lots of presents and teddies to share due to the kindness of the students from ISE.

Baby School

We have been working with the police and social welfare officers helping to provide short term care for babies that have been rescued from abusive homes. In the past month we have cared for 2 physically abused girls for 2-3 weeks until the most appropriate care can be found for them. This means that these children can be cared for in a caring and supportive environment rather than a large orphanage whilst extended family can be found. We are happy to say that both of these girls are now safe and with their extended families who love them. During their short time with us we have seen God heal their hearts as they learn to trust adults again.

Thong Kla
Thong Kla has been struggling to gain weight over the past few months. The doctors cannot find any medical reason for his decline in health. We are changing his formula to see if that helps but this can sometimes cause major digestion problems.

Music Classes

Nikol is back and our music classes are so much fun and we are learning so much English through these fun songs and activities. Our older children are doing very well with their recorder lessons and they want to practice!

Australia Day

On the 26th January we celebrated Australia Day by making fairy bread and learning about some of the special Australian animals. We jumped like kangaroos, slept like a koala, dug in the ground like a wombat and laughed like a kookaburra!

Staff Picnic

Once a month we have decided to attend church together as a team and then go out for a picnic together. We all work so hard it’s nice to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Next month Joyce will be hosting us at her house as she has a beautiful garden and pool!

Canada and the US here I come!

Margie will be making a trip later in the year to both the US and Canada to meet with friends and sponsors. The dates have not yet been confirmed but the trip will be around the months of August, September and October and she will be visiting Toronto, Illinois, and Texas. If you live anywhere in the world and would like Margie to come and share in your community please send a email  to by the end of February so she can put you on her schedule.

Khun Sayan

Khun Sayan passed away in his sleep and he is now with the Lord without anymore pain or suffering. We assisted his wife with the preparations and payment for the funeral.

The grandmother of one of our children also died in her sleep. Unfortunately she did not yet have an official ID and it is taking some time to prove who she is before the body can be cremated. Hand to Hand is working with the police to provide any documentation that is relevant.

Prayer Points.
  • For the staff as we receive training in the month of February.
  • For our families who have recently lost loved ones.
  • For the mum of Akiew who has TB.
  • For Tong Kla that he would gain more weight on the new formula we are feeding him.
  • For our sponsors who give so generously.
  • For the health of all of our staff, students and volunteers.
  • For the families of our students.
  • For a clear direction for the government in Thailand.
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