July, 2016
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We have been very busy at school learning, playing and having lots of fun. Miss Suzi and Miss Kelly have been teaching the older students the letters of the alphabet and we now know the names and sounds of all the letters from A to M. The students have been making crafts that match the letter of the week and these are all on display in our center. We can also trace and copy these letters and find them in our names as well!

The younger students have been learning to write their nick name in English and Thai whilst our older students have been learning to write their full name. This can be quite tricky when your surname has 14 letters in it!!!

All of the students have been learning about the ASEAN community and how the countries are like one big family. This has also given us an opportunity to teach about how people from different countries are the same, but different!!!

Every morning we start off with some singing and stretching exercises to get our bodies and brains ready for work! We worship and we pray and we have been learning about who God is and how much he loves us!
A huge thank to the Phoenix Rotary Club of Pattaya and the Lions Club of Hong Kong who had artificial grass laid in our playground. It looks great and it is helping to keep the mud off our feet and hands!

The children are enjoying their opportunities to play outside and this is the highlight of the day for many. The teachers can also see a dramatic improvement in many of the children's gross motor skills as they learn to climb, swing and take risks!
A big thanks to Stewart and his team from Fraser’s restaurant who faithfully bring us food to eat every Friday. It is the highlight of our week as our staff not only get a rest from cooking but our tummies are filled with yummy food too!
We have decided  we are not going to refer to the communities  we visit each week as ‘slums’ but rather as villages. We are seeing the people and these environments changing for the better and want to encourage them also.

We had some student interns from the Thammasat University who worked us for a day.

We are thankful for pastors John and Lisa who have come alongside and will help us with this work providing not only extra hands to help but helping to love these people and encourage them.

No job is too big for our little ones to help. Runkow loves to help so she carried all  these packs of oil, fish sauce and noodles one by one from the kitchen to the preparation area. She then sorts them and makes perfect sets ready for the care packages. She is only 4 and does all of this independently!!!

Our kids club continues to be a success with not only the children and youth but the whole family as well. Each week we have some mums and grandmas who come to meet and chat whilst the children play and learn. It is awesome to see a community of people realizing that Hand to Hand is a safe place where they can relax. They also help with any odd jobs that need doing so we have extra pairs of hands each week too!

We were blessed to have the Community of Faith Church team with us for two weeks. They assisted us with every area of ministry and helped to man the fort whilst Margie made an emergency visa run.
We had a great time together at Pattaya school number 7 teaching the students about the American festival of thanksgiving. After teaching them some songs and dancing together, the children had an opportunity to make a pumpkin craft to help them remember the story. A huge thanks to the ‘For His Glory’ band that recorded all of the songs we sing making them into  huge hits!

The team worked with our children in the preschool and also assisted with visits to the hospital and prisons. In the villages there was free hair cuts and medical check up for everyone!

It is hard to imagine the 3 months with our ‘Play Around the World’ friends is over.  Thank you so much for teaching our kids and staff so many things and for all the kind donations, especially the parachute.


Khun Pai has the volunteers from the Norway mini golf organized like clockwork. At the end of the shop, the list missed items are divided between the volunteers who must go back and find them all. Kind of like a scavenger hunt game!!! Thanks so much to these very kind people who help us faithfully each week.

We had a very generous donation of risotto rice but we didn’t know how to cook it properly. Thanks Miss Suzi, who is a professional chef, for coming to the rescue and teaching Khun On. We look forward to lots more yummy meals!!
A big thanks to the Community of Faith church who gave us a very nice camera. Miss Kelly shares a passion for photography with Khun May and we are thankful to Miss Kelly who can teach her lots of new tricks and skills.
The Beach Restaurant in Bang Saray kindly got their staff together to collect some much needed items for our centre.
Our friends from Singha Tours recently paid us another visit with lots of goodies in hand and the children all got to enjoy donuts and milk for afternoon snack.

Every Tuesday evening we have church in the Goh Pai village.  Faithful followers of Christ show up each week to worship and have fun together. Our service starts with games for both the young and old before our worship time which is always led by the El Shaddai family. So thankful for these children who travel over 1 hour each way, just come and serve through worship and then also assisting with the kids church and translation. In both churches we have seen God heal people of sickness and disease and answering prayers for jobs and family members. What a blessing it is to be serving these people!


Rain, hail or sunshine the people from this village show up to the service ready to worship the Lord. The older students from our scholarship program have formed their own band and are leading the worship at this village.  It is wonderful on Saturday morning to watch and listen to these teenagers teaching and encouraging each other. They may not be expert musicians but they have a heart to serve and love others. During service these young people then assist with our kids program and they are a huge help!

Whilst our friends from the Community of Faith church were here to visit we had the opportunity to baptise 26 new believers who have given their hearts to the Lord since January this year. It was a great day of celebration of games, worship, prayer baptisms and of course enjoying a feast together. It was also a chance to celebrate the 1st Birthday of the Community of Faith churches in Thailand and as we reflected on the year we stand amazed at what God has been doing in and through us.

At the end of March, three families were evicted from the Khao Talo slum area as the owner wanted the land back so  he could develop it.  Having nowhere to go the families came to the Hand to Hand Foundation seeking emergency help.  Almost instantly Mr. Lee from the Premier Oilfield Services came forward with the offer to build rooms for these families and shortly afterwards the construction began. Last week the families were overjoyed to move into their new homes and a sense of community is already developing. The older grandmas will help take care of the children whilst the younger mums and dads find employment with the help of Hand to hand Foundation. We are still in need of more beds and household furniture such as cooking utensils, cups cupboards etc. If you have any used household items to donate please contact Margie at

We had our 3rd annual charity day with the bikers from many different clubs here in Pattaya. These guys helped us to put on a great party for the kids with free jumping castles, food, ice cream, face painting, cookie decorating, jewelry making, games and of course rides on the Harley Davidson bikes! The ‘For His Glory’ band provided free entertainment so  people could listen or dance their afternoon away. Our Play Around the World team provided lots of free fun games and activities and a great day was had by all.
Hand to Hand Village

Earlier this year Hand to Hand applied for a grant from the Methodist Endowment Fund in the USA with the vision of building low cost housing for the poor and moving them into safer and cleaner communities. The plan involves purchasing 1 rai of land (1600 square meters)and building simple housing units in 5 different phases. The cost of phase 1 of the project is as follows:

Purchase of Land
Installation of Services Construction of 8 housing units Architects Fees Contingencies/Other expenses


US$100,000 US$ 35,000

US$100,000 US$ 2,000

US$ 2,500


The Methodist Endowment Fund has pledged $100 000 and these funds will be released when we have sufficient funds to complete the first phase of the project. At present we have an addition $65 000 making a total of $165, 000. If we are unable to secure the rest of the money by the 1st of October, the funds will be reallocated to another organisation.

Please be in prayer with us as we seek our land and construction companies. The picture below is a piece of land just over 1 rai with a very old building that could be turned into a community centre in phase 2. The government has given approval for us to build the project in this space; however lack the funds to purchase it.

Anyone in the Pattaya are that has land or knows someone who has land for sale, please contact us.

If you would like more information about this project please do not hesitate to contact Margie at 

 Margie hosted another internet safety campaign for almost 300 students over two days at the Pattaya School number 7. With so many children having access to the internet, it is important that students know how to stay safe on line.

Khun May continues to do an amazing job of leading our prison ministry, taking care of teams, volunteers and of course the prisoners. This month we have had many people come and help with this ministry which has been a huge blessing. Pastor Lisa from the Encounter church will also be helping Khun May every Thursday with this ministry.

A very generous family in Pattaya purchased new shoes for all our children and they were delighted to be able to choose their own colour too. 

After seeing the state of our run down bikes they also offered to purchase some new ones for us. Most of the old ones were donated to a family who recycles garbage and we have new ones to ride and enjoy!
It was a blessing to have the 7 weeks in Asia team with us for a few days serving in the preschool, villages and prisons.This young group of teenagers were willing to put their hands to any task big or small!

Mother's Day in Thailand is on the 12th August and we are having a large celebration in the Goh Pai village.If you have any second hand ladies clothes, bags or other items that mums might like please drop them into the center before 3:00pm on the 12th, August. Thanks!!! 
  • For our sponsors who give so generously.
  • For the people in the Goh Pai and Khao Talo churches.
  • For our staff who minister in these churches, especially as we begin to restructure how we do things.
  • For our Mother's day outreach on the 12th, August.
  • For a time of rest after an extremely busy 3 months for all of our staff!
  • A long term (12 months or more) volunteer interested in our projects and administration.
  • For a clear direction for the government in Thailand.
  • For more funds so that we can complete the village project.
  • Land that is affordable and close to the city for our village project.
  • For builders who will help us build 8 basic rooms at cost or for free.
  • For the health and safety of our children and their families.
If you wish to make a donation please click on the donate button below and it will take you directly to our website. Click on how to get involved and there you will find all of the donation information that you need.
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