April, May June, 2016
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May marked the beginning of a new academic year for our children and the younger students graduated to the next level of pre school. These students have begun a more intensive study program so that they will have all of the skills they need to successfully enter grade 1 next year. The children were very excited as they now have their own desk and are given more responsibilities and have become the leaders of the pre school group.

With many children exiting the program to attend Grade 1 in Thai school or relocating back to the villages our enrolment went down to 25 students. In 1 month we are back to 42 students and more waiting to be interviewed.

We have started a new merit system whereby the students can receive coupons for trying hard, polite manners etc. At the end of the week they can use these coupons to purchase second hand toys, clothes and shoes that come through our donations. This has been an enormous hit. Each week a boy and a girl are chosen as the student of the week.

With all of this transition comes a lot of juggling of teachers and resources and a big thank you to everyone who supports our program through volunteering, giving or praying. Without your help these children would be at risk of being trafficked and harmed. 

We are thankful for Kent who is keeping our yard tidy and cutting the grass with his own equipment.

A lot of fun was had at the Regents sports day where our children had the opportunity to be involved in lots of fun activities with their Grade 3 community partners. Everything from running races and obstacle courses but the highlight of the day was when everyone received their own medal and shirt to take home. 


We were invited to a play date at the new Harbour Land play park with our Grade 3 community partners which was enjoyed not only by the children but the teachers too!

A huge thanks to Regents for everything that you have done for us and with us this year. We look forward to joining you for more activities next academic year! 


A big thanks to Megan who has just completed a 7 week internship at Hand to Hand. Megan helped us in so many ways teaching the children, going on prison visits, assisting with the kids program in the slums, hosting art classes for the El Shaddai family and lots more. Thank you for your love and support Megan! 


This year we have been blessed to have our friends from Singapore and the USA come to visit and minister with us. Thank you Deanna, Trinity, Ashley, Lisa and Zac!! We know that you are always praying for us and we are so thankful for you all. 


It is one of our favourite times of the year when the Play Around the World team comes. These energetic and passionate people from Canada come once a week to teach our children English through games, songs and crafts. Wednesday has become our favourite day of the week because the team is here!!! 


Thanks to our Norwegian Mini Golf friends who come every Wednesday to take us shopping at macro. Thanks also for all your love and support that you give through your words and actions each week! 


We are so thankful to the sponsors from all over the world that have made it possible for our 62 students to go to school. We have students from KG through to university level and an opportunity to have an education is life changing for them and their families! 

A huge thanks to Calles Grill and Bar and Harry's Restaurant who cooked up a great for our scholarship families and enough food to feed over 100 people in the Goh Pai and Khao Talo villages. They taught us how to do the rocket ship with actions and sounds which was also a big hit!

A week later Harry's opened up their restaurant so that other business owners could come and hear about what we do at Hand to Hand and how they can be involved!

Lots of love, hugs and food to go around on both occasions!

It was sad to say goodbye to our friend and English teacher Anni. We will love you always and forever and we are so thankful for the love and kindness that you showed to us. May God bless you in this next chapter of your life. 


Our Goh Pai village church is going very well and it is such a blessing to see these people conquer battles, experience healing for their bodies, hearts and minds. When time is given for people to share their testimonies of what God has done in their lives, there is always a queue of people waiting. Some families also travel to the Khao Talo church every week to hear the same message because they so desperately want to hear the word and experience God. With many people being illiterate encouraging them to read the bible for themselves is not an option. Please continue to pray for these people. 


Our church in the Khao Talo Slum is growing and people from the Theprasit area are also coming to worship with us. It is such a blessing to work with these people who deeply love and care for each other 24/7. Whilst Margie has been away in Australia it is fantastic to see some of our scholarship children come to take over the children’s program. 

Thank you Jeanett for driving us to all the villages that we minister to each week. Your love and support is touching the hearts of the people.

 Jo is a severely disabled boy that Hand to Hand has been supporting since he was born 6 years ago. Our community nurse who works with us is now attending to him on a weekly basis showing mum how to massage him and exercises that with strengthen him. 

When 3 families were evicted from the Khao Talo slum in April this year we had no idea how we could help them. A huge thanks to Premier Oilfield Services who is generously renting rooms for these families whilst their new homes are being built. These new homes are almost finished and the families are very excited. 


Thanks to the generous sponsor who donated some money to take some of our most needy children on a shopping trip. The children were allowed to choose anything they wanted in their budget and it was so humbling to see many of them choose items such as soap, shampoo and milk so that the whole family could share. 

Hand to Hand Village

Earlier this year Hand to Hand applied for a grant from the Methodist Endowment Fund in the USA with the vision of building low cost housing for the poor and moving them into safer and cleaner communities. The plan involves purchasing 1 rai of land (1600 square meters)and building simple housing units in 5 different phases. The cost of phase 1 of the project is as follows:

Purchase of Land
Installation of Services Construction of 8 housing units Architects Fees Contingencies/Other expenses


US$100,000 US$ 35,000

US$100,000 US$ 2,000

US$ 2,500


The Methodist Endowment Fund has pledged $100 000 and these funds will be released when we have sufficient funds to complete the first phase of the project. At present we have an addition $65 000 making a total of $165, 000. If we are unable to secure the rest of the money by the 1st of October, the funds will be reallocated to another organisation.

Please be in prayer with us as we seek our land and construction companies. The picture below is a piece of land just over 1 rai with a very old building that could be turned into a community centre in phase 2. The government has given approval for us to build the project in this space; however lack the funds to purchase it.

Anyone in the Pattaya are that has land or knows someone who has land for sale, please contact us.

If you would like more information about this project please do not hesitate to contact Margie at 


We had the opportunity to visit the Anubaarn Chonburi School and host an internet safety campaign for over 100 students, educating them on how to use the internet safely and what to do if they have been a victim of online abuse. The students collected money and purchased rice to donate to Hand to Hand. Thanks to Trinity and Deanna for helping me with this important program! 


We have been blessed with many extra volunteers to help with prison ministry over the past few month. A group of Rotary members came on one occasion and since then we have had many teams. There are often many medical needs to attend to as well as distributing food and praying for people. So many hands do indeed make light work! 


Our team of Lolly, Jiap and Yui faithfully visit the sick children at the Banglamung hospital bringing with them items such as pampers, soap, clothes, toys and colouring books. They minister to the child and their families and try to bring a little joy to the ward at the same time.

This week the medical team from Hands of Hope, Illinois went to the major Chonburi hospital to visit one of our sick little boys who is in ICU. Dr. Jeff was very impressed with the level of care that he was receiving and the team was able to minister to the team of doctors and nurses there. 

  • For our sponsors who give so generously.
  • For the people in the churches in the slums.
  • For our staff who minister in these churches, especially as we begin to restructure how we do things.
  • A long term (12 months or more) volunteer interested in our projects and administration.
  • For the health of all of our staff, students and volunteers over the songkran break.
  • For a clear direction for the government in Thailand.
  • For more funds so that we can complete the village project.
  • Land that is affordable and close to the city for our village project.
  • For builders who will help us build 8 basic rooms at cost or for free.
  • For the health and safety of our children and their families.
If you wish to make a donation please click on the donate button below and it will take you directly to our website. Click on how to get involved and there you will find all of the donation information that you need.
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