July, 2014
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Our New Home
The renovations on our new home are well underway and we are so thankful the Riviera Company who is doing all of this for free. The estimated time for completion was 8- 12 weeks but the workers are building at lightening speed and they should be finished in about 4 weeks.

Margie and Pai were excited to be able to take the first swing of the hammer to knock down the internal walls. We are so glad that they are not responsible for all the renovation work as after a few minutes they had a small chip in the wall. The builders however; were able to make a massive hole in the same amount of time!!!!

We have an enormous open area downstairs and classrooms and offices upstairs. The fire escape is looking good too!
Pre School
We have continued to have lots of fun at school. This month have learned the letters k, l, m and n in English and the letters dor chada, sor so, chor chang and chor ga cher in Thai.
We received a donation of finger paints and the children loved experiencing this art medium. With these we were able to explore colour mixing and the surprise on the children's faces as they saw the colours change before their eyes was fantastic.

A lot of children have still been ill with chicken pox and it has been a big job making sure that all of their sores do not get infected as they live in the slum. We needed to take one child to the doctor for treatment but the rest have recovered well. 
Many of the Cambodians who were deported last month have returned with the proper papers, which enables them to legally reside in Thailand. We have been able to enrol  5 needy Cambodian children into our program. 
This month we had 2 teams that came to clean and paint the Banglamung jail. A team of 7 weeks in Asia students cleaned the jail and the team from Tulsa painted it green.
A group of men led by our resident handyman Ray, also fixed all of the screens on the outside of the prison. There had been holes made in this screen by prisoners and drug dealers so that drugs could be passed though at night time. The police inspected our work and they were very pleased, however; the drug dealers are not quite so happy.
Several women from the Ukraine or Russia have been victims of trafficking and arrested for not having the correct visas. One such lady sold all of her possessions in Russia to come and set up a hair salon with some Thai people who made her lots of false promises. After using all of her money to buy property in the Thai persons name she was reported to the police by her ‘friends’ for working without a work permit. She is now in the immigration detention center in Bangkok waiting for deportation. Her biggest problem is that she has no money to buy her return ticket and she will be incarcerated until she can come up with the funds. Unfortunately we cannot help her as there are literally thousands of people in similar situations to her.
Dance Team
Colourguard is a team of students from several different schools who have joined together to form a dance troupe. Last year they were the runner up team in the national competition. Hand to Hand and the PILC have helped them by sponsoring the new uniforms that they need for their competitions. 
Family Support
A local businessman has begun to support a family in the slum, helping with food, education and other needs. When we visited them, their ‘shack’ was riddled with hundreds of small centipedes. These can give a nasty and painful bite so exterminating these animals was the first priority. We contacted the Pattaya City Hall who will come and spray the house if we pay for the chemicals.
In addition to this the family had built their ‘shack’ out of materials that they could find. Unfortunately they have used special insulation tiles that are designed to keep the heat in. This means that the temperature inside the room gets very high and the heat cannot escape. We will remove these tiles and replace them with a better building material.
If you would like to sponsor a family please contact us at
We have been helping an 11 year old girl and her family at the Banglamung hospital with food, clothes and some treats too. She died last week from leukemia and she is now in heaven with Jesus. Her family will receive support from the Sawangborriboon Foundation to help with the funeral. We have been able to help and comfort the family during this time of sadness and also share the gospel with them.

Songkran was finally able to go home. A big thanks to the Pattaya Sports Club who help provide all of the suction and oxygen machines that he needs so that he can live at home.

Cuddles and prayers work like magic at the hospital especially for the sick children who have no visitors!!!
Our Saturday activity program is going well. We focused a lot on how we can love one another and also love God. On most occasions we have 50 children and we are looking forward to moving to our new place where there will be more space.
We have lots of mums and grandmas also attending our activities. They love to watch the games and  join in enthusiastically with our crafts and prayer times.
Nurses Visit
A team of  local nurses and the YWCA came to visit the children at Hand to Hand to give them all a health check up. They also brought some medicines such as child paracetemol, cough mixture and ointment for skin irritations. We all shared  a feast of chicken and rice which was enjoyed by the visitors.
Old Aged Home
Pai, Mon and Margie went to the old people home just outside Pattaya to bring some cheer to these lonely aged residents. The elderly have no family to take care of them and they do not get visitors. We made some great new friends and had the opportunity to share the gospel with them as well.
Whilst we were there the nurses explained that there were many toilets that were not working and they desperately needed help with fixing these. Hand to Hand has contacted the Pattaya Sports Club who will provide the funds for this work to be done. 
Working Together
We have had several opportunities this month to work with the local police and social welfare department. On one occasion we received a call from the social welfare department after the police brought  a man from New Zealand who had been robbed of all of his money, passport and valuables. Instead of placing him in jail, the police were seeking assistance to find housing and food for him whilst he waited for a passport replacement to come. Hand to Hand were able to find in a very cheap room and provided him with some food. He has no returned to New Zealand with the help of his embassy and family back home.
A mother and 3 children were left homeless after the husband ran away leaving them with no money for food or accommodation. The mother had family up in the North east of Thailand who were willing to support them but they had no transportation to get there. The social welfare officer asked us to help buy bus tickets so that family could return. We took them to the bus station and ensured that they had money for some food on the return journey. They have arrived safely and a no longer homeless in Pattaya.
Baby Care
Our baby care center is getting more equipped due to the generosity of many local people. We have enough cots and strollers and lots of toys to stimulate and entertain them. Ray has been working hard to make sure that the area is safe for them as Adam is almost ready to crawl. Pampers and milk formula are always much needed items.
Prayer Points.
  • For the US couple coming to run the creche in September this year. Pray for their health and finances.
  • For our staff as there is always so much to do and so little time.
  • For a new staff member for the baby care centre.
  • For the mum of Akiew who has TB.
  • For Tong Kla that his health would continue to improve.
  • For the safety of the builders at our new house.
  • For the staff of Hand to hand as we begin the process of sorting and cleaning in preparation to move.
  • For the Cambodian people as they either resettle in Cambodia or return to Thailand.
  • For the situation in Thailand that the world would know we are indeed safe.
  • For a clear direction for the government in Thailand.
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