June, 2014
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New Home
Hand to Hand now has our very own place to call home! The transfer of the title deeds and money was completed on Tuesday 1st, July. The property is in the name of the Hand to Hand Foundation, so it will belong to the children of this city for generations to come. Thank you to all those who gave, prayed and believed with us for this dream to become a reality.
We need to do many renovations to make the building safe and suitable for our purposes. The work will hopefully begin next week and take somewhere between 8- 12 weeks to complete. A big thanks to Winston and Sukanya from ‘Riviera’ who will complete all of this work for free.
Pre School
Itchy, itchy chicken pox is still working its way through our children at the center.  Even children and staff who have been vaccinated against the disease still caught the germ.  With most of our children living in the slums it has been a full time job making sure that their spots have not become infected due to their unhygienic living conditions.
We have been learning about living things and non-living things and learning to catagorise the things in our world around us according to these attributes.
We learned about the letters  ‘g’, ‘h’, ‘I’ and ‘j’. We made guitars and ate our way through the letters ‘I’ and ‘j’ with ice cream and jelly!
There has been a mass exodus of Cambodians from Thailand it has been a very busy month in the local lock ups. With major overcrowding in the jails we have had to double our supplies that we take with us each day. There was also a lot of fear amongst the prisoners about what will happen when they returned to Cambodia and we saw God calm these fears as we prayed for them.
Dr. Jeff and his team came to help us and this was very timely as there were some inmates that required medical assistance. Margie even learned to remove stitched and the patient survived!
A man desperately needed some shorts so a volunteer found some pyjama pants in our box, took her shorts off and gave them to the prisoner! So be careful... If you minister with us you may loose your pants!

Below is Dr. Jeff and his wife Sherrie with Khun May as well as Becky in her beautiful pyjama pants.
The Pattaya International Ladies Club had a family beach day and asked Hand to Hand to come and run activities for the children. There were pools games, water fun, a sandcastle competition and an opportunity to play with the parachute. A big thanks to the Play Around the World team who came along to help us.
Women’s Conference
Margie attended local women’s conference and set up a creative arts room where ladies could come and connect with God through creating with many different types of materials. We are so grateful to those who gave resources to help equip this room. If you live locally or are travelling to Thailand we need any type of scrapbooking materials to keep this project going. We don’t care if you have a ½ used sheets of stickers or paper, everything is useful!
A little boy is quite ill in the Banglamung hospital, as he is unable to move his bowels by himself.  The doctors have attached an ileostomy bag but he is still having difficulty and the doctors are unsure of what to do next. During this stressful time Hand to Hand has been providing support for his very worried mother. The Father Ray Foundation has provided the finances for his treatment.
Every time we visit the  hospital, the nursing staff are so thankful for the provisions that we bring for the poor patients including milk, pampers and toys. So we are passing on a big thank you to everyone who is helping to support this ministry.
Thank you to the student council at ISE who generously gave us 50 000 baht to help run our ministries at Hand to Hand.
We have continued learning about what love is according to Corinthians 13:4-8. We investigated ways that we can be loving at school, home and everywhere we go. We had lots of fun acting out these situations and making crafts as well. We learned that although people may have imperfect love, God’s love is immeasurable and goes on and on. 
Anti Human Trafficking
Margie visited the Regents school to talk to the year 11 and 12 students about human trafficking. We briefly looked at the global situation and then focused most of the time on what is happening in Thailand and more specifically Pattaya. The students were presented with ways they can help these victims that are on our streets without adding more money to the pockets of the traffickers.
Our baby care center is going from strength to strength.  One of the mothers is suffering from post natal depression and she was not coping with the stress of life, work and caring for her son. We have temporarily taken him into full time care and helping to mentor mum through her depression. She is visiting him and we are teaching her how to care for her child so that she can be reunited with him. It is wonderful to see her stress levels melt away and confidence grow because she really loves him.
We have employed a new staff member, Khun Jeng to help with the baby care center.
A big thank you to Dr. Jeff who has given us some new ideas about how to help care for baby Tong Kla. His family is very poor and at 18 months he weighs only 3.1kg due to insufficient nutrition. His formula is very expensive and due to their financial situation the mother was watering down his milk. Now that he is receiving an adequate food intake, his strength has improved and he has gained a few ounces!
Prayer Points.
  • For the US couple coming to run the creche in September this year. Pray for their health and finances.
  • Health of our staff and children as we have had some cases of chicken pox.
  • For the mum of Akiew who has TB.
  • For Tong Kla that his health would continue to improve.
  • For the renovations at our new place that it could be done quickly and safely.
  • For the Cambodian people as they either resettle in Cambodia or return to Thailand.
  • For the situation in Thailand that the world would know we are indeed safe.
  • For a clear direction for the government in Thailand.
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