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Building Connections


Thankfully, traffigeddon never materialized last week with the I-690 closure and downtown construction, so we can all exhale and get on with summer.  That’s good news because summer officially starts tomorrow with the solstice.  And what a summer to look forward to.  Syracuse summers are a celebration of the senses.  
The last few issues of this newsletter have focused on design and construction.  But this week let’s take a look at a different kind of activity playing out across the Corridor.  Yes, we’re building beautiful new streetscapes and lots of new infrastructure going into the ground.  But the real reason we’re building the Corridor is to create a better connected community.  A big focus of the Corridor over the next year will be working on forming a cultural district.  You’ll see new wayfinding signs that will lead visitors to our diverse arts, cultural and heritage venues.  You’ll discover tourism assistance portals at key campus and community venues – a new partnership between the Connective Corridor and the Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau.  This new system will allow you buy to tickets to events right at these computer kiosks across the city, and to access info on what’s happening and special deals.  And, you’ll soon experience and interact with an innovative a new “Kinections” information portal system that will display CNY Arts and Syracuse CVB calendar listings on large “smart tablets” on the street. 
While we’re building the street infrastructure of the Corridor, our arts, cultural and heritage partners are working side-by-side to activate it as a “linear stage” – as part of a connected cultural district.  That combination of physical infrastructure and civic infrastructure makes us pretty unique as a community.

Using Collaboration to Build a Syracuse Cultural District:
A 2014 Maxwell Graduate Student Report offers insight into the “wicked problem” of forming cultural districts and offers ideas

Congratulations and thanks to Amy Goddall-Ayres!
Students in Syracuse University’s Master's in Public Administration program at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs are some of the brightest young civic leaders in this country.  We’ve been so honored to have many of them work with us this past year on special projects.  We’re particularly impressed with Amy Goddall-Ayres, Tahani Alzoubi, Eliza Spencer and Chloe Xiaodan Ma who produced a very well researched report, “Using Collaboration to Build a Syracuse Cultural District.”  Their report blends analysis with excellent case studies, and offers a systems approach to district formation and the solution of what they call a “wicked problem” –a challenge that is complex and boundary defying  “A wicked issue is one that is difficult to define and delineate the tasks, problems, implementation processes and the final results,” they write.  “In the implementation of a cultural district and collaborative process, the Connective corridor plays a natural leadership role,” they note, not just because it is a bus line that connects the arts, but because of its role in catalyzing community initiatives such as streetscape and façade improvement, and a public art and information network.
Bringing together key stakeholders that included City of Syracuse leadership, the Connective Corridor, CNY Arts, the Syracuse CVB, along with major venues along the Corridor, area foundations and civic groups, business owners along the Corridor, students and residents, the Maxwell research team  identified opportunities, and recommended a framework for collaboration. They also noted obstacles that need to be overcome, particularly organizational challenges to provide high quality funding as funding streams constrict. But, they note, there is a triple bottom line to the arts.  “A cultural district can cultivate economic resources as it nourishes and develops the public and private business environment by expanding tax revenues and encouraging more people to spend time and money in the district.”  
It’s a thoughtful look at what can be accomplished, and we thank the team for their dedication, insight and passion for this project.  We’ll be sharing the report with the dozens of arts, cultural and heritage organizations that are part of the Connective Corridor cultural district, and working on ways to implement the findings.
A special thanks to Amy Goddall-Ayres who was a co-leader along with Eric Ennis, also a ’14 Maxwell MPA grad, of this spring’s “Green Streets and Local Eats” event.  Both Amy and Eric will receive their graduate degrees at the end of this month.  Congratulations!

Welcome Janklow Arts Leadership students

We’re thrilled to once again be working with the Janklow Arts Leadership program and welcome a new cohort to this stellar graduate program which encourages civic engagement.  We’ve been fortunate to work with so many talented Janklow students (read about Syracuse Fringe Festival, below) who are part of this 15-month master's program that trains emerging leaders in the creative and performing arts.  The Janklow Program operates at the intersection of arts administration and social entrepreneurship. Through interdisciplinary coursework, professional mentorships, internships and unique immersion opportunities, the program focuses on starting and managing arts enterprises, with a strong focus on how the arts drive community revitalization. 
We look forward to meeting the new group at a reception in early July at the Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development at the Warehouse.  And, we are excited to be working with this new cohort.

Creative Placemaking Fellowships

SU’s Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development (CEED) recently submitted a proposal through New York State’s CFA process to seek funding to formalize a fellowship program for promising undergraduate and graduate students to work within an interdisciplinary team on urban revitalization projects that draw upon their respective academic programs and their own interests and strengths.  These projects will be crafted by the CEED office with academic and community partners and city residents and focus on building civic leadership through projects that  could be related to any of the following creative placemaking challenges:  Public art and attachment to place; Arts Leadership and Cultural District formation/management; Social Design; Dance and Healthy Neighborhood Design; Crime Prevention through Art and Environmental Design;  History, Art and the Power of Place; Collaborative Campus-Community Programming; Development and Implementation of Arts Marketing (i.e., wayfinding, content development for information kiosk systems); Veterans, Art and Neighborhood Transformation, and other areas of interest to faculty, students and residents.
Creative placemaking is increasingly being recognized as a path to economic viability for distressed neighborhoods and postindustrial cities, and as such, is becoming highly favored by national funders. Syracuse University has been recognized as a national leader in creative placemaking by organizations including Artplace, the American Association of Colleges and Universities, Living Cities, and the Kresge Foundation. This proposal to create a system for forming interdisciplinary teams of students to engage in creative placemaking is an innovative approach that we hope will be of a great interest to funders.  Funding decisions by NYS are expected later this year.

Next week’s art feature:  Syracuse Fringe Festival
June 26 - 28

The Connective Corridor is proud to promote The Syracuse Fringe Festival, a social enterprise that gives voice to local and regional artists and acts that push against the traditional boundaries of the performing arts. This is the second year of the festival, which is the first of its kind in the Central New York region, and is presented along the East Genesee strip of the Connective Corridor.  Syracuse Fringe Festival co-creator is SU Janklow Arts Leadership grad student Justin Sullivan, and this year’s festival manager is another Janklow grad, Corinne Jordan Tyo who has worked closely with the Corridor on previous innovative programs such as the fabulous Café Club Surreal.  The Fringe project is designed to catalyze dialogue between diverse groups of artists and audiences.  The festival provides an atmosphere that showcases and supports the talent and innovation of local artists while simultaneously immersing audiences in new art that stimulates a co-production of culture.  We encourage you to come out and experience it next week along the East Genesee corridor.
From our friends at Syracuse Fringe Festival
“What is ‘Fringe?’  The mother of all Fringe festivals began in Edinburgh, Scotland mid-twentieth century. During a nationally recognized festival, celebrating European culture and high art, uninvited acts and performers showed up. They took their important and innovative works to the fringes of the festival – attracting more audiences year after year, eventually overshadowing the original and exclusive festival! Fringe Festivals celebrate and welcome acts and artists that push against the mainstream. It is a place of invitation for the uninvited. Fringe festivals are rich with the gritty art that sometimes flops, sometimes succeeds, but is always real.”
Kudos to our talented Fringe partners and performers, many of whom are SU students or graduates from the Janklow Arts Leadership Program of VPA.  Check the lineup and come see some great fringe art and performances.

Check out the summer season along the Corridor

Painted railroad bridge in Syracuse by Steve Powers, a project of the SALT District of the Near Westside, funded through the Connective Corridor public art program
Nothing to do is everything with you because you’d be hard pressed to find a city that has more cooking this summer. 
Get the big regional picture at with complete program details, new listings and a one-stop calendar for events across the city and region.  And, if you're an arts organization and not listing your event on the calendar, you're missing out on big, free visibility opportunities (of importance to all arts organizations).  It's incredibly easy to do, so go on line, and do it.
Here’s round-up of events planned so far this summer in the Connective Corridor cultural district:
The Connective Corridor is pleased to help promote The Everson Members’ Council’s fifth annual 60/60, a special fundraising event to be held tonight, Friday, June 20, under tents on the Everson Community Plaza.  Come join Everson supporters for a wonderful evening in the lovely setting surrounding the reflecting pools from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Admission is $30 per person. Reservations are recommended and can be made online at
The Council invites the public to join in the festivities by strolling the Plaza, enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres as well as a cash bar, listening to live music performed by ValDaniel Martins & Kyle Dolbear, and chatting with the artists as they work. Guests may purchase raffle tickets to place in a pail next to each artist for a chance to win their favorite pieces. At the end of 60 minutes, each artwork will be raffled off to a lucky winner. The artworks are generously donated by the participating artists and all proceeds benefit the Everson Museum.
“60/60 has become an iconic Everson event, celebrating local artists all in view of the Everson’s historic IM Pei building,” said Cathy Winger, Everson Members’ Council President.

June 20:  60/60, Sixty Artists in Sixty Minutes at the Everson Community Plaza
June 20 – 22:  Syracuse Polish Festival, Clinton Square, West Genesee and South Clinton Streets
June 20 – 22:  A Year With Frog and Toad, presented by the Redhouse at the District Festival
June 21:  Summer Solstice (6:51 a.m.) and First Day of Summer
June 21:  Make Music Day Syracuse, Across Downtown Syracuse
June 21:  TACNY Junior Café Scientifique, Museum of Science and  Technology (MOST)
June 21:  Build Your World, Museum of Science and  Technology
June 21:  The Civil War, presented by Appleseed Productions at the District Festival
June 21 – 22:  Company, presented by Rarely Done Productions at the District Festival
June 21 – 22:  Guided tours of Dr. Entomo’s Amazing Anthropods , MOST
Now through June 22:  Les Miserables:  Live in Concert, Carrier Theater at the Oncenter Civic Center Theaters
June 22:  Casablanca, Landmark Theatre
June 25 – 30:  #Show us CNY14 and send in great pictures from the Connective Corridor and Near Westside
June 25:  Artist Talk with Paul Pearce, ArtRage Gallery
Through June 25:  Onondaga Art Guild’s 50th Anniversary Show, The Gallery at the Tech Garden
June 25 – 26:  A Night at the Opera, Landmark Theatre
June 26 – 28:  Syracuse Fringe Festival, Community Folk Art Center and East Genesee Street Corridor
June 27 – 28:  West Side Story, Landmark Theatre
June 28:  Cartoon Classics, Landmark Theatre
June 28, The Pink Panther, Landmark Theatre
June 29:  The Searchers, Landmark Theatre
June 29:  American Idol Live, Oncenter War Memorial Arena
July 2 – 3:  Raging Bull, Landmark Theatre
July 5 – 6:  Goldfinger, Landmark Theatre
July 7 – 11:  Girls Leadership Academy for Music, Setnor Auditorium at Syracuse University
July 9 – 10:  2001 – A Space Odyssey, Landmark Theatre
July 11:  UVP Everson Summer Film Under the Stars Date Night, “Some Like it Hot”
July 11:  Singin’ in the Rain, Landmark Theatre
July 12:  6th Annual ArtRageous Extravaganza, ArtRage Gallery
July 12:  Cartoon Classics, Landmark Theatre
July 12:  The Thief of Bagdad, Landmark Theatre
July 13:  Modern Times, Landmark Theatre
July 16 – 17:  The Rear Window, Landmark Theatre
July 17:  Maxwell Summer Soulstice Tour, Crouse Hinds Theater at The Oncenter Civic Center Theaters
July 18:  Creature from the Black Lagoon, Landmark Theatre
July 18:  King Kong, Landmark Theatre
July 18 – 19: NYS Blues Fest 2014, Clinton Square, West Genesee and South Clinton Streets
July 19:  Science Social at the MOST
July 20:  Lawrence of Arabia, Landmark Theatre
July 23:  8 ½ , Landmark Theatre
July 24 – 25:  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Landmark Theatre
July 25:  Symphoria at Community Plaza at Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse
July 25 – 26: Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival, Clinton Square, West Genesee and South Clinton Streets
July 25 – 27:  Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival, Columbus Circle and Civic Strip
July 25 – 26, July 31, August 1 – 2:  Disney’s Tarzan:  The Musical, The Redhouse
July 27:  The Wizard of Oz, Landmark Theatre
August 4:  Setnor School of Music, Summer Festival Orchestra, Schine Student Center at Syracuse University
August 7:  Yanni World Tour, Landmark Theatre
August 13:  Jackson Browne in concert, Landmark Theatre
August 22:  Connective Corridor Summer Season Finale
Join us for a Gala in Forman Park:  Music, Food and Art in the Park

Urban Video Project

June 19 – August 30:  Summer Review, UVP Everson
 Thursday thru Saturday, dusk to 11 p.m.,  featuring videos from UVP’s 2013 – 2014 programming year including Dani Leventhal: Platonic; Phil Solomon: Still Raining, Still Dreaming; Yui Kugimiya: Cat Brushing Teeth and other works; Michael Bühler-Rose: I’ll Worship You, You’ll Worship Me; Ann Hamilton: table
July 11 – August 29:  Everson Summer Film under the Stars 2014
Break out your lawn chair and bring a friend, Everson Summer Film Under the Stars is back!
Presented as a partnership between the Everson Museum of Art and Urban Video Project as part of the Connective Corridor.  All screenings are free and open to the public.
<3 Date Night: Some Like It Hot
Friday | July 11th | 6pm
Pre-film happy hour and museum open house at 6pm.
Screening at 8:30pm.
 (;,;) Sci-Fi Night: Tarantula
Friday | July 25 | 8:30pm
Pre-film performance by Symphoria.
:] Family Night I: Coraline
Friday | August 8 | 8:30pm
:] Family Night II: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Friday | August 22 | 6:30pm
Pre-film art activities, complimentary snow cones, and popcorn at 6:30pm.
Screening at 8:30pm.
Urban Cinematheque 2014: The Grand Budapest Hotel*
Friday, August 29, 7:30-10:30pm
Enjoy Wes Anderson’s critically-acclaimed art-house smash hit during a cultural fair featuring 20 local arts organizations. Free popcorn and lemonade.

Check out summer productions and special events

Famous Artists Broadway Series
Rarely Done Productions
The District Festival
Syracuse Shakespeare Festival
The Redhouse Summer Season:
Featured productions are A Year with Frog and Toad; As You Like It; The Cherry Orchard; Tarzan; and Godspell.  Check website for dates, times and locations.  As You Like It is free.  Subscriptions for the upcoming Mainstage Season are also on sale now.  Call 315-362-2785 or order on-line:
Syracuse Stage 2014/2015 Season:
Season tickets for the 2014/2015 Mainstage Season are now available. 
Featured productions are Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike; August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson;  Hairspray;  In the Next Room (or the vibrator play); Sizwe Banzi is Dead; and Other Desert Cities.  Call 315-443-3275 or order on-line:

Take a Tour

Create your own special event with NOexcusesSYR.  You can create your own custom tour or select from distinctive tours of the greater Syracuse community that deliver an engaging, fun experience for locals and visitors alike.  Check out tour options at:  We promise a memorable experience with Syracuse’s own cultural concierge, Michael John Heagerty:  315-546-4919,

Corridor profile
Scot Vanderpool, Manager, SU Parking and Transit Services


A special shout-out this week to Scot Vanderpool, our colleague who cheerfully and efficiently helps keep the Corridor bus service running like clockwork, working in conjunction with Centro.  Scot has been a great resource to the Connective Corridor, helping design routes and schedules, assure reliability and access, and promoting the use of sustainable transportation options.  He’s also part of the team that’s just launched the Zimride, ride-sharing program at SU.   We love working with Scot and the entire SU Parking and Transit Services team.
The Corridor bus connects University Hill with downtown business districts and neighborhoods, and thanks to a strong partnership and great co-marketing, the annual Connective Corridor bus ride count has risen from 6,000 when it was launched to more than 200,000 this past academic year. 
Students have been very involved in helping make the system easier to us.  A doctoral student in the iSchool, Keisuke Inoue (now an instructor in social web technologies) developed the code for the popular USE free iOS / iDevice mobile app.  Graduate and undergraduate students in Industrial Design, Communications Design and the School of Architecture developed the bus signage, maps and wayfinding systems.   It’s a system designed with students, for students, with input from the community.  Here’s a link to the bus route and map.
Haven’t taken the bus yet?  There’s no excuse.  It’s free.  It’s convenient, with 80 stops along the loop.  It will take you to dozens of great arts and cultural venues around town. 

Construction stuff
Ummm, yes, it’s still going on.  Next week the focus is on the north side of West Fayette Street between West and Clinton Streets.  You’ll see excavation, underdrains, grading and block for the new curbing, and grading for the new sidewalks.  The crew is also working to button up the interior ring around Fayette Park, and you’ll see great progress there.  And you’ll see staging in the McBride to Forman Park area for continued drainage work.  National Grid is continuing their vault work in major intersections and sidewalk areas along West Fayette Street.  Private development work is happening in the Clinton to Salina block of West Fayette Street with work being done at Lincoln Tower and the Pike Block.  Again, it’s all a sign of progress, so be patient with everyone this summer.  It’s been a very long time since Syracuse has seen this kind of infrastructure investment, and the outcome will see us through the next decades, too.  We’re pleased to report that outside of Taste of Syracuse festival congestion, traffic seemed to be flowing smoothly this week.  We’ve added project flaggers, and there’s a real focus on mobility and access to businesses.
So, don’t let construction stop you from coming downtown to visit area businesses because
The Connective Corridor is a collaboration of Syracuse University, the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County
Syracuse University Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development
Connective Corridor     I     I