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Get a sneak peak preview of Diavolo, "Architecture in Motion."

Diavolo performs tonight at the Landmark, presented by SU Arts Engage

Spring facelift:  Public works projects can be pretty, too

It looks pretty, but in this case, beauty runs more than skin deep.  This week the Connective Corridor won the New York State Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Transportation Project of the Year Award.  The ceremony, April 3, recognized the City of Syracuse, Syracuse University and the project team led by Barton & Loguidice for outstanding public works engineering achievement. 
The award comes on top of a number of recent honors. Last year, the Connective Corridor received the 2013 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Platinum Award for Transportation Projects.  The Corridor also won the 2012 Transportation Project of the Year Award from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals, presented at its upstate chapter conference in Syracuse. 
We think there's beauty in projects that reflect professional engineering skills in design and construction of the built environment brought to life in  public works such as roads, bridges, canals and dams, and complete streetscapes.  We’re proud that engineering professionals see the Corridor that way too.  Because it reflects well on Syracuse and the value we ascribe to creating better places to work, live, invest and call home.

Who designed the Corridor?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Who designed the Corridor?”  Here's the answer.  It was team selected through a community-based design competition.  The team included:
  • Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.:  Design, Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management
  • Olin:  Landscape Architecture Consultant
  • Tillett Lighting Design:  Lighting Design Consultant
  • Pentagram:  Identity and Institutional Partnership Branding Consultant
  • CLEAR (An interdisciplinary design practice founded by SU School of Architecture faculty member Julia Czerniak) and UPSTATE (A center for design research and real estate at the SU School of Architecture, also formerly directed by Czerniak):  Design Vision
CLEAR, UPSTATE, B&L and the Syracuse University School of Architecture created the design vision and aesthetic you see reflected across the Corridor, from the selection of the color red as the signature look, to the contemporary street furniture such as the red benches, bike racks and trash cans, to the LED column lighting, landscape design and modern urban feel to the redesigned Forman Park.  That team included more than 25 members to put the pieces together for high profile project.  Their design proposal noted that they “developed an imaginative and responsive process, and a strong physical scheme that will create a unique ambiance and character.”  Their design intent was to “maximize potential” through a “strong concept and bold design vocabulary that unifies the site, defines a highly distinctive place, all while ensuring efficient yet eventful movement through the city.”
Corridor profile:  Meet Mark C. Budosh, P.E.,
Barton & Loguidice, Senior Project Engineer


Working with the team above, Mark is the lead project engineer who translated the design vision into complex engineering plans that required Federal Highway Administration approval for the streetscape work you see underway.  It’s a challenging task balancing design and functionality within the context of a federal highway project, and Mark did a skilled job.  As lead engineer he had to integrate transportation planning, infrastructure, streetscape improvements, green space, lighting, technology, and lots of design demands.  That’s one reason the Institute of Transportation Engineers New York Upstate Section named Budosh as 2013 Transportation Professional of the Year in recognition of this project.  
 For the last 14 years he has participated in and managed a wide range of traffic and transportation projects throughout Central New York.  He’s given numerous presentations on the green infrastructure components of the Connective Corridor project at various technical conferences, as well as to community leaders and the general public, in an effort to educate them on technologies used on the Connective Corridor.  He is a member of many professional organizations and holds a degree in civil engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Mark’s job was weaving together the thousands of particulars to compose the big picture that CLEAR and UPSTATE had in mind for the project, and translating them into final design engineering drawings that guide every aspect of the project.  His exacting work guided the Corridor through complex review and approval processes, and help keep us on track and on budget.  We were proud that his work was honored again this week with the NYS APWA Award.

In the news
The Connective Corridor was featured in, “City Mentality:  Exploring sustainability and livability in cities across the globe” and the writer did a great job looking at it through the lens of urban planning and social design.  Read the article here.


This week’s construction update
City water work progressed rapidly this week and will continue in three segments:  Montgomery-Warren, Warren-Bank and Bank-Salina Streets.  By next week, drainage work continues along East Fayette to State, Townsend and McBride.  Much of the drainage work has been completed in the first three blocks:  West to Clinton and Salina.  Traffic flow has been good through the work areas, with the one east-bound pattern allowing for pedestrian and vehicle movement.  A flagger has been added to help facilitate the flow.
As a reminder, folks in white hard hats are team leaders who can answer questions, and here are handy numbers if you have concerns:

A little help from friends:  Onondaga County to fix five miles of downtown Syracuse streets this summer
Besides Corridor work, Syracuse will see some major street repair this summer, thanks to Onondaga County’s offer to fix potholes along city streets.  The county will fix five miles of downtown city streets including Clinton, Salina, Warren and State Streets along with Fayette, Harrison, Adams, West Onondaga and the downtown section of Erie Boulevard.   "Downtown is the economic hub of this whole region," said County Executive Mahoney.  "We're all in this together.” 
"The City of Syracuse welcomes the support of County government in making infrastructure improvements that Downtown Syracuse needs," said Mayor Miner who has been advocating for the city's infrastructure needs on the local, state, and federal levels.

Developing new tools through collaboration


Sophisticated GIS mapping and GPS give real estate professionals better tools to make more intelligent development decisions.  Now, a group of area collaborators, led by OCIDA with support from National Grid, are developing a new system to collect, process, store, manage and analyze geo-spatial data using state of the art GIS platform software which can be easily used on any device – from a PC to smart phone. 
Why does this matter?  Real estate development has traditionally been driven by location, but increasingly many property management systems are looking to GIS software to identify properties, using next-generation, web-mapping technology that offers the ability to  "preview" a property, or click on links for printable reports, or even zoom in and maneuver “bird’s-eye view” aerial photography from top-down to oblique perspectives.
Project partners OCIDA, National Grid, the City of Syracuse, the Connective Corridor, SALT District and Downtown Committee previewed the system this week to colleagues from CNYRPDB, ESD, and area real estate professionals and developers.  They were impressed by the new GIS-based property management system which will provide unprecedented information services such as property and sites, searchable databases, drawing and measurement tools, demographic tools and reports, area maps and GIS layers based on Onondaga County data.  Brokers and developers will be able to enter featured properties, which will then also be linked to economic development trade publications. 
We’re excited to bring this new tool to the county and the Corridor, and thanks to OCIDA and National Grid for spearheading this project.  Watch for more to come on this from OCIDA. 

Marquee news downtown


The Landmark Theater announced this week that National Broadway tours will be originating in Syracuse in the near future thanks to a NYS tax credit just approved for producers of Broadway tours.  The Landmark is one eight upstate theaters to benefit.   Landmark staff expects cast and crews of Broadway touring shows will come to downtown Syracuse for 4-6 weeks or more at a time, creating economic impact for area businesses in the Corridor’s cultural district.
Read more here:
New York Times:
The Daily Gazette:

Around the Corridor
Syracuse celebrates Arts in April


Each spring, the College of Visual and Performing Arts bustles with activity, with exhibitions, competitions, presentations, performances and talks by visiting artists and scholars. Many of these events represent a culmination of work by graduating seniors and graduate students. The community is expected to enjoy it at events this month.  Read more here:
Cruel April
April is the cruelest month, breeding     
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing           
Memory and desire, stirring       
Dull roots with spring rain.          
Winter kept us warm, covering         
Earth in forgetful snow …

--  T.S. Eliot


SU’s Point of Contact celebrates Cruel April and National Poetry Month with its annual poetry series Cruel April with beginning April 3, with free events each Thursday at 6 p.m. throughout the month.  Visit Point of Contact’s new home in the former Warehouse Gallery, 350 West Fayette Street.   Read more here: and
Unveiling Next Week


The Syracuse Poster Project will unveil its 13th annual poster series on Thursday, April 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. at City Hall Commons, 201 E. Washington St., Syracuse. Each year, writers from throughout the community submit haiku about downtown, the city or the nearby countryside. Then SU Illustration students create posters based on the haiku of their choice. The top posters are displayed along Salina and Warren streets, beginning in April. The new series consists of 16 posters created by students and one poster created by Chad Wallace, a visiting instructor at the illustration program.
Shakespeare on the Corridor


The Syracuse Shakespeare Festival has been producing plays at SU's Nancy Cantor Warehouse Theatre since 2006, sharing space with several other SU and community arts organizations including the PAL program and the Syracuse Poster Project.
The group is presenting Suitors/Commedia at the Nancy Cantor Warehouse Theatre that runs Fri/Sat @ 7:30 p.m. and Sun @ 2 p.m. from April 4 through April 13.  Read more:

Tech Garden blooming this spring
The Tech Garden welcomes five new businesses and a new curator/artist in residence for its gallery.  Read more here:

Forman Park beautification days start again


Thanks to the efforts of the Police Retirees of Syracuse and Central New York, Forman Park cleanup days start again next week.  The police retirees will be sprucing the park up in time for a “Badge of Honor” ceremony on April 11 at 10 a.m. at the Police Memorial in Forman Park.  The public is invited to that ceremony.
They also invite area businesses and residents to join them April 12 at Forman Park from 9  a.m. to noon as part of Clean Up ‘Cuse and OCRRA Earth Day Clean up.  They’ll be working with the Connective Corridor to help get the park ready for spring enjoyment, and would greatly appreciate your volunteer assistance.  Cleanups will continue the second Saturday of each month between April and November.  It takes a lot of work to keep the area looking good, so please consider joining us as part of the team effort.
What is the "Badge of Honor?"  It is an organization committed to creating memorials at the actual site where a police officer died in the line of duty.  At the April 11 ceremony, 11 signs will be displayed honoring 11 fallen officers from the SPD.  Following a brief ceremony, the 11 signs will be transported to their respective final locations via DPW and erected at the sites where the officers died.  It will be a meaningful tribute, and also a way to say thank you to the team of retired officers who have been so dedicated to helping keep the park beautiful.  Please join them.
You can also help by donating to the Beautify Syracuse Fund at the CNY Community Foundation:

April showers Syracuse with arts and cultural flowers


April 2 – 27 – The Glass Menagerie at Syracuse Stage.  Read more
April 4 – Diavalo Dance Theater.  Read more
April 4 to 13 – Syracuse Shakespeare Festival. 
April 4 to 19 – Last Days of Judas Iscariot at Rarely Done/Jazz Central.  Read more
April 5 – TAP into the MOST.  Read more
April 5 – Meredith Monk at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Read more
April 5 – Student Barter Day on the Corridor.  Read more.
April 6 – Syracuse Opera at the Oncenter Civic Center Theaters.  Read more
April 6 – Theresa Caputo at the Landmark.  Read more.
April 7 – The Goo Goo Dolls at the Oncenter Civic Center Theaters.  Read more.
April 8 – Women Lighting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE Symposium)  Read more. 
April 8 – UVP presents Ann Hamilton at the Everson Museum for the world premiere of “table of contents.  Read more
April 9 – Fashion Week in Syracuse.  Get the inside details from Syracuse Guru here
April 10 – Syracuse Poster Project Opening.  Read more.
April 12 – Beautify Syracuse / Clean Up ‘CUSE Day and OCRRA Earth Day cleanup at Forman Park, 9 a.m. – noon with the Police Retirees of Syracuse and Central New York
April 12 – Sensory Friendly Time at the MOST.  Read more.
April 19 – Earth Climate Day at the MOST.   Read more.

Looking for Connective Corridor & Civic Strip restaurants to create "Green Streets Specials" for this fun event to kick off Earth Week! 

Want to be part of this?  Contact us:

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