With the political landscape uncertain with the coming election all eyes are now waiting to see how the Liberal budget deals with many issues.

In the lead-in to the budget, Australia has the debate over superannuation back to front.  All the attention is on the accumulation phase - contribution rates, contribution caps and how to use super to fix the deficit.  While never far from the political spotlight, the debate on super reaches fever pitch ahead of pre-election budget.

What we should focus on is what people need to fund retirement, how they use their savings and what factors affect their decisions.  

From there, we need to work backwards - ensuring we have the structures, goals, products, regulation and guidance needed to help people live long and fulfilling lives in retirement without running out of cash, or breaking the public purse.

In all of this, the focus in this budget, and for the future policy, should be on adequacy, equity, efficiency and sustainability.

The task is enormous, there is curently $2 trillion in superannuation funds, expected to be $9 trillion by 2041.  There is a wave of about 5.5 million "baby boomers" moving into retirement with the first few decades o this century.  The proportion of Australian's over 65 is expected to raise from 14.2%t in 2012 to 21.6% in 2040.

With all of the possibilities available, but with non of us having a crystal ball we will advise you of the outcomes as we see this after the budget announcement.

Warmest regards

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A word from our Personal Finance Broker, Duane Pedron.

2 Year fixed rates continue to be a bargain!
Currently 2 year fixed rates are providing exceptional value to those looking to save money and gain the comfort that goes with a fixed rate loan.
Some major lenders are offering 2 year fixed rates as low as 3.99% depending on the circumstances, which is an outstanding saving for the average home owner.

Fixing your rate can provide great peace of mind especially with banks moving rates independently of the reserve bank in recent times.A simple discussion with us can help to determine whether a fixed rate is right for you.  
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Gender: Male
Age: 60
Claim made Trauma for Prostate cancer
Claim amount  $88,200

Gender: Female
Age: 58
Claim made IP for Parkinson’s
Claim amount  $5,023 per month
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Long Island Golf Club hosted our DFP team and clients to a great day of golf with lunch and many laughs after.

The DFP Golf Day is not solely based around playing a round of golf and not solely aimed at our golfing clients.  

We have many come and join us afterwards for presentations and  lunch afterwords.  Whatever capacity you can attend it still makes for a great day and provides the perfect opportunity for us at Dunsford Financial to catch up with you.

Below a few happy snaps of some of our teams - hope to see you next year!

A huge congratulations go out to our very own Glyn Trueman and Lauren Dunsford on their stunning wedding held at Stillwwater at Crittenden Estate in Red Hill..

DFP are thrilled to introduce to you - Mr & Mrs Trueman.

We wish you both nothing but a life filled with much love, much laughter and much happiness...
You can not go back and back a brand new beginning... but you can start now and make a brand new ending!

An inspiration video reminding us all that everybody dies - but NOT everyone lives... 
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Community counts, and here at Dunsford Financial we believe in supporting those who support us, and proudly invest in our community.

We regularly participate in fundraising activities for local schools and sporting clubs
Proud major sponsor of The Pines Football and Netball Club again or the 2016 season.  

Major sponsors of the Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club since 1992.  

The club also referred to as The Heat, has provided many first class players of late.  Most recently Scott Boland, Matty Wade, John Hastings and Jon Holland have enjoyed success with Test matches and a great Sheffield Shield win.
Melbourne Bushrangers Sheffield Shield Winners 2016 defeated South Australia
Jon Holland, Dennis Prendegast (President FPCC), Mark Dunsford, Scott Boland
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