Wow, this year has flown by and it won't be long before we countdown the visit by that jolly big fellow in the red suit.

In current news, all economies are looking at the Feds first interest rate hike, this is likely to be in December, and may cause more short term  volatility.

However there are several reasons to not be too concerned; rate hikes will be based on the US economy continuing to improve and the process will most likely be gradual.  History tells us it is only when monetary policy become tight does it becomes a major problem  Most other countries are still easing interest rate policy, and the strength of the US dollar will constrain the Fed, and shares outside the US are cheap indicating there are still plenty of opportunities for investors.

On culinary news,  Melbourne restaurant tip of the week - next time you are between Etihad Stadium and Southern Cross Station have a look in at 90 Secondi.  They were recently awarded "the best pizza in the world".  Their amazing wood fired pizzas only take 90 seconds once hitting the furnace of their 400 degree wood oven showcasing a well deserved accolade.  

The staff were fantastic, good wine selection with reasonable prices.  Fresh ingredients and a delicious pasta carbonara saw this place really stand out - enjoy. 

Mark Dunsford 

Is your family lifestyle at risk?
With escalating property prices continuing to make headlines news, its not surprise that many people consider the family home as their most valuable asset.  It's certainly one they fully insure.    But, in most cases, your home is not your most valuable asset.  Its your ability to earn an income. read more
How much does a full nest cost?
The financial toll on parents with adult children living at home?  Whether you put it down to laziness, housing affordability, lavish lifestyles or wider societal changes, today almost one in three people aged 18-34 live in the parental home.  read more

Splitting heirs - Estate planning after divorce?
Dissolving a marriage is undeniably tough, regardless of the circumstances. Your focus is on getting through one day at a time, rather than planning for what could happen in the future.  read more
We are not saving enough!
Australians have fallen more then $800 billion behind where they should be if they want to be financially comfortable in retirement. And the gap between what you have saved and what we need is growing by about 5 per cent per year. read more

How to avoid sexually transmitted DEBT!

There is a lot of noise in the public domain urging us to protect ourselves from STIs (sexually transmitted infections).  We're encouraged to take off our rose-coloured glasses when it comes to new partners and to use protection.

Which is incredibly sensible advice and generally we all comply but when it comes to potential partners and our finances, it's another story entirely.  Without meaning to, we can find ourselves behaving recklessly and exposing ourselves to something that is potentially just as damaging and long lasting as any STI. We risk catching an STD (sexually transmitted debt.)

Now you may be thinking you don't have any money so you can't possibly receive an STD. Or perhaps you're thinking your partner knows what they're doing when it comes to your finances (and you don't) so you feel safe.

Let us encourage you to think again... read more

Top Tips For Retirement
  • Consolidate your super accounts.  Multiple accounts means multiple fees.
  • Make sure you have all your super entitlements.  Go to SuperSeeker to find any lost accounts.
  • Top up with voluntary contributions; it is one of the best investments you can make.
  • See if you are eligible for the Federal Governments's co-contributors scheme, which can deliver a 50% boost to deposits

  • Check that the insurance in your super meets your needs.
  • Tailor your investment risk to your age.  In general, young people should be more prepared to take on risk then older people.
  • Think twice, and maybe even three times, before setting up your own self-managed super fund - and source quality advice.
  • If you are over 55, consider a transition-to-retirement strategy.
Jason Day - Never Say Die

Jason Day’s journey to the top of the golf world is unlike anyone else’s. From humble beginnings in Australia, Jason overcame adversity to find his path through hard work and dedication.  Through exclusive, behind-the-scenes access Jason’s story is shared with the world for the first time here.  

An inspiring testament that hard work, dedication and commitment and a good reminder that good guys do win.
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