This beginning of 2016 sees the markets in good shape.  My advice to you would be to compare your current mortgage rates.  We now have a very good mortgage broker Duane Pedron, with the idea of fixing in some interest rates if you have some longer term debt, as rates are the lowest I have seen in 34 years in the industry.  You will find all his details below.

Today I want to share with you the 6 topical items we are currently working on with clients, which I feel are a sign of the current times.  In no particular batting order they are:
  • Transition to retirement strategy.
  • Aged care.
  • Getting in before May budget changes.
  • Being aware of 2017 pension rules changes.
  • Inheritance.
  • Divorce.

If any of these topics ring a bell with yourself, family or friends, please let us know as we can assist.

Also, I feel it necessary to say with great hope as we embark on a new season of football - Cmon the Mighty Dees!?

Here is to a great year for them, you and yours.


Mark Dunsford 

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Navigating the world of finance can be a daunting task, We come to you and provide a tailored financial solution that suits your needs, goals and objectives. Once we have explored these things we go to work on your behalf approaching multiple banks and lenders to ensure we can find the solution that works best for you.

Duane Pedron - Director 

"I have seen just how complicated the home buying process can be.  My goal is to make buying a home or investing in property a simple and easy process for my clients and ensure they get the best deal they can on their home loan by comparing deals across multiple lenders".

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