Find the 9 Hidden Pink Ribbons

on our website... 

To remind us all how important it is to do self-checks every month, we at Trade Secret would like to encourage each of you to play along with us this month for PinkDrive Charity - the Breast Cancer Education & Awareness Foundation.

There are 9 Pink Ribbons & Letters hidden within our furniture on our website. Find all 9, and unscramble the letters and send us the MYSTERY WORD.

For the first 120 correct entries, we will be donating R25 per entry to PinkDrive , and you will be entered into our competition to be one of 3 winners of a gorgeous Trade Secret Medium Square Wicker Baskets

Win for the PinkDrive & Yourself!

1. Visit our website
2. Find the 9 HIDDEN LETTERS on our furniture
3. Unscramble them to find the MYSTERY WORD
4. Email the MYSTERY WORD and your name to

Competition ends on 31st October 2016
Winners will be announced on the 1st November 2016
For more information of the work done at PinkDrive visit
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