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* Note from Rosemary
* Legal Update: NEW LAWSUIT filed by Shire City Herbals against Temple Turmeric
* 2 Year Anniversary Campaign/Don't Buy Pirated Herbal Products!
* New Etsy Fundraising Store: Call for Donations!
* It's time to make Fire Cider! Recipes and Pictures!

From Rosemary-
Hi Friends, its almost winter and definitely time for Fire Cider!  Make sure to get your Fire Cider brewing.  Its one of the best tonics to keep you healthy during the winter months and to 'keep the bugs at bay'.   And while you're at it, try this great new recipe for Fire Cider Chutney (see recipe below).  Its delicious, and goes great with grains and as a condiment to many main courses  (We're hoping the Pirates won't try to trademark this recipe as well!)   
 Unfortunately, the issue surrounding Fire Cider's trademark continues and the law suit that Shire City served to the 'Fire Cider Three' ~ Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs, Katheryn Langelier of Herbal Revolution, and Nicole Telks of Wildflower Herb School ~ is ongoing.   Stressful as it is to have a $100,000 lawsuit aimed at you (!!!),  we remain rooted strong in our belief that Fire Cider and other traditional remedies should not be trademarked, but free for all to make and sell as they wish.  
We continue to need your support in helping us win this case!  Make your own fire cider. Don't buy pirated herbal products (the brand with the big pirate on the label), and be sure to ask your local stores not to carry pirated herbal products.   Thankfully,  many stores have opted to stop selling the trademarked brand of Fire Cider.  Stores who have continued to sell  the Shire City Brand usually state that they want their costumers to have the freedom of choice, but there's NO choice when there's only one brand allowed to be sold.  Further more, customers are often unaware and uneducated about the ethics of what they are being sold.  Would these stores be selling pirated music? pirated DVD's or videos?  I don't think so.  "Selling pirated herbal products hurts everyone". 
There are many signs that point to a positive resolution ahead and, hopefully, in the coming new year we can report that Fire  Cider belongs to the people again.  We have no animosity towards the people at Shire City  (though many of their tactics are extremely annoying),  but hold to the truth that Fire Cider is a traditional herbal recipe,  was made and sold by many small business's, and was created long before this company came into existence.    Our enduring hope is that Fire Cider and other traditional herbal recipes will be put in a category that protects them from future trademarking, which will allow everyone to continue to make and sell these traditional herbal recipes.  We are not alone! There is a world wide movement to protect herbs and herbal legacy products from being cornered by large corporations and companies. Please review this amazing article that was recently published in the New Yorker for a larger picture of what is going on with herbal patents (different than a trademark, although still applies to the co-opting of herbal traditions for profit).
Again, thank you endlessly for your continued support. Make your fire cider! Post pictures of it on Facebook and the web! Donate to the Fire Cider cause! Wear your Free Fire Cider T Shirt (and post pictures of you wearing it!)  Talk to your local stores about the importance of not selling Pirated herbal products. 
And do try the new Fire Cider Chutney recipe. Its great! 
In Joy,
Rosemary Gladstar
Legal Update
The Shire City Drama Continues!
During the initial uproar of the Fire Cider trademark in 2014, an anonymous herbalist created a website which they called, "". The creators of this website support the Traditions Not Trademark campaign and created the website in protest of the trademark. They posted a link to and a video of Rosemary Gladstar making Fire Cider. 

As many of you are aware, 3 herbalists were sued in June of 2015 over this very website. Two of these herbalists happen to be Tradition Not Trademark organizers. The lawsuit demands that the 3 defendants shut down  The 3 herbalists being sued were confused because they do not own this website and do not have the power to shut the website down! 

This fall brings more litigation from Shire City Herbals (SCH) regarding this website. The owners of were contacted by a domain dispute case coordinator. They were informed that  SCH was trying to claim the domain name.
The owners of the website did not want to get involved in a domain name dispute, and at this point, the domain dispute committee has granted ownership of the domain name back to SCH. We find it interesting that a lawsuit was filed against Tradition Not Trademark organizers over this website, when all they needed to do was contact the owners and dispute the domain name!
Thanks for the creative solidarity anonymous herbalists!

And so are the Day's of our Lives...
The Fire Cider 3 have received the timeline for the case proceedings. It seems that the case may not be heard until Spring of 2016 (if we are lucky!).

Temple Turmeric, a large beverage manufacturer and distributor, has been sued by Shire City for trademark infringement.  Temple Tumeric just launched a new beverage which they call fire cider.  See Temple Turmeric website here.

Shire City also sought an "emergency motion for a temporary restraining order", which was denied by the judge, and they are now is seeking a preliminary injunction to stop Temple Turmeric from using the name. If that is what SCH considers an emergency, they've got some real first world problems!

GREAT NEWS~Temple Turmeric has a great, well experienced legal team and has signed on to join us in the trademark battle!

The other good news is that this has the potential to speed up the trademark cancellation court proceedings.  Currently, the trademark cancellation has been stalled by the lawsuit against the Fire Cider 3. Two of the Fire Cider 3 happen to be Tradition Not Trademark founders (Mary Blue and Nicole Telkes). These two organizers put their names on the original trademark cancellation in June of 2014.  Therefore, the lawsuit in April 2015 against them complicates and stalls the whole trademark cancellation proceedings. 

Temple Turmeric may have their day in court before the Fire Cider 3, and at that point the judge will decide whether or not Fire Cider is generic.
2 Year Anniversary Campaign
January 25, 2014 marks the 2 year anniversary of the Fire Cider trademark battle. To raise awareness about the ongoing issue, Tradition Not Trademark will be asking folks to post pictures of themselves drinking, making and getting creative with Fire Cider during the week of January 24-30. Songs.. drawings... poems...posts on social media.  Please post a link to or Tradition Not Trademark somewhere on your post (we don't want to give free advertising to SCH!)

We will also be asking folks to change their social media profile pictures to the image below for the week of January 24-30, 2016:
Holiday Fundraiser on Etsy!
Donate to Free Fire Cider!

This year the Tradition Not Trademark team will be offering a Holiday Etsy store as a fundraiser for the Fire Cider 3 legal fees.

Lot's of folks have offered to donate herbal products, classes, dvds and more.. we just haven't been able to take most of you up on this offer until now!!

Please donate 10-25 of the SAME herbal product, cds, books, or artwork to be posted on our Etsy site!

* We are looking for FOLKS TO DONATE MORE THAN TEN of whatever product you have. We cannot post just 1 salve on the site for sale.

* Please make sure your products are clearly labeled with your website/ contact info and all ingredients.

* PLEASE EMAIL US WITH A DESCRIPTION,  PICTURE AND QUANTITY of the product you would like to donate.

We will only be accepting a certain amount of specific products.. For example, we don't want to post 10 different kinds of Calendula Salve. SO, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE TO OUR HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER, PLEASE EMAIL US WITH THE INFO REQUESTED ABOVE BY NOVEMBER 15, and we will instruct you from there.
It's time to make Fire Cider!!
Fall is here along with colds, coughs and the flu! Many folks have been posting pictures on Facebook of themselves making Fire Cider because....

There is a great FIRE CIDER recipe here on the Mountain Rose Blog

Please keep posting pics on social media and making Fire Cider!
Tag Tradition Not Trademark and #freefirecider!!

Pictured above:  Rosemary Gladstar eating her Fire Cider Chutney!

Rosemary's Fire Cider Chutney Recipe
There are many recipes for making fire cider, but my favorite blend of herbs is

 Garlic approximate 8 – 10 cloves finely chopped
 Horseradish root approx. ½ cup grated or finely chopped
 Onions approximate 1 medium sized onion, finely chopped
 Ginger approximate ½ cup grated
 1 - 2 cayenne peppers,  to taste, crushed or chopped,
 Options: add a lemon with peel and/or turmeric to the above recipe.  The batch I used to make my first Fire Cider chutney from had lemon w/peel in it, and it added a nice lemony flavor that enhanced the finished product. But I’vemmade it without the lemon and it was equally good. So be creative and have fun!  
Steeped in raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar for 4-6 weeks then strain,  Add honey and cayenne to taste.  Taste should be hot, spicy, pungent and sweet. 
To make Fire Cider Chutney:
Strain the herbs after 4 -5 weeks. They should still be firm and flavorful.   Add the herbs to a food processor or blender, and grind coarsely (don’t blend into a smooth past, but only until coarse and crunchy).  If too dry, add a little of the Fire Cider Vinegar to the mix.    You might wish to add a little more honey and cayenne to taste.  
Your finished Fire Cider Chutney should be sweet but not too sweet, hot but not too hot, and just right for your pleasure taste!  This delicious chutney is great on toast, mixed with rice, veggie dishes, is a favorable addition to soups, or enjoyed right from the spoon.    It’s the perfect winter condiment!
  * Please note: you can also make Fire Cider Chutney without first making Fire Cider.  Just add the listed ingredients to a food processor, add vinegar to moisten, and grind to the desired constituency. I've made it both ways, and both ways are delicious, with a slightly different texture.   
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