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Rising techno voice, SPFDJ, joins POLY!

One of my favourite DJs, SPFDJ has been cutting her teeth on the floors of Herrensauna (Berlin), Brutaż (Krakow) and Universe of Tang (London) to carve out a coherent and unique place within techno, as deft in moving the most debaucherous underground space as she is at commanding the floor at bigger clubs.

Her sharp ascent is born of a taste for dynamics that advance towards ecstatic momentum. Occasionally working at vicious speeds, acidic techno climes are funnelled through kaleidoscopic wares from the wealth of high-energy outposts found across dance music today.  Here is a sound that captures everything that is vital about harder edges old and new, drawing on fast tempos, punchy kicks and acid lines with elements of electro, hardcore and trance to establish a dance floor experience that is wholly consuming, cathartic and full of energy.

Delivering regular mixes, Resident Advisor just picked up on her mix for Discwoman as some of August's Best Music, and last year Ben UFO called her mix for the Hessle Audio show: “one of the best guest mixes we've had all year - and utterly ruthless too!” 

Fresh from a USA tour which saw her play San Francisco, New York and LA, SPFDJ has already built a solid reputation in Europe - recent highlights include supporting DJ Stingray & Mumdance in London, an invitation to BenUFO’s XOYO residency, and an appearance at Red Bull Music Academy’s 20th anniversary party.  You can see her tonight closing Berghain's Säule.

"One recent standout entry comes from SPFDJ, a hard techno aficionado who recently started the label Intrepid Skin. Years spent honing her craft set her in good stead to play London’s trippy Universe of Tang parties and to impress on Hessle Audio’s radio show last year. Her Discwoman mix showcases smatterings of acid, EBM (electronic body music), industrial and other peripheral styles at their most charged and physical, and she seamlessly shifts gears." The Guardian

Discwoman Podcast 52
Electronic Explorations 497
Recording from Red Bull 20 Years @ Ohm
Guest mix on Hessle Audio show @ RinseFM 
Lost in Ether 89
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Hailing originally from Sweden, SPFDJ’s beginnings were in London as part of the infamous collective Universe of Tang, an ongoing club operation steeped in DIY means and mystifying aesthetics. A relocation to Berlin then prompted a new chapter of projects and activity, and the chance to import her affiliations. With sprintf, she runs the Cranial Handles radio transmission, the System.out Sound system, and the latest party coerced into life: Power Play. Drawing now on the many and varied collaborative efforts at the heart of her activity, SPFDJ now delivers Intrepid Skin, her label and outlet for autonomous developments in techno’s milieu, with the first track from VTSS now streaming on RA ahead of it's release next month!


SPFDJ has now started her label Intrepid Skin and I'm so excited to see where this label goes.  Alongside her incendiary club sets and recorded mixes, the label is bringing together the unique thread that aligns her approach to techno - I couldn't be more excited!

Forthcoming dates include:
Thursday 13 September   Berghain Saule, Berlin, Germany
Friday 28 September        Dialogue, Bristol, UK
Saturday 29 September    LeZoo, Geneva, Switzerland
Wednesday 17 October    DJ Stingray invites @ Noorderschip, Amsterdam, Netherlands   
Friday 9 November           Crime @ Larm, Budapest, Hungary
Saturday 10 November     Monasterio @ Live8club, Moscow, Russia
Saturday 15 December     The Hydra @ Printworks, London, UK

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