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Hiro Kone proposes a subversive reorientation towards absence in hope of illuminating potential futures with this devastatingly touching album

In her most personally narrative work to date, A Fossil Begins To Bray is the follow up on Dais Records for NYC producer Hiro Kone, furthering the dialogue set forth on her 2018 release, Pure Expenditure. While the statements on Pure Expenditure rallied behind a point of dangerous excess and injustice, the material on A Fossil Begins To Bray embarks upon a journey of discovery and self-analysis.

In Mao’s own words, “This album considers the power of absence as neither a lack or deficit, but as a quiet, indeterminable force to cultivate in this time of looming and unrelenting techno-fascism. It asks that we take pause to consider our learned languages and actualities and to better consider how desire shapes our recollections and interpretations of this ‘existence’”. Tracks such as Fabrication of Silence and Submerged Dragon perfectly represent the power of absence, utilized in a matter to create unique amalgams of decisive, cinematic techno rhythms from the electronic void. As the melodic elements contained within A Fossil Begins To Bray begin to unravel and slowly take form, the unaware are rewarded with a driving yet tangible refrain that offers resolve in contrast to the dense, texture-laden backdrop that forms the album’s foundation.

The first single Feed My Ancestors expands upon Hiro Kone’s signature take on electronic music structures. Seemingly free from the predictable contracts imposed by any one genre’s stereotypes, Hiro Kone throttles the foreboding bassline in favor of more calculated, abstract cut-ups that gracefully hold the track in place between hopeful utopia and something more ominous. The production and detail found throughout the album shows Hiro Kone’s neverending development and dedication to principle. A Fossil Begins To Bray is a challenge to dust off the forgotten modes of existence, expel the accepted paradigms within modern subculture and utilize the absence left behind.

"Morphing deeper into the cyber-techno vortex, NYC’s Hiro Kone gives animus to wrecking ball kick drums, body-scanning synths and atavistic choral pads in a thrilling new album for Dais." - Boomkat

"A Fossil Begins To Bray is a calculated contrast to many predictable contracts imposed by the genre’s stereotypes." - Bleep

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Hiro Kone has recently completed artist residencies at the prestigious EMS studios in Stockholm and Pioneer Works in New York.

Fall 2019 tour includes:
25 October - Folkteatern // Gothenburg, Sweden
30 October - Paasivuorenkatu // Helsinki, Finland - with Tangerine Dream
2 November - Cafe OTO // London, UK
8 November - Assembli // Amman, Jordan
9 November - Radio // Ramallah, Palestine
15 November - TBA // Milan, Italy - with Drew McDowall
21 November - Fluc Wanne // Vienna, Austria
22 November - Protocol // Paris, France
23 November - Hus H7 // Stockholm, Sweden


The Danish experimental and noise artist, best known for her piercing live performances and outstanding albums released on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation and Berlin’s PAN record labels, represents a new era of industrial, noise and experimental music, taking a very thoughtful and emotional approach to the slow-evolving layers of distorted sound. Listen to her recent mix for Borshch Magazine

Puce Mary has recently relocated back to her hometown of Copenhagen and is available for bookings in Europe.

Fall 2019 dates include:
27 September - Biennale Industrii Festival, Silesia Museum // Katowice, Poland
5 October - INSTABIL - Musik mit Feedback, Schwankhalle // Bremen, Germany
11 October - Night of Surprise, Stadtgarden // Cologne, Germany
21 October - DR Koncerthuset // Copenhagen, Denmark - with Sunn O)))
22 October - Doornroosje // Njimigen, Netherlands - with Sunn O)))
31 October - Berghain // Berlin, Germany
15 November - Backslash Festival // Zurich, Switzerland
16 November - Save Festival, Mutabor // Moscow, Russia


Despite the legendary breakcore/jungle producer has been stating his desire to remain “as far away from the music scene as he possibly can", he continues to bring his murky drones and brutal breakbeats to contemporary audiences. The Berlin-based artist remains busy: in the past months he has released critically acclaimed 'Exquisite Angst' LP on A Colourful Storm and 'Hectic Shakes' EP on ALTER, and Boomkat selected his iconic album 'If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It' to top their best reissues of the year list.  He also shared his insights on Resident Advisor - The Art of Production and delivered a DJ Mag Podcast.

"CDB has tirelessly explored the intersections of breakcore, illbient and drum and bass. His work is at once uncompromising yet stylish – broken, punishing rhythms collide with dreary, doom-laden melodies and those eerie in-between spaces" - Bleep

"With engulfing ambience, depth-charge bass drones and hyperventilating breakcore and jungle beats, the Hamburg-raised, Berlin-based producer has, for over two decades now, etched an unmistakable sonic persona onto an increasingly greyscale planet." DJ Mag

Fall 2019 dates include:
4 October - FOLD // London, UK
12 October - Folkteatern // Gothenburg, Sweden
25 October - RIAM Festival // Marseille, France
15 November - Halles du Faubourg // Lyon, France
22 November - Club Détour // Brussels, Belgium


I feel very honoured to be working with such incredible artists who exhibit exceptional sensibility towards numerous challenges posed by living in 21st century, and reflect those struggles in their creative practice. I look forward to the upcoming season - please get in touch soon to discuss ideas for festival and solo shows.

All the best,
Karolina Bartczak
POLY. Artists

Working with: Christoph de Babalon • Hiro Kone · Puce Mary

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