POLY. welcomes DJ Bus Replacement Service!
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DJ Bus Replacement Service -
radical outsider or insider jokester? 

DJ Bus Replacement Service redefines the word unique.  Her sets could be understood equally as a cheeky take on musique concrète, or a surreal alternative to po-faced partygoers. She drives high energy dancefloors with 3 CDJs and an armoury of bizarre juxtapositions that are so carefully curated, they can't help but create a sum that is greater than its individual parts - check her recent RA Podcast for resolute proof of this!

Forged initially for Spannered Oddcast #8 and incubated in her Soundcloud podcast series, collaborations with Chin Stroke Records and Bang Face, the current form of DJ Bus Replacement Service emerged in late 2015, resplendent in a supreme leader latex mask, to tackle clubs and festivals across Europe. The performances are a head-spinning rush of anything-goes assault, unashamedly toeing the line between serenity and stupidity to raise neck hairs, hands, and quizzical eyebrows in one. Rapid-fire left turns and smartypants sequencing conjure up Venn diagram crossover between spheres that should have no logical intersection whatsoever, bringing dancers to rapture in delight and awe of “eureka!” moments on the floor.

This is a non-exhaustive list of genres and themes played by DJ Bus Replacement Service:

Asian pop
Yodeling (via Madonna, gabber, trap, chickens, etc)
Drag queens’ cash-in club tracks
Trap & donk covers of anything
Korean pon-chak
Stand-up comedy / spoken word
Disco (preferably sung by animals, not in English, or by Ethel Merman)
Speed garage
Songs about food
Songs sung (badly) by children
Donk (especially Russian and Burmese)
Hard techno
Ghettotech / ghetto house
Jersey club
Drum & bass
Gabber / hardcore
Incorrect hip-hop
Brostep and related variants of EDM
​The occasional objectively good banger
"…this is the most accurate, horrifying, drop-dead funny, burn-it-all-down reflection of the Trump age I’ve yet encountered...DJ culture is about sensibility, and DJ Bus Replacement Service’s is truly gleeful.The Village Voice

Unabashed fun from one of the weirdest DJs out there.” Crack Magazine
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Following stand out performances at Sónar Barcelona and Freerotation last year, which became the stuff of legend and are still talked about with euphoria, we believe the rest of the world needs to experience DJ Bus Replacement Service!

The mix is... *chefs kiss* purrrrrrfection” The Black Madonna, on the Resident Advisor RA.610 podcast

"The best mix I’ve heard in ages. I’ve played it 4 times so far and I love it more each time. Just great fun music. Half the joy of listening to it is knowing you couldn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks and are only playing exactly what you love. That comes through so clearly.” Artwork (3-time Grammy-nominated top bloke), on the Resident Advisor RA.610 podcast

"Pissing yourself laughing on the dance floor is not an experience that comes around every weekend, and I highly recommend it.” Resident Advisor’s 2017 in Review EX.385 podcast

Please get in touch to discuss 2018 dates!

All the best,


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