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Joe announces his first EP on Cómeme

You probably know Joe for his idiosyncratic, floor-filling productions for Hessle Audio - tunes like Slope and Tail Lift have become trusty weapons for some of the world’s biggest (and most adventurous) DJs. Although on an irregular schedule, the arrival of a new Joe release creates a wave of intrigue and excitement that few other producers are still able to conjure.

Despite this exemplary hit rate, the artist behind these creations has kept a resolutely low profile over the years. But if you listen carefully to his productions, you’ll get a sense for Joe the DJ. His sets speak to years spent picking through house, techno, disco, jazz and soul, soaking up sets at Plastic People and absorbing London’s soundsystem culture. You’ll hear gems that traverse eras and genres, tied together not by a single sound but by a shared sensibility—one that’s serious yet playful, rough yet soulful, intricate yet functional. 

Given that these offbeat and disparate influences play an equally influential part in Joe’s own productions, it makes sense that his first foray outside of a UK label arrives on Cómeme, the esteemed internationalist label specialising in the unusual and irresistible. On Get Centred, Joe continues to surprise, delight and ignite the dance with a trio of tracks that are as unusual as they are elegant, not to mention, extremely playable.

You can hear the first track Get Centred now - utilising shifting arpeggios and trippy crescendos to cross the artificial barriers between body, mind and soul, satisfying those in need of getting centred, in times of accelerated alienation.  The full release is out on 6 September!

"the artist behind some of the past decade's most distinctive club bangers" Resident Advisor

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In the periods between Joe’s signature rhythmic experiments he has delivered highly imaginative mixes for both Truants and Crack Magazine. He was also the focus of an edition of Resident Advisor’s ‘The Art of Production’ interview series, in which he gamely and generously unpacked a number of his unusual methods and inspirations, plus the psychology and process behind making such instantly infectious and beloved club music.

A consistently inspiring figure in UK dance music for over a decade and a quietly boundary-pushing talent; nobody makes them quite like Joe!  It would be great to discuss bringing him to your venue soon.

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