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We are delighted to welcome nonconformist techno rebel Akua, to our roster.

Akua’s boundary pushing sound and approach to DJing stems from her distinct appreciation of the more freakish strains of techno bubbling out of the 90's US underground. Her finesse for blending machine funk frequencies reflects her impressive research into the underground tradition, infusing old school techniques with a new school twist.

The Discwoman affiliate established herself as a singular force first in NYC, then packed dance floors in North America and crowned it with an explosive set at last year's Sustain-Release Festival.  In 2019, she presented her hyper-charged selections to European crowds with explosive debuts at Säule and De School and appearances at new essential techno events including Endurance and Flesh In Tension.  Her first European tour of 2020 already included The White Hotel, Ved Siden Af, Void and closing Berghain for CTM, which coincided with the release of the first Truants mix of the year: "The American rising star Akua shows off her trademark blend of techno classics and barreling new-school stuff in this blazing mix for Truants"  RA Mix Of The Day

Akua is a prominent voice in the discourse regarding techno culture's Black, PoC and queer foundations. Her reflections on her influences and desire to pay homage to its roots are featured in the article Techno is a Technocracy. This combined with her unbridled sound proves that she's not afraid to redefine techno on her own terms, and is becoming well loved for her confrontational approach to the genre.

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"Akua is one of many young techno artists who aren't afraid to notch up the tempo, and she's also one of the DJs who does it the best. Full of throttling kick drums, careening synths and thrillingly broken rhythms, Akua makes you feel like you're hurtling through the air at Mach 3. It's a fast and skilled mix worthy of the DJ heroes—Claude Young, Mike Dearborn—that she names in the accompanying interview." RA Best Mixes 2018

"Rave is the operative word here, her style is informed by the wild sounds of 90s New York and the midwest, and the tradition is well represented her in mantra-like repetition, pummeling kicks and audacious stops and starts." Crack Mixes You Need To Hear


Akua is a true disciple of the underground tradition, creating a vision for the dance floors of the future - I couldn't be happier to add her to our roster! 

We're now looking ahead to Akua's next descent into Europe and have these dates available:
March - 20 
April - 17, 18, 24, 25
May - 2, 8, 15, 16

Later in March sees her first Asia tour and of course we are considering options across the summer and beyond!    Please do give me a shout soon if you'd like to discuss any ideas!

All the best,


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