POLY. bounces into 2018!
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POLY is now 1 year old! As we continue to build our wonderful community we want to thank you for the support so far. We started this agency so we had a space to engage with our passion for music in a way that allowed us to embrace the values that are important to us - 2017 was a fantastic year for our artists, and it's such a pleasure to see them pushing forward and taking their unique perspectives out there to connect with audiences around the world.

2018 already looks very promising!  We're really excited to welcome Yuko Asanuma who joins us as an agent with her artists Ena, DJ Yazi and Haruka – she'll be in touch soon with more info on these unique Japanese talents!

For now, here's a full update on our roster - please read on to find out what our crew are up to this year!


A MADE UP SOUND / Live or DJ / Utrecht / book
2017 saw AMUS expand on his singular body of work in leftfield electronics with a new collaboration with Dynamo Dreesen and SVN, for Sessions, a bi-monthly show on Redlight Radio and a recent artist residency at WORM Rotterdam, the fruits of which he'll perform live in spring 2018.
Red Light Radio

ALESSANDRO CORTINI / Live AV / Berlin / book
Bleep chose AVANTI as one of their Top 10 Albums of 2017 - "by far 2017's most powerful and emotionally charged recording".  Alessandro is now based in Berlin and available until June to tour AVANTI Live AV - a deeply emotional show which with cinematic fluidity, acquaints music with memory, embracing the panorama of his family’s vintage Super 8 films.

The ATFA label continues to develop and grow, bolstered by Brian taking his twin cassette tape decks out on tour.  Drawing from highlife, fuji, benga, tsonga disco, soukous, hip-hop, rhumba and ethio-soul, among countless other genres ATFA DJ sets explore deep, regional sounds using analog-anchored agility not heard/seen anywhere else.
Live from Atlas Festival, Morocco on Red Light Radio
☞ available in EU: March, and May through to August!

BAKE / DJ / Glasgow / book
Glasgow native Bake has been drawing attention since 2010. His unique approach to DJing, deftly commanding a broad spectrum of music, can be heard via his monthly Rinse FM show, as well as his new Super Studio series of parties in his hometown.
Bake's latest Rinse FM show

BENEATH / DJ / London / book
Beneath's No Symbols nights have achieved a legendary status in London, with the last few selling out in advance. Listen to snippets of his forthcoming release here. He'll be returning with more new music via his own imprint this year - keep up to date at Bandcamp
♬ No Symbols mix series by Beneath

DJ RICHARD / DJ / NYC / book
Released his first EP in 3 years with electro swerver Path of Ruin on DIAL in November - expect an album announcement soon!  As a DJ he deftly draws connections between EBM, new beat and Italo Disco, electro, techno and post-minimalist house.
Dekmantel Podcast 134
☞ available in EU: Friday 25 May / Saturday 26 May / Thursday 5 July / Friday 6 July / Sunday 8 July
DJ STINGRAY / DJ / Berlin / book
Crack cemented Stingray's super 2017 by fixing him as the 5th most exciting DJ in the world. His sets capture tense, dystopian moods via needling arps, synthetic squalls and scattered drum patterns mixed with surgical speed and intensity.  2017 saw him commit that sound to the critically acclaimed Kern Volume 4 mix CD on Tresor Records, which received rave reviews all round - Resident Advisor, Mixmag.
Boiler Room Bogota

HODGE / DJ / Bristol / book
Last year saw Hodge collaborate with Randomer and Peder Mannerfelt, as well as releases on Hemlock and Livity Sound. This year has already seen music featured on Houndstooth and Berghain compilations. Look out for more exciting collaborative work this year- including working with Gramrcy and remixing Perc. 
♬ Carhartt WIP Radio

JOE / DJ / London book
"Hessle Audio's invisible man Joe has quietly built one of the most impeccable back catalogues of his generation."  The Wire.  Happily for us, 2017 found Joe firmly back in the game with one of the year's most essential releases - Tail Lift / MPH and a cracking mix for Truants that garnered 6th place in Crack Mixes of the Year.
Truancy Volume 193 

JOSEY REBELLE / DJ / London / book
Impeccable selections have seen Josey build a solid reputation across the world, from Jolene to De School to Sustain Release which saw her featured in Mixmag as one of the top 20 breakthrough DJs of 2017! Recently announced as resident of The Pickle Factory 2018, we are thoroughly excited to see Josey flex her curatorial arm. 2017 saw her record mixes for Discwoman and Honey Soundsystem, the latter of which was named as one of the 10 best DJ mixes of 2017 by Pitchfork
Rinse FM shows 

KAHN + NEEK / DJ / Bristol book
"Rolling between grime, dubstep and various mutated sound system styles (and all on wax), they’re as comfortable playing meditative, heads-only DMZ raves as they are playing to rowdy festival crowds, matching their output is their insistence on staying true to traditional sound system culture that makes them such an exciting and powerful DJ outfit." 2017 also featured Kahn and Neek riding high in the Crack DJ list
Truancy Volume 203 

KAREN GWYER / Live / Berlin / book
2017 saw Karen Gwyer release Rembo, her brilliant LP on Don't Be Afraid that hit Pitchfork's Best Electronic Albums of 2017 feature.  This further cemented Karen's well deserved reputation as one of the most individual and daring voices with an uncompromising body of music that reflects the sheer energy of her live sets - which you can see this year at Dekmantel, Nuits Sonores, Primavera Sound and more - showing Karen in her element, not afraid to smudge both the physical and emotional edges of what we may have come to expect in a club.  Rembo was listed by Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, Fact and The Wire as one of the best releases of 2017, and Crack + Fact featured "The Workers Are On Strike" amongst their top tracks of the year. 

KASRA V / DJ / London book
Kasra's versatile approach sees him incorporating early trance, middle eastern grooves, new beat, acid house and more. He showcases new and old cutting edge music on his bi-weekly NTS radio show. We have some exciting release news to share soon!
NTS shows

LOW JACK / Live or DJ / Paris book
Low Jack kicked off 2018 with a week long residency on Rinse FM and continues to helm the label Editions Gravats. 2017 saw him release An American Hero album on Modern Love under his own name - Philippe Hallais.
♬ An American Hero

NINA / DJ / Hamburg book
Nina summons enough of an intuition about a space and its dynamics to prompt a club's darkness to cave to her selection - 2017 took her from Berghain Halle and De School to Golden Pudel fundraiser events in London and Manchester where she met BenUFO who invited her to Meakusma Festival. Her VIS label continues to curate the finest output of the Hamburg electronics scene and her year was rounded off with a stellar chart for Boomkat.
Strange Sounds From Beyond

NONCOMPLIANT / DJ / Indianapolis / book
Seriously one to watch for 2018, the response to Lisa's RA mix has been phenomenal, followed up by a packed debut European tour which took in Berghain, Kaiku, Unsound, DeSchool and Macarena.  An underground hero since the 90s, it was amazing to see her finally given her dues as one of Mixmag's top 20 breakthrough DJs of 2017!
Discwoman Podcast
☞ March tour is now fully booked! available in EU: 27 + 29 July / 3 + 5 August

PEVERELIST + KOWTON / DJ (solo or b2b) / Bristol/London / book
2017 saw the release of Tessellations from Peverelist, an LP that continues to consolidate his position as one of the leading experimental club producers. Livity Sound also had a prolific year, releasing music from Simo Cell, Mosca, Hodge and an EP from Kowton, "Pea Soup/Iodine". Kowton also recorded a mixtape for LIES
Livity Sound shows on NTS

PHYSICAL THERAPY / DJ / New York /  book
Head of the Allergy Season label, Physical Therapy is known for a constantly shifting and abstracted take on club music. His latest release Time Saving Tips For DJs Vol. 1 is out now on Exotic Dance Records. Look out for an upcoming Allergy Season compilation, and Physical Therapy on tour in Europe and beyond. 
Boiler Room 
☞ available in EU: 25 April - 15 May

PUCE MARY / Live / LA /  book
Puce Mary is Frederikke Hoffmeier’s intricately textured solo noise project, fueled with harsh and frightening sounds, as well as moments of quiet yet powerful drones. Since 2013 she has been invigorating industrial and noise music through the exquisite power of her releases on Posh Isolation and, especially, her transfixing live shows.  Album announcement soon!
Live in London
☞ available in EU: 19 April - 6 May

SAMO DJ / DJ / Stockholm book
2017 saw Samo releasing music non-stop in his many guises, and 2018 is no different. He's kicked off the year with a twisted take on Dancehall together with The Hidden Operator.
♬ And if you want a good example of Samo´s current selection DJ-wise, listen to this recent radio recording from Munich.

SARAH DAVACHI / Live / LA book
Sarah's album All My Circles Run was selected by Boomkat for a special repress, as one of their top albums of 2017, and number 3 in their albums of the year! The Wire also featured it as one of their top albums of 2017. Now based in LA, Sarah has a monthly NTS show - Le Jardin and has some exciting commissions and shows planned in 2018 including London's Barbican in April.
♬ Live from Mutek Montreal
☞ available in EU: 26 + 28 April, 6 - 9 September, various dates October

SHANTI CELESTE / DJ / London / book
2017 saw the initiation of Shanti's record label Peach Discs with outstanding releases from Ciel, Chekov and Shanti herself - reaching number 9 in Fact's Best Record Labels.  Make Time, released on Idle Hands was featured in Mixmag, Resident Advisor and Fact as one of the best tracks of 2017.  Her own productions are expansive and emotional, and this energetic and uplifting approach to her craft has leant her DJing a breadth that has earned her a strong reputation.
♬ Main Stage @ Dekmantel Festival 2017

SØS GUNVER RYBERG / Live / Copenhagen / book
2017 saw SØS playing Berghain, IFZ, Inkonst, Elevate, Rewire, Flow Festival, Insomnia amongst others - with consistently amazing feedback from each show and her abstract take on live techno.  Remind yourself about her with Resident Advisor's 
Breaking Through!
Boiler Room

TEREKKE / DJ / Amsterdam / book
Terekke has recently released an exceptional, hotly anticipated LP, Plant Age on L.I.E.S. and has a forthcoming LP Improvisational Loops on Music From Memory to be released in March. 
ZeeZout Podcast 

VARG / Live / Stockholm / book
2017 saw the world get on board with the new enfant terrible of techno - from taking over the RA instagram, to headlining Berlin Atonal with an evening of music curated with friends of the Nordic Flora Series.  As always there were multiple releases across all formats from Varg and his associates - the highlight of which was the album Gore-Tex City "the year's greatest techno album bar none" Bleep.
RA Podcast 556


We look forward to chatting about your ideas for these inspiring artists - and check our Soundcloud to keep up to date with their musical output!

All the best,

Keira + Kim

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