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Here’s some info and updates from the live acts on our roster - and available dates for artists not based in EU - thanks for your time!


2018 saw the powerful and emotive AVANTI live AV show performed from London's Barbican to the opening concert of Dekmantel and across Europe. A deeply emotional experience which with cinematic fluidity, acquaints music with memory, embracing the panorama of his family’s vintage Super 8 films.  Alessandro and Lawrence English will soon release a stunning LP Immediate Horizon on Important Records, which traces their shared interests in harmony and texture. A work that meditates on saturation and the ruptures that occur when harmonic elements are stacked.
Immediate Horizon
☞ Alessandro Cortini final AVANTI shows January - April
☞ available in EU: Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English collaboration mid - late April

Forging ahead with a flurry of releases, Christoph de Babalon continues to blend frenetic breakcore and dark ambience. Forthcoming includes Exquisite Angst LP on A Colourful Storm, a compilation contribution Broken Land (Mary Anne Hobbes on 6Music recommends!) for Houndstooth, and Hectic Shakes, a 4 Track EP for Helm's Alter label.
"Christoph de Babalon's live show is a serious tour de force." - RA
Houndstooth track premier at The Wire
Harakiri from Hectic Shakes (Alter)

ENA / Tokyo/EU / book
An integral part of Tokyo's early adoption of U.K. sound-system culture, Yu Asaeda (ENA)'s deep soundscape work as a live performer took more attention this year from MONOM Berlin and MUTEK Japan in addition to his annual invite from Berlin Atonal.  ENA is currently very keen for more commission / residency/ collaboration projects!
Bridge (Field Records, 2018)
LRN Podcast
☞ available in EU: May

One of the standout live performances of Berlin Atonal selected by Crack Magazine: "Hiro Kone builds incredible tension with her modular synths, performing dark and pulsing cuts off her new 'Pure Expenditure' release. Her mastery is such that there’s never a boring moment, making for a deeply cinematic set."  And Resident Advisor: "the message comes across in the music's sense of purpose...its darker moments, from pulsating industrial rhythms to quiet bouts of ambience."  Hiro Kone received widespread praise on the release of Pure Expenditure on DAIS "With her second LP, Hiro Kone cements her position as one of the finest electronic musicians working today"  (The Quietus) and a stunning collaboration with Drew McDowall.
FACT Magazine: live session from Berlin Atonal
♬ Secret Thirteen Mix  
☞ available in EU: April - June

KAREN GWYER / Berlin / book
2018 saw Karen Gwyer bring her live show to festivals around the world, following the success of her album Rembo on Don’t Be Afraid. “The experimental producer delivers a mind-bending improvisational live set” - Crack Magazine
Live from Dekmantel
Live from Primavera Sound

NENE H / Berlin /  book
An essential new artist for 2019, Nene H stood out amongst live techno offerings as "one of the most exciting new faces on Berlin’s ever-expanding experimental club circuit...her sound contrasts harsh noise and drone aesthetics with lush Arabic melodies and contemporary club structures to hypnotic effect" Crack Magazine.  Selected as one of 2018's SHAPE artists, Nene H proved her versatility in experimental festivals, hardcore techno clubs and now offers a banging new live techno hardware set.
Live at 30 Years of Techno at Funkhaus Berlin
Boiler Room 

PUCE MARY / LA/Copenhagen /  book
Frederikke Hoffmeier released The Drought on PAN to rave reviews from The Quietus "an album of power, transgression and orgiastic noise from rage, hunger and intimations of apocalypse" and The Wire "an impressive compositional prowess that draws on electroacoustic music field recording techniques and the eerie potentials of negative space".  She brought the live evocation of The Drought to Berghain, Katharsis and an exquisite residency at Monom/4D sound.
Album stream - The Drought, PAN Records
☞ available in EU: early March + throughout 2019

SØS GUNVER RYBERG / Copenhagen / book
Critically acclaimed solo EP released in June on Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto label "Her pacing and skill at building suspense on SOLFALD makes your breath quicken...juxtaposing desolate experimental compositions with vigorous techno workouts" Resident Advisor. ""Op ad dybet” and “Lazayak” are the two brawnier, beats-oriented tunes seething with Ryberg’s flavour of futurist industrialism. The former unleashes an unpredictable barrage of kicks out for the 50-hit combo to spin you sideways, whilst the latter wields distortion to devastating returns. Both add to SØS Gunver Ryberg’s reputation as the kind of artist whose music compels you to hire a soundsystem to listen to it there and then." Truants - stay tuned for next release announcement!
Dekmantel Podcast 174

SILVIA KASTEL / London / book
Silvia released Air Lows this year on Blackest Ever Black - an exploration of the outer limits and inner workings of no wave, industrial, dub, extreme electronics, free rock and improvisation. A work of vivid, isolationist electronics which combines a steady rhythmic pulse with the otherworldly sonorities of musique concrete, and avant-garde synth sounds inspired by Japanese minimalism, techno-pop, also drawing from the extreme light-heavy contrasts of jungle or the creative sampling of hardcore.  "a genuinely grave experimental electronic album full of anhedonic synths and moody sound effects...a goth psychedelic ritual intended to plumb the depths of the listener’s unconscious; ...the moments that do sustain momentum radiate a delectably gnostic hum" - Pitchfork 
2018 highlights included live performances at Sonar Rekyjavik, London Barbican with Actress and Resident Advisor's Berlin 24/7 party.
♬ Machine Love: Silvia Kastel
Rinse FM

VARG / Stockholm / book
Throughout 2018 Varg continued to surprise with further dispatches from the Nordic Flora Series, releasd across Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics. With Crush (Part 5), he "dials up the atmosphere and melodrama for his richest—and most freeform—record yet...features some of the most beautiful music that Rönnberg has ever made" Resident Advisor.  Varg collaborates widely, this year most notably with FLORA, and The Empire Line who released 'Rave' - a celebration of contemporary rave culture, where building new worlds and forging new modes of intimacy takes an exceptional sincerity. Naming some of the crews closest to The Empire Line in the album's titles, their spaces are examples of just how rave culture persists as a transgressive stronghold in people's lives.
Stream Crush on Self Titled
♬  '(+46) Placing My IPhone X Facing Up To See When U Answer My Texts' at The Quietus

WETWARE / NYC / book
Wetware released their debut album Automatic Drawing on DAIS - "a hallucinatory evocation of both noise and dance traditions, a dark tour of an industrial dreamland" Noisey. Their first European tour included dates at Berghain's Säule, Supersonic Festival and Saturnalia at Macao - where the synergy between Roxy Farman and Matthew Morandi earned them the reputation of an unmissable live act. "Add one feral vocalist to salty rhythmic noise by a L.I.E.S. rogue, engineered by a Hospital Productions don, and you get Wetware. File next to: Factory Floor, Alberich, Group A" - Boomkat
Live @ Macao
♬ Noisey interview + album stream
☞ available in EU: open to ideas!

YPY / Osaka/Japan / book
After spending much time on the road this year with his projects Goat and Hinosch, YPY's unique cassette "live" set using multi-track tapes and decks stood out in connoisseur festivals such as Berlin Atonal and Meakusma, seen to be much more defined, and proven to work well on the dance floor too!
♬ Live from Boiler Room x DOMMUNE Osaka
♬ Live recording (Private Link)
☞ available in EU: 7 March - 6 April


We look forward to chatting about your ideas for these wonderful artists - and check our Soundcloud to keep up to date with their musical output!

All the best,

Keira, Kim, Yuko and Karolina

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