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Here’s some info and updates from the DJ's on our roster - and available dates for artists not based in EU. 

We'd also love to take this time to wish you all the best for 2019, and say a massive thank you for all your support for us, and our artists in the past year.  It feels like we are at a pivotal moment across so many discussions, actions and developments - new structures and ideas are galvanising, and together we can continue to raise our voices for diversity and an ethical and caring electronic music community. 


2018 has seen Shanti Celeste play music around the world, from Magnetic Fields in India to Primavera to Sustain Release, NYC, as well as curating her own Peach Party residency at Patterns in Brighton.

Shanti recently contributed to the legendary Essential Mix series, where she represented the variety of her taste in electronic music. Her debut mix includes a forthcoming collab 'Alula' with Hodge on her label Peach Discs!
Dekmantel Podcast


A Made Up Sound / Utrecht / book
Most recently, he released “At Klangendum”, a surprise tape release featuring 46 minutes of new music arranged as one continuous piece. The work was composed from a unique collection of vintage synthesisers and drum machines housed at WORM in Rotterdam. 
♬ At Klangendum

Awesome Tapes From Africa / Berlin / book
Another amazing year for ATFA who recently toured India for the first time! 2018 also saw another first, when he was invited to play Panorama Bar by Lerato and Tama Sumo. His label continues to find insanely good music to release, widely received with critical acclaim and no stopping in 2019!
Dublab radio show
Boiler Room from Viva Festival

Bake / Glasgow / book
Bake embarked on his first Asia tour, including stops in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. He continues his deeply emotive monthly Rinse FM residency, 
Rinse FM

Beneath / London / book
Beneath has been running his No Symbols parties in London, as well as collaborating with venues and promoters in Europe such as Cross Club, Macao and Ombre Lunghe - keeping dance music fresh and fun on his own terms
Beneath live at No Symbols 

DJ Bus Replacement Service / Birmingham / book
DJ Bus Replacement Service's refreshing take on techno gathered a lot of attention in 2018, with standout performances including Unsound's opening party, Red Bull Music Festival Paris and Dalston Superstore's Christmas bash! With mixes like her RA podcast - one of RA's best mixes of 2018, and her show from the ten year anniversary celebrations of the Quietus plus a residency on Rinse FM, DJBRS has continued to push boundaries. 2019 will see her follow up with a mix for the inimitable Discwoman crew plus stay tuned for a special transmission from Unsound on New Years's Eve :)
RA Podcast
Rinse FM Residency
☞ available in USA mid to late April

DJ Richard / USA / book
DJ Richard has a Solid Steel mix upcoming in early 2019 after a year which saw him take on the XLR8R influences podcast, a very well received second album Dies Iræ Xerox on DIAL, and a psychedelic mix for Crack Magazine - that found it's way to number 6 on their top 10 mixes of '18!
Dekmantel Podcast
Crack Mix 
☞ available in EU March, September and open to other ideas!

DJ Stingray / Berlin / book
The legendary DJ Stingray continues his worldwide mission to revolutionise the concept of electro. An exceptionally busy year ends with a tour in Asia. Read a rare interview with him over at Glamcult.
Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM

DJ YAZI / Tokyo / book
DJ Yazi toured Europe both solo and as the amazing duo Twin Peaks with Haruka - and will be back in 2019! He delivered a rare mix, recorded at Contact in Tokyo, where he opened for DVS1 on the club's anniversary.
Monument Podcast

Haruka / Tokyo / book
Haruka played clubs and festivals in Asia and Australia regularly and had some amazing shows in EU solo and as Twin Peaks with DJ Yazi, where the pair took in Concrete and Tresor. 
Slam Radio
☞ available in EU February 2019

Hodge / Bristol / book
Hodge returned to both BH and Livity Sound this year. Firstly, with a four track EP, "Exogenesis" which explored polyrhythmic percussion, featuring 808 subs and hoover synths. And secondly, a brilliant collaboration withI Laurel Halo. 2018 also saw Hodge collaborate with Gramrcy and Ishan Sound, as well as soundtracking a trailer for Korean crime film "Believer" with his track "Sunlight On A Broken Columnreleased on Houndstooth. 
Livity Sound - Hodge & Laurel Halo

Joe / London / book
2018 saw Joe get properly back into touring with shows across UK and EU (all by train!) - stay tuned for new releases in 2019!
Crack Mix
♬ Truants Mix

Josey Rebelle / London / book
This year has seen Josey play at institutions such as De School and Panorama Bar, as well as Sustain Release in the US, where she played an incredible (and now legendary) 7 hour closing set. Her residency at The Pickle Factory in London this year has been incredible, with Josey's expert curation. 
Live from Rainbow Disco Club
♬ Beats In Space

Kahn + Neek / Bristol / book
Kahn and Neek continue to forge a new path for dubstep through their own productions and sets, their label Bandulu Records and their collective efforts as part of Young Echo - with all routes cementing their take on the current (and future) sound of Bristol. 
Crack Mix

Kasra V / London / book
This year saw Kasra V release "Akasa", a sublime 6 track EP on Kim Ann Foxman's Firehouse Records, with remixes by Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore, and a collaboration with Klorzeiger + To Nhan (Dopplereffekt)
Akasa EP

Kowton / London / book
Kowton teamed up with Parris for a collaborative release on Rubadub!
Kowton on NTS

Low Jack / Paris / book
Low Jack rounded out an amazing year with a split release on mutant dancehall series 'Les Disques De La Bretagnes' - highlighted by Boomkat as one of the best of 2018, and an essential remix for STILL on PAN.
♬ guest mix for Equiknoxx on NTS 

Mumdance / London / book
Mumdance delivered one of 2018's defining mixes with his forward thinking Shared Meanings project "Creating a cohesive mix of 32 new tracks from a wide-ranging cast of contributors must have been a daunting task. But Adams has always been an ambitious artist, and Shared Meanings is yet more evidence of his bold vision for club music." RA review. Riding high in all the end of year lists - Hyponik, Guardian, Resident Advisor, in conjunction with his label Different Circles being highlighted by Mixmag, a b2b with Finn featuring in Crack's best mixes, and his recent front cover on DJ Mag, 2018 firmly cemented Mumdance as a leading techno artist. 
Shared Meanings
Radio Mumdance

Nene H / Berlin / book
2018 was a pivotal year for Nene H, with releases on Don't Be Afraid and Eotrax, from which her live set burst the rafters at Funkhaus in November. As a DJ, her Crack Mix was chosen by Groove as one of the 5 best mixes: “one of the most exciting new faces on Berlin’s ever-expanding experimental club circuit...The tempo never dips below 140 bpm, making it easy to see why electro pioneer DJ Stingray recently tipped her as one of the best currently at work in contemporary club music."
♬ 1 hour live set recorded at 30 Years of Techno at Funkhaus Berlin
♬ Boiler Room Berlin with Amnesia Scanner

Noncompliant / USA / book
2018 saw Noncompliant continue to rise as a steady force in techno clubs, with banging hard grooves being the constant throughout all her musical output - illustrated in her recent Electronic Explorations mix and the well received GhostlyCast #78 - one of Pitchfork's best mixes this October
GhostlyCast #78
Discwoman Mix
☞ available in EU March, June and open to other ideas!

Peach / London / book
Named as one of the top 10 breakthrough DJs of 2018 by Mixmag and her mix for Discwoman was chosen by Resident Advisor as one of their top mixes of 2018 "bright as it was tough, with dreamy breakbeats, 135 BPM rave, the odd dollar-bin oldie and loads of great new music", and her debut track "Silky" one of 2018's best tracks
Peach will be part of SHAPE platform in 2019. 
Discwoman Mix 
Crack Mix

Peverelist / Bristol / book
2018 has seen Peverelist return to Idle Hands to celebrate their 50th release, and to Punch Drunk with a "timeless Bristolian blend of techno and dubstep." Pinch + Peverelist also recorded an "In Deep" mix.
NTS Livity Sound Shows 
♬ Dummy Mix

Physical Therapy / New York / book
2018 saw many releases from Physical Therapy under a few different monikers (Fatherhood, Kirk the Flirt, PTA), from tribal tracks on Exotic Dance Records, to synth explorations on Renascence. His "music is marked by its mood rather its style. His tastes touch dance floors from New York to Berlin, and even his most grayscale techno has a winking sense of humour." Resident Advisor.  His label Allergy Season had a busy year, with their second charity compilation in association with Discwoman being released, "Physically Sick 2". He is also a resident at New York's Nowadays. 
Butter Mix
☞ available in EU March/April 2019 

Silvia Kastel / London / book
2018 has seen a wealth of excellent mixes - ranging from footwork, digi dancehall, jungle and ultra modern club sounds in her recorded set at Version (selected by RA as one of April's best mixes), to an exploration of the otherworldly sonorities of new age, Japanese tradition, choirs and club music in her RBMA Choice Mix. DJ bookings have included Berghain, DeSchool and Club 2 Club; in 2019 she's scheduled to support Objekt and embark on Australian tour. New releases will follow up on the success of this year's Air Lows (Blackest Ever Black) "an album of compelling poise" RA best albums of 2018
Version set @ Ohm, Berlin
♬ Club 2 Club takeover on Rinse FM:  

Solid Blake / Copenhagen / book
Solid Blake further defined her unique sound this year by touring widely, and the release of Warp Room on Seilscheibenpfeiler - "One of Copenhagen's rising stars delivers slamming rhythms and zapping synths made for peak-time sets" RA. Her b2b with Mama Snake at Dekmantel is one of this year's standout mixes "twinkling techno arpeggiations, rowdy electro swarms and sudden swerves into breakbeat pepper this tight-knit, big-room romp" Guardian, and RA
♬ Solid Steel 
♬ Fabric  

SPFDJ  / Berlin / book
2018 saw SPFDJ breakthrough to become known as an essential new voice in techno.  Her sharp ascent is due to an incredible passion for techno / hardcore and their continuums - plus a robust work ethic and energy that drives her to deliver consistently hard but reinvigorating mixes. Her Rinse FM residency has allowed her to focus in on the raw elements of her sound (hardcore, techno) and she launched her label Intrepid Skin with a release from VTSS. A mix for Discwoman "showcases smatterings of acid, EBM (electronic body music), industrial and other peripheral styles at their most charged and physical, and she seamlessly shifts gears.” Guardian which also achieved 7th place (!) in The Quietus best reissues/compilations/mixes of 2018!
♬ Rinse FM residency
♬ Boiler Room for Herrensauna

Terekke / Amsterdam / book
His long awaited LP on LIES, "Plant Age" was followed up by an incredible release this year "Improvisational Loops" on Music From Memory. "He evaporates any trace of percussion to leave listeners wrapped up in billowing harmonic structures with a deeply meditative, almost anaesthetising effect set to resonate with a raft of new ears" Boomkat 
Crack Mix

Varg / Stockholm / book
From his Rinse FM residency which selects only unreleased material from his wide crew of collaborators and co-conspirators, to his solo live sets and wide range of projects (The Empire Line, Ulwhednar, FLORA) this year has seen Varg expand his sound but remain true to his roots. His album Crush was particularly highlighted "conveys the feeling of falling in love through Dadaist slam poetry, hazy dream pop, barreling techno and off-kilter broken beat tracks, all wrapped in the gauzy layers of atmosphere that have become his trademark. It's a crowded sea of contradictions that reflects the artist who made it: absurd one moment, heart-rending the next, and, most of the time, brilliant." RA, best albums of 2018 Now for the first time he is offering hybrid DJ sets, stay tuned for some club friendly mixes to be released in 2019!
Rinse FM residency


Thanks so much for all your support this year - we love working with you!

All the best,

Keira, Kim, Yuko, Karolina, Jochem, Jay and Eilidh

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