DJ Stingray releases Kern Vol. 4 on Tresor
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DJ Stingray brings rapid belters and advanced Electro to Tresor for Kern Vol. 4.

Sherard Ingram is a menacing node in the vast tangle of electronic music's history, present, and future. As DJ Stingray he propagates a seer-like, totalising concept of what it is to be engaged in thinking ahead by making people move.  

The caustic, neuro-shock brand of apex electro that Ingram exhilaratingly pushes in every corner of the world has a motivating edge that's founded in his formative years, but it's one that only keeps the next page blank, with little clue of which way the swing will drill across the spectrum, gathering pace sufficient to redistribute definitions and test the limits.

Recent releases come from an enviable smattering of crucial labels both genre-centric and experimental,  as DJ Stingray overhauls the very premise of the Detroit legacy he had a hand in writing, and on which others comfortably sit. With an oeuvre that touches base from Planet E to Presto!?, and from Mahogani Music to Reflex, his justified attempts at exiting the gravitational pull of genre tropes anticipate a dynamic edge of what we know is an ever-shifting centre.

DJ Stingray now responds with a mix released on physical format for Tresor's Kern CD series, utilising an arsenal of Aphex Twin, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Silent Servant and more over 60 minutes - full info below!

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For this fourth instalment in Tresor’s ‘Kern’ mix CD series, DJ Stingray presents a device for decoding time in all directions, a sonic prism that refracts our senses into auxiliary components of a total future-rush.

With a far-reaching selection that has been worked into his own unique form, DJ Stingray wraps our vertigo around a gritty pneumatic bump with high-velocity swing. His mixing style, prepared for hostile engagements as it is, throttles techno into counter-gravity forces. Wading through a specialised cross-section of Detroit’s own dance-floor contagions as well as the contaminated feedback signals from across the global aqua plains, the mix can be summed up in just one word: hectic.

Raw, caustic, synthetic rhythm-code pumps frenzy itself through a cascading geothermal fog. Never giving away the cryptographic keys, DJ Stingray works you harder than your heart, adapting your biology to a fractal timeline of viscous systems.

Discovery, or uncovering, has to do with what already exists actually or virtually; it is therefore certain to happen sooner or later with enough sweat in the club. And as Kern Volume 4 attests to, DJ Stingray has the access codes and the stealth sense to make a place of a space, and to let it fall into time.

Accompanying the mix CD is a set of two records. The leading manoeuvre comes from the collaborative efforts of DJ Stingray and Gerald Donald under the name NRSB-11 with a new track ‘Nationalised’. Seven more pieces of covert assault make up the vinyl release.

Released 7 July 2017.


DJ Stingray is currently based in Berlin - please get in touch to discuss your ideas!

All the best,


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