August 2019

A True Inspiration - Lisa's Story

The Caring Center heartLisa, a single mom of two, left an abusive relationship and came to The Caring Center in 2015 in need of support. Theresa Hanners, The Caring Center executive director, and the team provided her with a listening ear and helped guide her to getting back on her feet and on a journey to independence and well-being.

Before coming to The Caring Center, Lisa had been very ill and not in a good place.  It affected her career, her ability to communicate, and eventually, the ability to care for herself and her children. Through the “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World” program, sponsored in partnership between The Caring Center and Habitat for Humanity, she was able to break her cycle of helplessness and begin healing and moving in a more positive direction.

Lisa’s classmates in the 13-week long program grew to become her family.  Along with learning about budgeting, effective communication, and finding and utilizing resources, the program provided a safe place for sharing experiences and offered encouragement and the comfort of knowing no one was alone on their path to rebuilding their life. 

Classic RerunsThrough her relationship with Theresa and the skills learned in the Getting Ahead class, Lisa is now employed by The Caring Center at Classic Reruns. Lisa currently works two and a half days a week, having started earlier this spring.  She enjoys interacting with customers and building relationships with her co-workers. Lisa has a passion for helping others and volunteers at the Stokes Food Bank and helps with Traders Point Christian Church’s backpacks for foster families along with her daughter.  Lisa adopted her youngest daughter as a single parent and was the first to ever do so in Marion county!  Lisa’s faith has certainly provided her with a source of strength and resilience and accordingly, she was baptized again with the help of her daughter, who was also baptized for the first time. This renewal and commitment to herself has continued to offer her hope for her future.

Lisa’s story embodies the core values and vision of The Caring Center and all its programs.  With the conviction to never give up and the drive to pay it forward by guiding others, Lisa loves life, and seeing her children happy.  She continues to nurture her soul and those of others in need along their path of resilience, growth and future success. 

Next time you visit Classic Reruns, ask for Lisa and learn more about her remarkable story.  It is through the people involved with The Caring Center and the programs it offers that Lisa has been able to start a new chapter in her life and share her story to help others find their way to helpful resources and support. 

Getting Ahead in a
Just-Getting-By World

Getting Ahead photo 3943“Hello, my name is Theresa, and my new and good is….” Every class starts the same way, with everyone in the class sharing something good that happened during the past week. It is too easy for people to focus on the troubles in their lives; we need to train ourselves to see and celebrate the good things too.  We use this powerful tool to begin to create our “Future Story Portfolio.” 

“Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World” is about shaping your future story. Each person’s story starts with their past. Knowing what we did yesterday impacts who we are today. However, who we will be tomorrow is decided by what we do today. Life is a series of choices that move us along. Whether we know it or not, we are all creating our future story. The inspiring thing is - we have the pen in our hand to author our own story.

Getting Ahead photo 3960In Getting Ahead we study how our society and economy works by looking at poverty, and near poverty, through the lens of economic class.  We investigate the impact poverty and low wages have on each person and investigate what it takes to move from a world where the participants are living paycheck to paycheck, and just-getting-by, to a world where we can make choices, plan and ultimately get ahead. If we are hoping to do something about poverty, we need to understand more about it. The class teaches students to look at themselves objectively - detaching themselves from their current situation, gathering new information to empower them to make the necessary changes to obtain their dreams and write their own “Future Story.”

Getting Ahead photo 3959Here’s what some of our graduates have to say about the class:

“This class was important to me because I learned that I’m important. I can get past my poverty thinking. I did not even realize the power that my emotions still have over me. I am now able to step back and look at my situation objectively.”

“This class has helped me look at what is going on in my life in a new light. I have learned new tools on how to manage problems that arise in everyday situations.”

“Getting Ahead is filled with valuable information that I really can continue to learn, use, and grow from – mentally, financially, and physically.”

Thanks to Our Young Donors

We're highlighting three of our young donors that have been featured on our Facebook page.  (These are just the ones from early this year!)  Watch for more in our next newsletter or visit our Facebook page to see more.
Quinn's donation


Quinn asked his friends to donate diapers for The Caring Center instead of bringing gifts to his 10th birthday party. Wow! You rock, Quinn! Thank you for your generosity.
Mario's donation


Mario saved his allowance to give to The Caring Center and donated $100! Mario, you are awesome, awesome, AWESOME!  What a kind and generous thing to do!
Heaton's donation


For Heaton's fourth birthday party, he collected food and baby items for The Caring Center instead of presents. We need more Heatons in this world! Don't you agree?

Food Pantry Thank You!

Famine. We often associate that word to third world countries, or events which happened in the past. Famine is defined as extreme scarcity of food. Believe it or not, The Caring Center experiences a famine in the Food Pantry every year after the food received during the holiday giving cycle is dispersed. In February, we sent out a call for help to our Facebook followers. What an amazing response we received!

The Lebanon Reporter got wind of our need and published an article sharing our request for food and diapers. Boone REMC employees donated over 200 items after one week of collecting. Local kids even got in on the action (see separate story for details) to help fill our shelves.

Over a four-week time frame during February and March, we received 10,000 pounds of food, which broke all records for food received during that time of year. We typically distribute 20,000 pounds of food to those in need each month.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to give during our time of need. Many people were blessed with the gift of food because of you. 

Visit our Monthly Needs page on our website to see the current list of needs.

The Red Dress Gala: Another Huge Success!

The numbers are in and we want to share them with you! This year’s Red Dress Gala raised $20,596.13 and was attended by 149 guests! This is our biggest success to date! We want to thank all of you who came out to support The Caring Center! A huge thank you as well to our very generous sponsors: Cowan Drugs, Zionsville Eye Care, BCRRS, RL Turner family, Einterz and Einterz, Witham Health Services, and Michelle Shepherd from Tucker Realty.

Looking to the future, mark your calendars for February 8, 2020, as The Caring Center unveils its first Trivia Night!
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