Volume 1 October 2015

A Word from our Sponsor ;)

Have you ever had to reboot?

This month is a period of reboot for me and A Church Rated, at least with the website. For cost and accessibility issues I have moved the website to a new provider which means that my old site is now no more. So, I do have the new site in development which you can find, but not much is up yet. With this I am also in a period of reboot as I adjust to being the pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Washington, IN.

As a pastor, I have been humbled. Humbled by the work that was done preparing the parsonage, humbled by how we have been received in the congregation, and humbled by how my children are now in worship with me every Sunday. Much of what initially led me to the concept of A Church Rated has some of the initial elements needed to begin implementing some of the concepts already in place. For me, this is exciting and wonderful to witness and only invigorates me in developing. I have also had some opportunity to reflect as the last two years have been met with much struggle in ministry for me personally and that has affected my family also. However, here I see God's hand and providence.

As a father, I see the importance of working through some of these things with my own family. I see my own failures and shortcomings as I seem to fail more than I succeed in my attempts with my children. In this I have also found much grace as I see the seeds of some of the things that I have done come out in the words and actions of my children even after I feel like I have totally blown it. It is a part of the journey and much of what we are called to do as parents is such an upward battle as we combat the negative influences of the world that desire to deceive us. It is part of our call to not give up and remember that the work is important and we are not alone. I see the witness of my two oldest boys in how they talk about God and the glimpses of what God is doing in them sometimes in spite of my own efforts is glorious. Now they are normal boys and they do and say things that make me wonder, but the work is not in vain.

A Church Rated is meant to allow us to reflect on these things as parents, grandparents, church leaders, and the like to help us to develop ministry as the Church and reach in to our youth, our families, and our older generations to unite and connect in faith. We are a faith that is meant for all ages but that takes intentionality. I am thankful for you on the journey and look forward to where God leads us.

In Christ's Peace,
Rev. Christopher Byars
Pastor and Founder of A Church Rated

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