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A New Website. A New Beginning

In 2011, an idea came to me as my family was growing and I was trying  to think of ways to help the congregation that I was serving become a more welcoming congregation for families. I know the people of the congregation that I was serving were not opposed to children and they wanted to have families, but they had become unaccustomed to what families bring.
So, my thoughts were how do I help people think about what it means to be a family friendly congregation. We rate our movies, so how can we rate our worship. Quite frankly, like movies, some congregations and worship services are not family friendly. That may be intentional, but I believe, more often than not, it is unintentional. 
In the season of Covid-19, I have been able to do a lot of thinking about what it means and feel much more convicted that I need to place a greater focus on this work. There are a great amount of materials published on intergenerational practices with which I would agree and recommend. Some of this can help in worship, but much of this seems to place the focus on style and less on the spirit of the people and the welcoming of the noise and things that children will bring into a worship space. Ultimately, this is not a "traditional" versus "contemporary" worship style and music. It is how the families are made to feel comfortable in the space to worship together. If the music is too loud or the space needs to be kept silent it can be an uncomfortable space for children and my belief is that families should worship together in order to establish that necessary bond with one another in the faith.
I hope you like the new site and additions and look forward to future changes.

Yours in Christ,
Pr. Chris Byars

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