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until the first day of our 63rd season!


The ice is finally out, so its time to think about sailing again.  I am looking forward to getting back on the water and I’m sure your kids are as well. We have hired our instructors and planning is underway for another great summer.

We have had some changes to the board of directors.  I’d like to thank Steve Crighton, Greg Taylor and Christina Hall for all their work as directors.  It is much appreciated.  Joining the board are Rob Hodge, Ashleigh Francis and Sandy Holt.  Welcome to the team!

The directors cannot make the club a success without the ongoing help of parents and other volunteers. Later in the newsletter I will talk about how you can help with the various events during the summer.  I encourage you to consider what you can do to contribute to the success of the sailing club.

Here are the key dates for the summer:

Important Summer Dates

July 1 First day of club
July 27 Non-Gala Gala
Aug 3-4 Civic Regatta and Prizegiving
Aug 23 Last day of club, Prizegiving and AGM
Aug 24 Club Community Clean Up Day and Closing

2019 Summer Sailing Program

The changes to the sailing program that we have made over the last few years have been very successful.  As a result, there will be no changes to the structure this year. As well, there will be no changes to the fees.

You can see the details for each CanSail level at the following link on our website. The online registration link  will be open on May 1.

A number of people have requested a Parent’s Handbook that describes the program, expectations of the parents, race team responsibilities, etc.  We are in the process of developing this and it will be available by the start of the summer.

We have also created a “Sailor Expectations” document to define some basic behavioural policies that will ensure that everyone has a safe and fun environment to learn how to sail. Please read and download this document here. You will be asked to accept the policies during the registration process.
Online Registration


If you wish to review detailed program descriptions etc. first,
to determine the most appropriate program:
Review Programs and Register
If you already know what programs you intend to register for, go straight to:
Register and Pay Online
Race Teams
For those of you who will have sailors on the C420 and Feva Race teams, here are the planned regatta dates. Please provide me with a contact email address (at so that I can have the race team coaches contact you with more info.  The Director responsible for race team co-ordination will be Ashleigh Francis.  She will co-ordinate volunteers for driving and chaperoning.
Tentative Regatta Schedule
Event C420 Feva
Sarnia Sailfest (July 6-7) Yes  
Steerers at Port Credit (July 18-19) Yes Yes
Four Sisters at Port Credit (July 20-21) Yes  
Cottage Club (TBD) Yes Yes
CORK in Kingston (August 12-15) Yes Yes?

Instructor Team 2019

We again have a large crew of instructors ready to give your kids a great summer.  Here is the team:

Head Instructor – Kate Gilchrist
CanSail 4,5,6 – Margaret Wilkins
CanSail 3 – Sophie Heldman with Maija Rix in July and Matthew Day in August
CanSail 2 – Madeleine DesBrisay (also Assistant Head Instructor) with Charlie Breyfogle in July
CanSail 1 – Scarlett Farr and Meg Gilchrist
Wet Feet –Elliott Ollerhead in July and Raeha Rix in August

New Docks

As you know from last year, we have embarked on a capital project to replace the docks and the east side stairs of the clubhouse.  They have become unsafe because of old wood and erosion around the edges.  We are planning a two-year project to complete the work. In the Fall of 2019 we will replace the docks in front of the clubhouse, the coach boat docks and the stairs. Then in the fall of 2020 we will replace the 420 docks, the island docks and the motorboat dock on the east side of the lagoon.

Based on some initial research, the total budget is expected to be approximately $135,000 and we will need $75,000 in 2019. To that end, I am happy to report that we have received a generous donation of $25,000 from the McLean Foundation. With donations from the 2018 non-Gala Gala and funds from our existing capital fund, we already have a total of $40,000 towards our goal for the 2019 phase of the project.

This year’s non-Gala Gala will again be raising funds for the dock project and we will be approaching other foundations for donations.  Please give what you can to help us reach our goal.

(You may donate online anytime, via CanadaHelps.Org, and obtain an immediate tax receipt.)


We rely on many volunteers to ensure that our special events are successful.  For a number of years now we (meaning I) have come to rely on the same people to help with regattas, dinners and galas. It easier to ask someone who has already done the job.  And of course, because everyone loves to help out the club, people rarely decline the request.  However, it is really time to hand over these jobs to new volunteers. So I ask you to consider how you can best help out. Sailing experience is not required for many of the volunteering roles. 

This summer will be lighter because we will just have the non-Gala Gala and Civic.  However, next year we will again be hosting the Mid-Ontario regatta which requires many volunteers.  I would like to line up people for Mids this year so we are in a good position for 2020.  Here is a list of the roles/jobs that we need help with.

Non-Gala Gala
  • Site setup – decorations, tables, garbage (2 people)
  • Bar – purchase beer, wine and pop; get ice; tend bar (2 people)
  • Food – bring an appetizer (15-20 people)
  • Music – rent sound system; get a playlist (1 person)
  • Silent Auction – (2 people, plus lots of donations needed)
Civic Regatta
  • Registration of the sailors - (Sat) (2 people)
  • Make lunches for sailors - (Sat) (2 people)
  • Ice cream station at Prizegiving - (Sun) (2 people)
Mid-Ontario Regatta
  • Registration – Friday night and Saturday morning (2 people)
  • Billeting – (1 person to organize, many people to host)
  • Saturday & Sunday breakfast – (2-3 people)
  • Saturday lunch – (2-3 people)
  • Saturday dinner – (2-3 people, plus salad and dessert makers)
  • Sunday lunch – (2-3 people)
  • Arrange port-a-potties – (1 person)
  • Harbour team to launch/retrieve boats – (5-6 people)
  • Race Committee – (6 people)
  • Mark set boats – (8 people)
  • Finish line team – (4 people)
  • Lunch boat (2 people)
  • Scoring (2 people)
As you can see, lots of people are needed. Please consider where you can help and contact me ( if you would like more information on these roles or would like to volunteer. If each family could help out in one job in one event, we would be all set.

SLSC's Board

Here is a list of the hard working volunteer members of the board.  Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions:
Richard Roberts
Nicholas Breyfogle
David DesBrisay
Richard Farr
Ashleigh Francis
Jeff Harris
Rob Hodge
Sandy Holt
Will Ollerhead
Storey Wilkins
Brad Wilson
James Wisener

Staying in Touch

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Yours very truly,
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