Dear Sailors, Families of Sailors, and Friends of the Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club:

Here we are again, in the ramp-up to summer time, with opening day rapidly approaching:  On July 3rd we commence sailing season # 61 at SLSC!

First, let me apologize for how late this is coming out... the board has been working diligently to staff the club for the summer, and refine our program offerings to ensure everyone can get the most out of their SLSC experience.  It has all taken a little longer than expected!  I was trying to find a way to blame it on the insufferable amount of rain, and high water levels, but... 

Before getting into the details of the program for the summer ahead...


Highlights of the
Summer Schedule of Events

Ontario Laser Masters Championship Regatta
We return to our biannual alternating schedule of Mid-Ontario/Masters Regattas, with the return of the Laser Masters this summer on the weekend of July 14-16.

 As in the past, we will be seeking beds for our visiting sailors.  If you are able to host sailors, please let us know by email:

Summer Schedule
 Some important summer dates:

July 3, 2017 First day of club
July 14-16, 2017 Laser Masters Championship Regatta
August 5-6, 2017 Civic Holiday Regatta, Barbecue, and Prizegiving
August 25, 2017
August 26, 2017
Last Day of Club; Prize-giving, and AGM
Club Community Clean Up and Closing


Margaret Wilkins and Maija Rix Join the Ontario Sailing Team
The club is very proud of our own Margaret Wilkins and Maija Rix being selected for Ontario Sailing Team's 420 team, where they will race and train under Thomas Fogh this season.  We look forward to their presence at the club when they are available!  Their season is off to a great start with a 1st place finish at RHYC's Lilac Festival Regatta May 27-28, 2017!

Cameron Ollerhead and Rowan Rix Represent Canada in Bermuda
Not to be outdone by his older sister, Rowan Rix will join Cameron Ollerhead at the RS Feva America's Cup Endeavour Regatta in Bermuda, June 12 to 19.  Sailors were selected by the organizers to represent 12 countries in this event in conjunction with the America's Cup.  Follow along on RS Feva's Facebook Page, and see who they're up against.

Masters Regatta (July 14 to 16)
If you are able to assist in any capacity with the Masters Regatta, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Whether it is helping on the water, with registration, with meals (breakfasts, or dinner), or assisting our Harbour Master, we may need your help!  EMail the Masters Regatta Committee at: Masters@SLSC.Ca

Again, if you can accommodate visiting Masters Sailors, please email
Civic Holiday BBQ
The last two years we have relied on volunteers (outside of the DesBrisay/Gilchrist/Langran/Nyhuus families!)  for the organization and food preparation for our Civic Holiday’s post-regatta barbecue and prizegiving

Ashley and Jeff Wilson have volunteered to coordinate again.  We are looking for a few volunteers to assist them.  If you are able to assist, we would be delighted to hear from you! Email:, and we will put you in touch with Ashley.
Staying in Touch
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We continue to work to keep our email mailing list current (and in compliance with the new anti-spam legislation).  Through this process, some people may have dropped off the list.  We encourage you to forward this correspondence to your friends and family members (or share it on your favourite social media platform - links at the bottom of this email) in case they didn’t receive it directly.  If you are reading this, having had it forwarded to you, and wish to ensure you receive future correspondence from us directly, please sign up for our email mailing list.  Please be assured that you will not be inundated with email.

Even if you have signed up for the email list, please periodically check your profile, and keep it up to date.
News from our Neighbours
at the Sturgeon Point Golf Club


Sturgeon Point Golf Club Junior Programs

Once again, the Golf Club is offering junior golf programs for kids from the age of 7. For details visit their website, or their junior golf registration page: Golf has always been a good complement to sailing!

Sturgeon Point Classic & Gala, July 29, 2017

Following the success of last year's Sturgeon Point Classic, the Sturgeon Point Golf Club is once again hosting the (now "annual"!) Sturgeon Point Classic fundraiser.  For more details on this, and other Golf Club programs, see their latest newsletter.  We encourage you to visit their new website and sign up for their email newsletter.


Summer 2017 Sailing Program

Program Highlights and Changes
(first day of Club, July 3rd)
For more details on each of the club's various programs, please visit our website

Try Sailing! -  we are offering a new afternoon "Try Sailing!" program on a trial basis this year.  Geared towards new sailors, aged 9 to 13, as an introductory program to our sport of sailing with a focus on fun, safety and fundamental skills.  Lessons are creatively delivered by two of our qualified and experienced instructors both on and off the water.  The program runs Monday to Friday 2-4 pm, and will be offered  the week of July 3rd and July 17th initially, with the possibility of expanding to other weeks, if demand warrants.

Morning Program - as more fully detailed below, fees for this year's programs have changed.  Also, hours of the program will change slightly for certain levels.  

Hours for the morning program remain the same for Wet Feet through CanSail 3 (8:30 am to 12:30 pm).  However, for CanSail levels 4 to 6, there will be two extended days each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays will now run to 1:30.  We would suggest sailors bring a light snack on those days.

Race Teams - We have been working to refine the administration of our Race Teams.  It is important to note that membership on the Race Team(s) does not require that members participate in regattas. Emphasis is placed on skill development, and the enjoyment of the sport!  Obviously, participation in regattas is encouraged for those who are interested.  

Race Team membership benefits includes priority use of boats for regattas, and an SLSC Race Team Jersey.  Race Team members can expect to enhance their skills, learn essential racing rules, and refine racing strategies and tactics.

We encourage interested sailors to join one of the three Teams: Opti Race Team, Feva Race Team, or the Senior Race Team (420s/Fevas)

Senior Race Team - Registrants in CanSail 5 and 6 are automatically members of the Senior Race Team, and have the option of training in and racing either 420s or RS Fevas.  In addition to the extended hours two days a week, the Senior Race Team will also train one afternoon a week from 1:30 to 4:00.  It is expected that this will be Mondays, but will be subject to change as weather and other circumstances dictate.  CanSail 4s may optionally join the Senior Race Team, at a modest additional cost, by registering for the extended afternoon Race Team session.  A minimum three-week commitment is required, after which members can sign up for additional weeks.

Feva Race Team  -  For Sailors who have completed a minimum of CanSail 2.   Team practices will be scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4. A minimum two-week commitment is required, after which members can sign up for additional weeks   

Opti Race Team  - For sailors who have completed CanSail 1. A Team membership fee will apply ($175 for the full summer, $65 for a two week block, with $30 for each additional week), and team practices will be scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4.  A minimum two-week commitment is required, after which members can sign up for additional weeks.

“Extracurricular Activities” Senior sailors organize Friday night dances, and other social activities throughout the summer (whihc have in previous years variously included games, bonfires and movies. More information about these evenings, activities, dance themes, and special events, including dates and times will be communicated, as the plans are developed, on the club website, in regular instructor email newsletters, and via Twitter. 
Pizza Lunch – Again included in Registration Fees, delivered to the club each Wednesday, and served by Christina Hall, our returning ‘Pizza Lady’!  Pizza lunch may delay sailors' departures from club a little bit on those days! 
Support for Race Team(s)
and Parent Responsibilities
We are anticipating another busy summer of Racing - for both our Senior Race Team, and the other participants in our Race Programs.  This will involve travel to a number of regattas in Ontario, where feasible.  We will, as always, need the support of race team parents to make this possible.  You are encouraged to get in touch with our instructors (before they contact you!) to co-ordinate how and when you are able to assist with transport of sailors and/or boats, accommodation, or general “chaperoning”, as necessary.

At regattas, the Club will provide coaching, boats, equipment and trailers, and will cover coaches’ salaries, fees and expenses.  Parents are responsible for regatta registration fees, their child’s meals and accommod
ation, and driver and chaperone expenses.  Further details for parents of Race Team members will be provided by the coaches.

Events of Interest to the Race Team

Steerers’ Regatta (PCYC) July 17-18
Four Sisters Regatta (PCYC) July 19-20
Cottage Club Regatta (Lake of Bays) Aug 9-11
CORK (Kingston) Aug 10-14
EYC Youth Training Regatta (Etobicoke) Aug 20-21
More details are available on the Ontario Sailing Website

Instructor Team

This year’s roster of 7 full time instructors, led by Michael Robson and Meagan Woodman as Co-Head Instructors, includes one other returning coach from last summer, and the addition of several new instructors.  We are delighted to welcome Kieran Sadler coaching CanSail 4, Alison Sears and Chris Robson Coaching CanSail 1, Madeleine DesBrisay coaching Wet Feet and our Opti Racers, joining the returning Adele DesBrisay who will coach CanSail 3 and our Feva Racers.   We are also pleased to welcome Margaret Wilkins assisting with CanSail 3 and 4, and the race team(s) (when she is not off competing or training with the Ontario Sailing Team!), and visiting sailor Molly-Rose Ramsay, from Northern Ireland, who will help out with CanSail 1-2 and Wet Feet as needed, during her time at Sturgeon Point.  More detailed bios of all of our instructors will be posted on the club’s website when available.

Registration & Fees

Until this year we have managed to hold our fees essentially unchanged since 2012.  Sadly our costs have not been as static! With inflation and increased costs, the time has now come for a modest fee increase.  Race Team membership fees, however, have been reduced substantially.  
Our fees for the Wet Feet, and CanSail 1-3 morning programs will increase $5 per week from last year, to $200/wk.  The Opti and Feva Race Team fees have been reduced by $50 for a full-summer or $15/week for additional weekly enrolment.

We have also increased our core programming hours for CanSail 4s by 2 hours per week and for CanSail 5-6 sailors by 4.5 hours, and core fees for those programs have increased accordingly.  For CanSail 4s who wish to join the Senior Race Team, fees have been reduced from $350 to $90 for the full summer, or from $45 to $15 for each additional week.  Senior Race Team fees for CanSail 5s and 6s have been eliminated as they have been absorbed into the core fees.  

In summary, our new fee structure is as follows:


*Fees are reduced for the week of August 8, which is a shortened week; and for weeks where the extended afternoon sessions cannot be accommodated.

*Each sailor's first week registration cost will be an additional $15 to offset fees we pay to Ontario Sailing for each sailor in our program.

As always, no one will be turned away because of financial challenges.  There are several programs available that can offer support (such as JumpStart, KidSport).  In addition, there are a limited number of bursaries available that Leslie Thomas will continue to administer on the club's behalf.  If you require assistance with fees, please speak with Leslie Thomas at (416) 234-5506 (Toronto) or at (705) 887-2821 (Sturgeon Point) or email in confidence to

Enrollment Caps

The unfortunate downside to the tremendous popularity of the club is that we must institute enrollment caps to ensure not only that our instructor resources are not spread too thinly, but that your children can have the best possible experience at the club.  In our experience there have only been a few occasions where we have reached the caps in the past.  Waiting lists will be maintained if enrollment reaches the cap, and if we are able to shuffle resources to accommodate additional sailors, we will notify those on the waiting lists as soon as practicable.  Our online registration system will clearly show how many spots remain available in each program.

Online Registration

Opens June 2nd at noon

... that's right, tomorrow... 
(bear with us as we get all the technology cooperating)
Our  online registration provider, checklick, has revamped and updated their system over the winter.  If you used the system to register in the past, your password has been reset to be the same as your username.  You are encouraged to change your password when you first login.
*** *** ***
Once the registration portal is live,

If you want to review detailed program descriptions etc. first, to determine the most appropriate program:
Review Programs and Register
If you already know what programs you intend to register for, go straight to:
Register & Pay Online
Reminder: All sailors are reminded to bring the following to the club each day: Life Jacket (PFD), water shoes (no open-toed shoes), bathing suit and towel, hat, change of clothes, waterproof sunscreen, and a reusable/refillable bottle of water and a light snack.  

Your Support

We are always thankful for the generosity and support of our community.  As you know (and are reminded at least annually!) we rely heavily on your financial support to maintain and upgrade our facilities and sailing equipment.  You may donate online at any time via the link below, and receive a tax receipt immediately.  This link is also available on the club’s website.

As an added incentive, every dollar donated during the month of June, via CanadaHelps.Org,  is an automatic entry for your chosen charity to win a $10,000 donation!
Please Donate now... operators are standing by....

SLSC's Board

Often overlooked is that SLSC's operations are overseen by a board comprised entirely of volunteer members.  I'd like to extend my thanks to all of them for their immense, and largely anonymous, contributions to keeping the Club going:

Nicholas Breyfogle
Steve Crighton
David DesBrisay
Richard Farr
Christina Hall
Greg  Taylor
Storey Wilkins
Brad Wilson
James Wisener
We are working to ensure that our website, www.SLSC.Ca,, and our facebook page, is kept up to date (Thank you to Patricia Aspinwall for managing our Social Media presence!) – please check regularly for updates, and information about upcoming activities and events.

We look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces on the water, and around the club, in our 61st year of creating enduring summer memories! 

Yours very truly,

Commodore, SLSC
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