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Q&A Recap'

From our email last week, here is a recap' of the Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: "I keep seeing reference to 'stand-up dinner';  Won't I be able to sit down?!? 

Answer: Of course you will!  Please be assured there will be seating, as well as high top, stand up tables.  Our intent is to create an atmosphere that will encourage mingling, and as much interaction amongst our guests as possible.  In our experience, traditional sit down dinners can be isolating for many people.  That said, we recognize not everyone can, or wants to, stand up and roam about.  We will have areas where comfortable seating is available, to ensure everyone can enjoy the party in their own way!

Q2: "What kinds of things will be available at the auction?"

Answer: While the list of auction items is continuing to grow, and is by no means finalized, below are a few hints of just a few of the [now, more than $6,000!] worth of things we have lined up, so far.  Click any one of these to view a draft auction programme, with details of many of the items that will be available for auction.  Note that this is a work in progress, and is being added to regularly.  We will endeavour to circulate a more up to date program as close to the event as practicable... but really, the best way to see it all is to be there, isn't it?!?
Please also visit our Supporters Page to learn more about some of the organizations contributing to the event

Q3: "Why are the tickets so expensive?!?"

Answer: Well, there are a few answers to this rather delicate question.  Firstly, granted, this is more expensive than the events we have hosted over the last five years or more... infinitely so, in fact, as we have been hosting fêtes absolutely gratis... which is sort of the first part of the answer to the question.  (If we were to be cheeky, we might suggest averaging it out over the past five years, and you'll find it is an absolute bargain!).

In the context of similar events, we find it fits in fairly well;  The last grand celebration of this nature we hosted was 10 years ago for the 50th anniversary, and our research indicates that the ticket prices that year were $150, so in 2016 dollars, that's more than $180... This year''s 60th Gala is only $130 ... and if you gather up some friends and family, and book four tickets together, you can bring the average price down to $100... which, as it happens, is exactly what the recent Golf Club event cost (ex Golf).

Finally, it is a fundraiser, and we're working on making it a memorable event with some spectacular live entertainment, dinner, several drinks, an exciting auction,and a warm Roaring 20s atmosphere, all included in the price of admission!  Oh, and we
might be able to swing a tax receipt for a portion of it.... about which, see more below.


Q4: "Who is invited?  Will there be lots of kids there?  Will I be the oldest one there?!?"

Answer:  This is an Adults Only event!  There will only be guests aged 19+...   and, while someone has to be the oldest one there, it is unlikely it will be you! As for who will be there, well, we're anticipating a range of guests including: former sailors, former (and current) instructors, former (and current) commodores, parents of sailors, parents of former sailors, stalwart supporters of the club and members of the community, and newcomers to Sturgeon Point, who will take this opportunity to get acquainted with all of the above.  Noting that this is our 60th anniversary, there are a lot of 'former sailors', and parents of former sailors, out there!  We really do want to see you... pass it on!  (And, by the way, if you have some fun pictures from the time(s) you were involved with the club, we'd be delighted to receive a copy (or copies) by email, if we may include it on our Gala website!

Q5: "How do I get tickets again?"

Answer:  please visit our special Gala Website, and fill out the form to reserve tickets.  Here is a link:  Reserve Tickets

Q6: "... but my internet is down"  or "... it doesn't seem to work on my phone" or "... I don't like this newfangled interweb stuff, can I do this with a real person?!?" 

Answer:  If you have any difficulty, or simply want to avoid the internet, track down any one of these people, and they can take care of you:
Christina Hall
Sandy Holt
Marie Day
Will Ollerhead
Brad Wilson
Sarah Farr
Richard Farr

Q6: "... what about tickets, are there physical tickets?" 

Answer:  No, there are no physical tickets.  But everyone who has reserved (and paid for) tickets will have their name on a guest list, along with the number of their guests.  If you won't all be arriving together, so long as your guests know what name the tickets were reserved under, we will keep track accordingly.

Q7: "Will we get a tax receipt for a portion of our ticket purchase?  What about for donating items to the auction?" 

Answer:  Depending upon the number of tickets we sell, we may be able to issue tax receipts for that portion of the ticket price that doesn't cover food, drink, and entertainment.  The more tickets we sell, the more possible this will be, as we have a certain fixed overhead to cover!  As far as receipts for items donated for the auction, this can be accommodated subject to the constraints imposed by our friends at the CRA, where a fair market value for the items can be reasonably determined.  It is not practical to issue tax receipts, however, for the donation of intangibles, or services.  For further information, please contact our treasurer:

Q7: "... Cash Bar?! Really?!  What's that all about?!" 

Answer:  Wait, wait, wait.... Your ticket grants you your first two drinks, and a glass of bubbly.... if you don't want the bubbly, we'll give you an extra drink ticket.  This isn't all that different from an event with an open bar for a limited time that turns into a cash bar later... We think, for most people, three free drinks is a pretty good start!  And, fear not, prices for beer and wine will be reasonable (thanks, in part to the generosity of Moosehead Breweries, who is donating beer for the event), but keeping in mind, believe it or not, that the LCBO charges a premium to buyers of alcohol under a Special Occasions Permit (the license we must obtain to sell beer and wine).

Q7: "What can you tell me about the live entertainment?" 

Answer:  We've engaged  the Bettys:  The Bettys (Lisette St. Louis, Patty Pedersen and Kalya Ramu ) are three bewitching ladies, who sing in close harmony, dress in delightfully matching attire, and move with sultry elegance. The group debuted in the Toronto music scene early 2010 and Since then, their many performances have been well received by diverse audiences internationally.

The Group’s genre spans the 1920’s to the 1980’s including swing, cabaret, mo-town, and even 80’s rock. An evening with the Bettys is always sexy, hilarious, and memorable.

Check out their website to learn more about their "Vintage Harmony n Sass"  or see the video below.
The Bettys!

Q8: "Is there a deadline?  Can I buy tickets at the door?" 

Answer:  You must reserve your tickets in advance!  As we must provide numbers to the Caterer in advance, and plan for many of the other event details, based on attendance, we need to know very, very, very soon how many guests we will have!  We do not intend to sell tickets at the door, so if you wish to attend, time is running out to firm up your reservation.

Other Questions?  Email us:

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Funds raised at the event will support
the purchase of new sailboats, and other facilities renewal.


Other details that
you may have seen before:

Family and Guest Package

For every two tickets purchased at the regular price of $130, you may purchase up to two additional tickets for $70 each, so you may bring along your children (ages 19+), or house guests, for instance, for almost half price!

We'd like to see representation of all the generations that have attended, or otherwise been involved with the club, come out to celebrate!

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