Art of the Week

Week #9

Art of the Week #9

Limits of Control
Kemi has a good sized collection of junk. That’s Niko’s word for it; Kemi calls it treasure. In a way this store of defunct components from an old world is treasure. Switches with a satisfying click. Solid jacks of standardised size. Capacitors. Transistors. Resistors. Electromagnetic coils. Candy coloured wires. Hand printed circuit boards. Vintage LED casings. The studio shelves are stacked with organised boxes of this stuff. All lovingly snipped from the insides of bulking dead electronics, expertly salvaged from abandoned sheds or rescued from the tip shop. 

Kemi has many plans for this growing collection, of which he has manifest only a few. He’ll work away in the deckshop when he can, disregarding the quickly falling night or chilly winds. He pines for more time to realise these works that spring from his subconscious relentlessly. The irony of crafting a career from your creative pursuits is that until a work finds its context or voice it must make way for more useful skills and populist applications.

Limits of Control is a shining manifestation of Kemi’s pure artistic urge that, for now, is an outsider but may one-day hold pride of place in our catalogue of works...
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Bonus insight: The title of this work is borrowed from the brilliant film, Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch. It's like an excellent spy movie with all the action taken out. We highly recommend it!
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