Art of the Week

Week #16

Art of the Week #16

Do you believe in spontaneous manifestation? There are a few ways we could explain this week’s AotW piece. We are inclined to bend the truth for the benefit of believability, but would we be able to sit with this decision? For whose truth is the important truth in an art context? Does what we say about the work reflect its truth? Or is a simple set up of word play justifiable in letting the viewer’s imagination take precedence?
We asked ourselves these questions today as we sat down to write about W.A.N.D. We asked if we should tell you the truth, and whether you’d believe us if we did. After much debate the solution arose naturally; of course we can’t lie! We must honour reality above all else, no matter how outrageous it may be. So here goes…

On the morning of October 31st of this year Kemi and Rhea decided to go for a walk to Central Park in Brooklyn (NZ not NY although maybe this link could be further read into). As they approached the Moturoa stream Rhea suddenly ran off, as she is prone to do being an adventurous 2 year old, and Kemi dutifully followed. Rhea loves playing in water, always has, so when she veered off through the mossy bush to reach the icy flowing wai, Kemi was not surprised and helped her navigate the mossy protrusions of old brick walls to let her play with the small waterfall. It was then that he caught sight of something hidden in the undergrowth nearby. Famous for his magpie vision, Kemi is always coming across strange treasures, but this one really pushes the limits of his dragon born luck. For, as you can see, the device he found – W.A.N.D (more on that name shortly) looks scarily like something he could have made.
His mind spinning Kemi examined the device; its intricate componentry, the carving technique, the colour selection and fantastical mineral tip. As he was buzzing out (there’s no other way to put it) the name Wirelessly Augmented Natural Divinator came to the front of his consciousness… W.A.N.D for short…

Now, there are of course many reasons for you to disregard this story as myth, for we both readily admit this truth is stranger than fiction. But if you squint your mind and tilt your perspective then maybe this manifestation makes a kind of sense. For if the spirits (for lack of a better word) did decide to create a device, and if they decided to send it to someone, who better than an artisan whose repertoire it could fit within. If it indeed is a device to be used, then where better to send it then to a person with an email list and weekly dedication such as this. Where possibly, maybe, if the stars are lined up right, it may have a chance of finding its rightful home, its rightful owner, someone who knows the power of nature is stronger than any manmade construction or myth*.
*And if you are not convinced maybe someone you know needs a story to believe in that’s bigger than their tiny world of science and math. Maybe they need a gift bigger than mere things…
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